Am I Getting Old, or Are We Just Screwed?

Written by: Sal Pezzino @sp1989

I am 23 years old and have grown up appreciating all of the music, pop culture icons, toys, technology, and the like. The past few years have been strange, I would say it started around the time I started college but I don’t think that has any correlation with the way I have been feeling over the past few years. I have just grown completely dissatisfied with my generation and the things going on around me.

I think dissatisfied is too nice of a word, I think disgusted is actually more appropriate. I don’t think that I am better than anyone else, nor do I think I have more sophisticated taste then anyone else in my generation. I just think that a majority of everything around me sucks. I feel that mediocrity and even failure have triumphed over being the best and succeeding.

Many people call the internet the next frontier. It truly is, but within that beautiful frontier there is an enormous wasteland of one hit wonders, attention seekers, mediocrity and diamonds in the rough. Unfortunately the diamonds in the rough don’t get their due attention. They either get fifteen minutes of fame, or nothing at all.

What is left is a cesspool of what society calls “talent”. These “talented” people come in packages called viral videos. We all watch them daily, some are funny, inspirational, sad, interesting, cool, or disgusting.

I read an article this morning about a girl who posted a video on YouTube for eating a used tampon. I apologize for how disgusting that sounds but it is unfortunately true. The article was taken down from YouTube for obvious reasons but it has gained notoriety all over the internet and has millions of collective views. There are other videos such as the video of a student eating ice cream with his own feces on it, this video also has millions of views.


What does the future hold for recent college graduates?

Furthermore the people featured in these videos have an enormous following of people and are getting calls from TV producers, reporters, and job offers. Mean while recent college graduates can’t even get interviews let alone job offers. Let me be clear these followers are not just people who are following to make fun of the people for their “talents”. The people who are following, are genuine supporters lauding them for their bravery and resolve.

I’m sorry is there seriously apart of our society applauding people for eating used tampons and shit? Have we really gone that far down the rabbit hole called the internet by applauding the fringe attention grabbers? It just makes me think that when my parents or even grandparents say to me, “there is something seriously wrong with this society”, “It wasn’t like this when I was a kid”, I can’t help but agree with them! It wasn’t like this even when I was a kid. Society is changing so fast its hard for people of even this generation to catch up.

When I was growing up I liked and knew just about every word to every song on the radio. Today I don’t even recognize the top ten songs on the top forty list. I don’t consider many of the performers today musicians, they are performers, that’s it. My favorite example is Justin Bieber. He is arguably the most famous person in the world right now. I have absolutely no clue why. He sang a song when he was 13 and now he is the most famous person in the world. This child as far as I am concerned is a useless, talentless, waste. When I was 13 I could hit all of the same musical notes Justin Beiber could, and with autotune it probably would have sounded damn good. Now that he has grown up and can no longer sing like a child, his music is completely reliant on electronic overly auto-tuned tracks.

I will concede, that the kid can dance, but that’s it. Maybe I am not the demographic he is geared towards but my point is that real recording artists and musicians are becoming rarer and rarer with in the music industry. If you’re a pretty face and can sing somewhat of a song written by someone else you will get a record contract and become famous. Music is something that I truly appreciate and love, I have a pretty eclectic sense for music. I don’t know what I am going to like but I know what I like when I hear it. Which is why the decline into mediocrity within the music industry is killing me.


MTV is killing our generation.

Each year there are less and less songs that I like. The problem is,  I am 23 years old, this decline isn’t supposed to be happening yet. I am supposed to be hating the music that kids listen to in my thirties or when I have kids, not when I am still this young. This leads me to believe that it’s the music, not me, mainly because there are plenty of people I know, who feel the same way. I find myself appreciating the music my father listened to more than then the music of my generation.

All you have to do is look on television, listen to the radio, or go on the internet to see whats happening. MTV has become a network of reality shows featuring pregnant teenagers, redneck idiots, and online relationships. Where did the music go on the Music Tele-Vision network? YouTube has become a launching platform for anyone who is willing to do crazy or disgusting things, although I must admit there are a lot of incredibly talented people on YouTube who get the fame they deserve. Still mediocrity and attention seekers win more than the talented. Which leads me back to my question, are we actually screwed or am I just getting old?

-Sal Pezzino @sp1989


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6 Responses to Am I Getting Old, or Are We Just Screwed?

  1. I’m 54years old and I love music. I work with guys who have commercial pop stations playing and boy does that music suck. Pop music now is so wretched and gross, their’s a song going about where some kid( I don’t want to know her name) sings about crashing a car on a bridge and loving it. This kind of nonsense is played between the quizzes for children at 8.30am followed perhaps by that one about “making love on the floor”. My wife likes to watch X Factor as do millions of other otherwise intelligent people( mostly women), it gives me the blues. Their’s something seriously amiss when emotionally incontinent kids fixated on overnight fame are scrutinised by music industry weirdos to contrived hysterical audience screaming. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe most people are doomed to destruction because they’re rendered unconscious by a materialistic-pop culture that distracts from the severe threats posed by Fukushima, war and global poverty. Thanks for the fine article.

  2. Scary says:

    In the past 62 years I’ve watched as my government and their corporate backers take more and more from us. In my opinion huge extremely rich and powerful corporations are destroying our country. They elect politicians then those politicians support the corporations agenda. It seems they want us to have just enough food and water to be able to be their slaves. Tainted food and water thanks to them. Profit and power is the only thing that matters to them. They start wars so they can sell their products to our military. They poison our food, water, and air. If we don’t stop them they will destroy our home, the Earth.

  3. jatwood4 says:

    Sal, I’m sorry to say I think we are screwed. The universe is broken somehow, and the real horrors and depravity online are a symptom of the larger problem. Try to find help in a hardware store — you will likely end up talking to some 20 year old who knows nothing about hardware, or about retail and dealing with people. Try to find a courteous waitress somewhere. As you said, try to find a decent song on the radio — nearly impossible. Politicians act like kindergartners, won’t play nicely or share with others. Name-calling and vitriol have replaced diplomacy and courtesy. I remember when politicians spoke to each other — about important matters in the public interest. No longer. The human race, our planet, our universe needs healing, badly, but healing is nowhere to be seen. Sad, sad, sad.

  4. Apple says:

    Sir I feel the same way, and im younger than you. Lemme tell ya i think things are going down hill from what ive seen of the youth these days. smh

  5. Rod says:

    Just when I thought today’s youth was unsalvageable, and society, in general, had gone down the tubes, there still seems to be hope. I congratulate you, sir, for rational thought, and not blindly following your peers.

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