Human Interaction & Metaphysical Karma

The word Karma gets thrown around a lot in society today.  There are lots of people who say that they don’t believe in it, and from my own experiences, these are usually not the best people to hang out with. 

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Of course, in an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to believe in a concept like karma in order to do good things; we would do them out of the goodness of our hearts without expecting a reward in some form or other. 

However, since we are not living in an ideal world, I believe it is much better to do good things in hopes of a reward, than to not do good things at all.

Karma works on many levels.  The first level that it can be understood quite simply at, is what I like to call “Human Interaction Karma”.

This is the type of karma that comes into play when you are an asshole, or on the contrary when you are a nice person. 

In general, if you are an asshole, you will gradually fall into a very dark place.  This place, is an existence where no one wants to help you out with anything because they know you would not help them out with anything.  It’s a place where you disobey your innate moral compass so much, that you have become numb to it, and it doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

Your moral compass is there to steer you on the right path.  It’s there because it knows that following it means a peaceful, blissful, and meaningful existence.  Once you decide that you know better, you are abandoning your chances at being accepted into heaven.  No, I’m not talking about a place in the sky where utopia happens constantly, I’m talking about a place on earth where you are happy and surrounded by love.

Metaphysical, Abstract & Human Interaction KarmaThis kind of negative karma, builds up the more you mistreat your fellow human. 

It can be seen in a very direct fashion, by a specific scenario that any person who has adopted the habit of being an asshole will absolutely experience at least once, and probably many times; This scenario, is one in which you want something for yourself, but you cannot get it without going through someone who you screwed over in the past.  The classic example would be interviewing for your dream job, but realizing that the guy who is interviewing you is someone you bullied in High School.

Conversely, being a nice person can give you great Human Interaction Karma, and the more love you put out, the more love you get back.  If your intentions are always good, and if they are in a constant state of wishing to help people, then sooner or later you will realize how blessed you are.  Without even trying, you will find yourself in a beautiful reality that you fully appreciate.

Positive interactions with your fellow human are one of the most important things to cultivate in the search for true happiness.  Besides the obvious extreme other pole in which the Yogi isolates himself from all human contact for many years, human interaction is imperative in your search for enlightenment.

As long as you live in society with other people, you are going to benefit greatly from learning to be a good person, and helping people in any way you can.  In fact, everyone around you will benefit from your decision to pursue the path of becoming as good a person as you can.

As I said earlier in this post, the truest and purest form of help or generosity is one that asks for nothing in return.  Ironically, the people who live like this are the ones who get the most in return, but still, they  truly don’t care if any reward comes at all.  On the other hand, helping people for the sake of getting good karma is a good thing too!  You will still be benefiting yourself and others.

The second type of karma that I want to discuss is what I call “Metaphysical” or “Abstract” Karma.  This is the type of karma that scientists mock, and skeptics ignore. 

It is very real and should be considered at all times.

This kind of Karma exists on a higher cosmic level than the first.  It supersedes the previously mentioned Karma, in that it is the invisible driving force behind the outcome of Human Interaction Karma. 

Basically, this goes beyond human interaction, and is in effect for any kind of action.  No matter what you do, there will be an equal and opposite reaction. 

In this scenario, by hurting people, animals, the environment, etc, you rack up bad karma and as if it were a meter in a video game situation, you carry around that karma, and bad things, seemingly totally unrelated to anything, will happen to you.  A lot of time, life will hit you with some poetic justice in the form of metaphysical karma. 

For instance, if you were a bad tenant, and then you decide to become a landlord, you might get bad tenants for the place you’re renting.

Or if you were a womanizer, you might end up having multiple daughters who all become strippers!

These scenarios would seem to be huge coincidences, but have a clear connection. 

Sometimes, however, doing something bad like cheating on your girlfriend would lead to something seemingly TOTALLY unrelated, like your car getting stolen.

Metaphysical, Abstract & Human Interaction KarmaOn the positive side, the laws of metaphysical karma are always in effect for good people as well.  The more you help people, animals, the environment, the planet, and the more you can learn to do good even when no one is watching, the more you will ultimately receive. 

Think of it as tuning your mind to a frequency of positivity.  You walk around emitting positivity into the world, and now you exist in that frequency and this leads to being showered in that same positivity.  The world becomes a mirror, and reflects positivity back to you, rewarding you for all the good you’ve done for the world.  You meet nice people who exist on the same frequency as you, and build lasting relationships with them.  Before you know it, you have created heaven on earth for yourself, your friends, and your family.  After you’ve done this, the next step would be to expand your circle of heaven until it reaches the entire planet.  The people who pursue this goal are called “Light Workers”.

As you become a light worker, the universe will begin to provide you with all you need to survive, and more.  By being a good person, and tuning yourself to the positive frequency of peace, love, and charity, you will soon find that strange things happen to you, like you receive a free vacation, or coupons for free meals at expensive restaurants come in the mail, or maybe you win some money in a contest you entered.  My point is, that not only will good things happen to you that logic can grasp the reason for, but good things will also happen that there seems to be no logical explanation for.

I’m going to end this post with a short description of a very interesting article that a good friend of mine posted on Facebook recently, followed by the link. 

This article discusses a study done in which scientists evaluated the gene-expression profiles inside of the white blood cells of 80 healthy people.  They also had them fill out a questionnaire.

They found that people who lived more hedonistically, or selfishly, had less healthy profiles than people who lived more eudaemonically, or based their happiness on a higher purpose involving service to others.


What Our Genes Reveal About True Happiness 

These findings are not at all surprising, but it’s nice to get some science involved in metaphysical discussions.  I’m not here to exclude people, and I believe the merging of science and spirituality is absolutely necessary at this junction of human progress.

So scientifically speaking, selfless deeds lead to good karma, which leads to a healthy, happy life.

Long story short, be a good person for the sake of being a good person…but if you can’t do that, then do it because ITS GOOD FOR YOU!

Namaste! 🙂



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  2. The eternal Religion, Sanatana Dharma, we are constitutionally servants, in the words of Dylan,
    “You may serve the devil, you may serve The Lord, but you gotta serve somebody”. Fine article thanks.

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