Generation Fear

Written by: Jeff Deluca

At 23 years of age, I have come to the realization that my generation is being controlled and manipulated by fear.

Almost everyone in their early 20’s is scared to death. We are a generation built off of appeasement. We are given an “education”, and by education, I mean we go to our herding den daily for 20+ years of our lives. “School” is where we learn all pointless things that we will never ever need in real life. “School” is where they teach us to fill out forms and sign our name to turn over the money we work for from the jobs we hate.

generation fear

The generation of perceived fear.

When I was younger, and in Little League, I got the bat and glove I wanted. When I was in high school, I was given money to piss away on learning how to drink and enjoy the best nights I’ll never remember. My friends and I  all grew up very privileged compared to a majority of this planet, and we are “supposed” to appreciate that.

But did we?

Possessing everything we ever wanted may have been our biggest downfall. We may have in fact lost everything, thinking we had everything. We know what it’s like to work for what we want,  but we haven’t a clue what it feels like to live. To survive.

The things my generation takes for granted used to be nothing but a dream 20 years ago. To break it down a little more simply, lets look at a quick example. You have a 5 inch by 2 inch device that you can contact ANYONE throughout the entire world. This device has a display you touch to look up ANY information you EVER needed for FREE. That is fucking Star Wars technology if you ask me.

What is even more incredible than this is the power of the things we use to “fix” ourselves. For example, a lot of people use painkillers, correct? What painkillers do is reduce irritation, and slow the pain reception to the brain so you become in essence more comfortable. One way of looking at this is just a subtle glimpse of the REAL control we actually DO have over the brain and human mind. The sad part is, for the most part, we pretend that we don’t.

We’re also given the illusion that we can elect what monkeys we want leading us. If you honestly believe this, it is time to take off the blind fold. If You break down the election process step by step, and you tell me that your vote is going to hold any ground at all, you are sadly quite naive. The political manipulation over the current society is disgusting. I say current society because the world we live in today is simply just a playground for people in control.
follow your dreams

Dream. Achieve.

With your Facebook and Twitter and “I need Attention-Gram”, you can reach hundreds, maybe even a few thousand people instantly with your content. Give that power to the government, and allow global manipulation through what you see in ads and pop up content. You have got a serious weapon on your hands if you ask me. More powerful than anything nuclear.

The point I’m trying to make is to not give into things that bring instant gratification. Instead, work for something. Don’t drown yourself and bury your nose into your stupid electronic device.

Take baby step towards creating yourself. Everything worth while starts small, and every beautiful home starts with one brick. Keep working on the bricks of YOUR dreams.  Be the person you are, and not who you’re told to be.  Confidence is one of the most powerful and unbreakable substances in the universe. Fear is understandable, but realize you’re not the only one out here because we’re all right here with you. We are all in this together!

So, what is the next step?

What do I want to do with my life?

I believe answering that question with complete certainty isn’t possible. Nobody truly knows. I believe the correct way to go about that question is to just pick a road and explore it. Try to figure something out along the way, and be utterly confused to not have an answer. Don’t be scared, pick a road and simply enjoy the journey. So, until our roads cross again, keep exploring yourself and your surroundings because there’s a lot of cool shit outside your own backyard! 🙂



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