What Can We Learn About Life From Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson has had a powerful impact on my life. How so? Mainly through his mindset of a pure champion in his prime. Everyone was scared to fight him, everyone feared him. Why fear Mike? After all, he can barely form sentences that make any kind of relevant sense.

mike tyson boxing

Iron Michael.

I fear Mike because despite his shortcomings, he knows how to maximize on his raw talent in the boxing ring. He knows how to get inside your head. He knows how to make you scared. He knows that you will lose and he will win. Shouldn’t you have that mentality in any competitive endeavor you participate in?

I am interested mainly in the mental aspect of Tyson’s game, rather than the physical. Physically, Mike Tyson is quicker than you, stronger than you, and has more killer instinct than you. Mentally, he wants to win more than you.

How badly do you want to succeed in the desired passion of your life? I can guarantee someone else wants it more than you. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, unless you work harder.

How Can I Work Harder?

Just keep working without question. Keep working until you feel satisfied, then work harder. Keep working until you achieve your desired outcome. Once you achieve your desired outcome, work hard again at another desired outcome. You don’t have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step.

If you are working at something you love to do, it hardly feels like “work.” Instead, it is fun, enjoyable, and enriching to your being. You would do it everyday for free. You could do it at any time, and never be bored. You are only interested in getting better.

Don’t Want to Get Better?

What are you living your life for? Who are you living your life for?

Failure to answer these questions brutally honestly will leave you trapped forever. You will be trapped in a reality you know you don’t truly love and appreciate. How long are you going to live in this reality? You are not stuck. You are simply unaware of the power each and every one of us possess.

Broke your back? Got hurt in the past? Doesn’t matter at all. All you “really” have is this present moment, and the awareness of this present moment. What are you doing presently to manifest an abundant future for yourself? Are you sitting around hoping an opportunity comes your way, or are you actively seeking opportunities for growth and development?

Sitting on the sidelines easy, unfortunately life is not a spectator sport. The only thing you will spectate is your own disappointment. You will spectate others working hard at achieving success, and doing so with ease. You will probably envy them. You want what they want. What you want is not found on the sidelines.

What you want is discovered inside yourself, then manifested in its own physical reality accordingly. Every thing you experience in life is judged, and thought about consciously internally, not externally. If you allow the external to affect your internal, you are victim of your own mind. Why be the victim when you can be the master of your own mind?

Mastering Your Mindset

It is not easy. First it starts with a subconscious adjustment. From there it entails installing empowering beliefs into your everyday default vibration.

Your mind resists change, it doesn’t like it. You are a creature of habit, so is your mind. Make it a creature of habitual positive thought. Make it a valuable asset in your life rather than a liability. Decide today that you are going to make the change.

Not making the change? Enjoy the sidelines. Life is a temporary growing experience open to any experiment you would like to conduct. Do you live for experience, or the aqcuisition of material goods?

As ruthless, malicious, out-of-line, and insane as Mike is, he still possesses a trait you probably don’t have. He was at one point the best in the world. No one on this planet could touch him. Granted it didn’t last forever, but he achieved it. Granted your life won’t last forever, but will you achieve what you want? Will you be the best in the world? How bout simply becoming the best in YOUR OWN world? 🙂

You have a problem? Turn off your station.


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2 Responses to What Can We Learn About Life From Mike Tyson?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mike Tyson was a great physical fighter but mentally he is absolutely nothing without Cus D’Amato. Well, he would have been absolutely nothing physically and mentally without Cus D’Amato. People were scared of him because he had no limits or standards. His temper was very short and he would resort to biting and fighting dirty. This was not a talent of his that he knew he had – it was rather a weakness that worked well for him because other boxers/people valued life more than him.

  2. Lawrence says:

    True stuff, although a lot of success is in your head. Back in my colt league baseball days, I felt that the other players were better than me more mature, more experienced, and my batting took on a defensive posture. When I faced pitchers I knew from junior high, who I knew I could hit, my approach was aggressive and I swung like Yastrzemski and hit sharp liners between the outfielders.

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