Who is the Richest DJ in the World?

Thanks to Forbes Magazine, we have a list of the top 5 richest DJ’s in the world. The money they make per show is ridiculous, but the money they make for clubs, bars, arenas etc. is even more ridiculous.

Why did I go to college? I should have just bought myself a robot suit and played some really..really loud music. If only it was that easy..

5. Deadmau5

Origin: Canada

Worth: $21 million

Single show: $200,000

dj deadmau5 richest djs

4. Swedish House Mafia

Origin: Scandinavia

Worth: $25 Million

Single Show: $350,000

swedish house mafia


3. David Guetta

Origin: France

Worth: $30 Million

Accomplishments: over 15 million singles sold around the globe, 45-year-old French even managed to bag a No. 1 DJ award back in 2011.

david guetta


2. Tiesto

Origin: Dutch

Worth: $32 Million

Performance fee: $250,000

DJ Tiesto

1. Calvin Harris

Origin: Scotland

Worth: $46 Million

Success: grossed in more than Jay-Z, Kanye West and that other guy.

calvin harris

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