A Revolution in Consciousness

Welcome to the New World! It is just the same as the Old World, minus the fact that an overwhelming majority of individuals are reaching higher levels of consciousness. What is a higher level of consciousness? It is a more clear of an awareness of your reality. Have you noticed more than a few unexplainable synchronicities in your life lately? Me too, and I am eager for more! 🙂

conscious brain

Your brain has infinite potential, whether you want to believe it or not.

New World?

If you haven’t had any “weird” “coincidences” in your life lately, you simply aren’t paying attention enough. I can guarantee that your life is full of stress, anxiety, fear, and insecurity. These negative emotions cloud your intuition. Not to worry, we have an abundant database of self-development material which can be found throughout this entire website to help you deal with these negative aspects of life.

Hi, my name is fear, and I am actually an illusion.

Old World?

The world as you knew it. Each day you say goodbye to the old world, barring you are on a path of constant conscious growth. Not on a path of conscious growth? You need to digest 10 Simple Reasons to Become More Conscious.


Feels good doesn’t it? You dictate your reality, no one else. No one could possibly affect you in a negative way, you know better! Don’t become the victim of a troll.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Where ever you want. What are you deeply passionate about? What do you truly love to do? Don’t limit yourself to one thing, experiment and find out what you are really drawn to. Try something new, it might spark your interest. If not, who cares? At least you tried something new. Try something new everyday. Not trying something new each day? You are a drifter.


You are a leader whether you want to believe it or not. You lead your own life. You also have the potential to lead others in your life in a positive direction. Something that I struggle with each day is that I never feel that everyone is on the same page as me. Some of my friends are, some aren’t, and that is fine. It is up to me to open the door for them as best as possible. From there, they can decide for themselves, I am in no way forcing anyone do anything. I am simply suggestions other alternatives to their direction in life. I want to free everyone from the illusion, as I have been able to do myself recently.

The Open Door

To abundance. To the removal of negativity as best as humanly possible. To the removal of all individuals in your life who bring you down. To the acquisition and maintenance of all relationships that benefit, and inspire you to keep moving forward. The only reason many people don’t want to open the door is because it might be a little too scary at first. You need to be scared, you need to be frightened and worried. Once all these emotions are felt, and dealt with appropriately, the door is open forever.

Are you going to step through?

Find Your Zen!


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