What is Your Ultimate Message to The Universe?

At 24 years of age, I can say that I have experienced a lot of ups and downs, much like every other person I know. It has taken plenty of time, effort, and experimenting, but I have learned how to maximize the positives in my life while also being able to simultaneously consciously ignore any perceived negative external influence. Having reached this stage in my temporary, yet abundant life, I find it crucial to share my feelings with everyone I come into contact with. I hope that they choose to do the same, and I have trouble seeing why the would not want to. Everyone benefits in the end game, teaching awareness is the least selfish endeavor available to mankind. My ultimate message that I find a desperate need to share with the universe at large is simply: radiate, receive, and share positive energy unconditionally.

dr martin luther king MLK

Dr. Martin Luther King preached his ultimate message, why shouldn’t you?

Pretty simple message to share, and maybe a little cliché on the surface, but if you break down the emotions you experience on a day-to-day basis,  I can guarantee they are not 100% positive. Thanks to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts manifest your reality whether you want them to or not.  I am human too, and as much as I focus on positivity, there are still negative ripples of thoughts I catch myself having throughout the day. These ripples don’t show up very often anymore, I don’t let them in as much as I used to. I have my subconscious mind to thank for that.

Consciously, I train my mind to counter negative thoughts with enriching positives ones on a daily basis. This can be achieved with meditation. Close your eyes and try it. Training your mind to block as much negative energy as possible is absolutely life changing. As much as you might not think it is true, it is possible to eliminate essentially all negative thought from your life. This process is called  achieving enlightenment, a stage 99.999999% of all humans to grace the earth will never fully touch, but is available free of charge. It is going to take some serious conscious practice to achieve if you are truly interested.

Interested? Read on. I have some valuable information I feel the need to share, it might frighten you but that is fine, once you eliminate the fear, avalanches of abundance are free to flow into your life.

Do You Have an Ultimate Dream Life Scenario?

We all have dreams. We all have that certain something we just absolutely love to do, and we know we will never get tired of it no matter how long we beat down on our craft. Failure to pursue your true passions in life will leave you empty, alone, and in fear. 3 sure-fire ways to live a sub-par life wishing something might change one day. Well, it won’t. You know what you love and no one else can tell you different unless you let them. I have been trapped in this type of reality before, but have found numerous ways to counter and escape it. It simply takes awareness, then comes the conscious adjustment.

Do you work a job you don’t truly love? Myself and pretty much everyone I know is in that position, but we put up with it because we need to build our personal finances. I currently work for an employer, but a majority of my time that I have free to myself is dedicated towards working for myself. I never get tired of working and improving myself, however I will get tired sitting in an office after an hour or so. I need constant stimulation of my mind to build my critical decision-making skills for when it counts the most. The one reason I enjoy competition in athletics, and also in poker is that because no matter how hard I work to become the best in the world, I know someone else is working harder.

Can you work harder than them? It’s going to be tough. So tough you will probably fail and quit, and that’s fine. I’ve failed more than I have succeeded, but have learned vast amounts of information about myself through failure. Success is nice and worth celebrating, but only can really truly be achieved consistently with disciplined practice and commitment to your art. Many succeed, then take the foot off the pedal and remain stagnant. I realize when I notice myself in a stagnant growth state, I feel like something is missing, and that something is usually motivation. My motivation derives from my desperate need for competition to make sure I am always improving at something, and that branches into almost every aspect of my life. I become a better person by participating in competition. A huge plus to competition is the fact that I am also having fun doing it.

Are you having fun while you work? Answer is probably no for a lot of us. Are you having fun when you are working for yourself? Answer is usually yes for everyone. Working for yourself doesn’t mean just building businesses and revenue streams. It entails working on your self-development as a conscious human being, or you won’t have any profitable businesses or revenue streams to manage. Manage your life first, then expand that management to managing to create and deliver value to others in your field of chosen expertise. Money is the value you receive in return for the value you provide. Pretty simple formula. How much “value” can you provide? As much as you see fit, there are no limits!

What is your message to the universe at large? How are you going to share that message? What do people need to hear from you to improve their lives in a positive way? Is your positive energy brushing off on people, or is your negative aura draining them into oblivion? Negative “energy vampires” are everywhere! Beware!

Are you sharing your message? Why or why not? Are you scared of what others will think? If you are familiar with the term “trolling”, you understand that even your best friends will pry on your deepest insecurities for laughs. Laugh with them, we’re all a silly bunch of super evolved monkeys floating around on a giant organic spaceship having no real clue where we are heading to.

Once the laughter fades, work on eliminating your deepest fears and insecurities. People will recognize and look up to you. This is where the magic of spreading positivity happens, and you can preach your message to whoever is interested in listening. Failure to listen to beneficial universal knowledge is a flaw that most drones in society possess. Don’t become one of the crowd of zombies. Exercise your conscious awareness and ability to learn and provide value each day of your life. You can learn a lot from your good friends once conversations open up into discussions of trying to figure out the real reason we even have a life in the first place. If you find yourself avoiding these types of conversations, you are simply scared and can’t expand your “comfort zone” to allow your deepest desires to manifest into physical reality.

Time to get to work isn’t it? 🙂


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