Heal Your Body Today: Mind Power

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” -M.Gandhi

Do you have a headache? Have you or someone you know ever been told that you have an illness? Science is now confirming the validity of the mind’s place in the healing process. Each year numerous more studies arise activating conclusions surrounding the use of the mind’s intrinsic power to heal and reorganize cells.

In most cases, this mind has been tested through using a placebos effective study. In a very interesting study from the University of Keele in the UK, scientists monitored 835 women to test the effectiveness of aspirin – the findings showed that having a brand name on the tablet made a great difference in how effective the aspirin was.

“The study used two types of aspirin tablets – one labelled with a well-known brand name and the other as ‘analgesic’. There were also two types of placebo tablets, labelled in the same way – either a well known brand name or as ‘analgesic.’ The women were separated into four groups so that they would receive only one type of the tablet. The results showed, amazingly, that the branded aspirin tablets worked better than the unbranded ones, yet it was the same drug! The branded placebos also reduced pain much more than unbranded ones, yet they were the same placebos.”

 Main stream medicine professionals will prescribe to medicines with side effects that rival the actual illness trying to be counteracted. This begs the question: Are there other options? Now, there is evidence to support a “YES” answer with the use of the mind. *Note: The mind is a powerful tool, but there also many other alternatives to medicines like, herbs, organic food, and alkaline rich water.

At this juncture, science is unable to ignore the power of the mind. This is due to the ever increasing acceptance of alternative healing methods amongst the science community. This has come about due to science recognition of the measurement alternative medicine and healing techniques. 

This is how it works…

Your brain cannot distinguish between a real event and a perceived event. In other words, your body responds to your mental stimuli the same way as physical stimuli. What this asserts that when you visualize something in your mind, you mind believes the image is just as real as the images in your external world. This give you immense ability to influence your physiology based on what you are thinking. If you can access these images, ensuring that they are positive and self reinforcing, not only a psychological benefit but philological.  By making your visualizations as realistic as possible with clear positive focus, you will achieve positive results. You are recreating yourself in your new experience of positive wellness by using you most important asset as being human – your mind. Create a new healthy reality today. Remember that the energy of your intentions is actually being processed as new information in body. This is the massive power of your mind.


MSN admitted recently: Studies by Janice Kiecolt-Glaser and Ronald Glaser at Ohio State University demonstrate how even minor psychological stress—that of newlyweds having their first fight or of students facing an exam—can compromise the immune system. The researchers found that a marital spat delays wound-healing and that the stress of caring for an Alzheimer’s patient leaves the caregiver more vulnerable to illness even years later.

Healing your body with you mind has become more than just new-age voodoo. Doctors and Universities are noticing the power of our mind’s ability to heal our body. We have discovered in past articles that our mind influence our body and our actions, this is why the control and change of bad habits is essential. Through bad habits we can ignite the compounding effect in where our physiological state can consist of a dismal state. We are now to the scientific location to understand that the mind control more than our actions, but wellness as well. Therefore, we need to take charge of our life, and ensure positive thoughts and visualizations that stimulate health and internal abundance.

Dr. Lissa Rankin: Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself, TalksGoogle


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