How to Master Your Default Vibration

We exist in a universe that operates on vibration. You attract and manifest into your life what you vibrationally signal.

What is your default vibration?

Is it one of abundance, or is it one of scarcity? It is ultimately up to you to consciously decide.

Becoming Aware of Your Default Vibration

default vibration

What is your default vibration?

How do you normally feel throughout each and every day? Are you surrounded by negativity and pessimism? Are you engulfed in a swarm of people who complain? For most of us, we can relate to the fact that a majority of the individuals we are in contact with on a daily basis are defaulting the scarcity vibration.

The Scarcity Vibration

scar·ci·ty  (skârs-t)·ci·ties

1. Insufficiency of amount or supply; shortage: a scarcity of food that was caused by drought.
2. Rarity of appearance or occurrence: antiques that are valued for their scarcity.
In a perceived world of “limited resources”, how are we supposed to develop a positive outlook? How insufficient is your supply? Compared to the individuals you share this planet with, how “scarce” are you really? If you have access to clean water, shelter, and food, without any perceived struggle, you are already abundant. As much as you probably don’t appreciate these luxuries, you are better off than an overwhelming majority of individuals you share this planet with.


a·bun·dance  (-bndns)n.

1. A great or plentiful amount.
2. Fullness to overflowing: “My thoughts . . . are from the abundance of my heart” (Thomas De Quincey).
3. Affluence; wealth.
4. Chemistry The amount of an isotope of an element that exists in nature, usually expressed as a percentage of the total amount of all isotopes of the element.

An existence free of limiting beliefs. A reality that focuses on the positive, and fully ignores the negative. A reality of possibilities, challenges, and opportunities. Failure? Simply another learning opportunity. Without failure, there is no opportunity to learn. There is no opportunity to succeed. You won’t know how to appreciate the success until you recognize, learn, and overcome from the certainty of failure.

How to Default The Abundance Vibration


Tune into the abundance frequency.

Vibrating at a default mode of abundance is no simple task. Countless resistance will be met along the way. How you deal with this resistance is your ultimate test. Are you going to roll over and quit? Or are you going to embrace the opportunities presented in front of you each day to the best of you ability?

The only thing that should bother you in life is the fact that someone else is FOR SURE working harder than you are. Are you going to let that happen? How badly do you want to succeed in your desired craft? How passionate are you to continue on?


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  2. Trent says:

    The key to an abundance vibration isn’t ‘efforting’, ‘wanting it more’, or ‘trying harder’, but rather the opposite…relaxing into it and letting go of the resistance. Like being underwater and allowing yourself to float to surface for a big, deep breathe of air, when before you were drowning.

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