The Art of Lifestyle Design

Inaction is the greatest risk of all. -Tim Ferriss 

What if you could design your life to exactly the specifications you wanted? What if you could create every moment of every day to what you imagined in your head? What would you do if I told you that this was possible under one condition, would you do it? Well, if you continue to I will talk extensively about lifestyle design and how to do it.

The Art of Lifestyle DesignFirst, why would you want to design your  life, specifically, when you can just go right along with what is preprogramed through societal norms, snuggle up with the status-quo until the end of your life? Then to only realize (when it’s too late)  that you should have done it all differently. Maybe taken ownership of your life. Let’s not let this happen to you!

Lifestyle design is really about you living on purpose with a purpose. Some have described this as a purpose driven life. You will be doing what you were meant to be doing, which is an big image and overview in your mind. When we look for purpose and meaning in our lives, searching for that answer to the question “what am I supposed to do?” we really want to know how to  live a more satisfying purposeful life. A life that’s worth living every second consciously.

Here’s your chance to design your life, which really means choosing a path you want to walk in life and choosing how big you want to make it. Remember, it’s your choice. Your plan. You control what happens in the next moment! And I’m going to tell you exactly how to  you can get started.


There are six major steps to lifestyle design, if you choose to partake:

  1. Seek: The ole’ phrase “seek and you shall find” is one of the most true phrases ever written. If you aren’t sure as to what your purpose is, first seek it out. Say to yourself, “I’m honestly not sure” then say, “But I’m going to look”. Where to look? Look everywhere. Look around every corner, every cabinet  and every moment. You will know when you feel that spark of inspiration ignite within you. When you feel the inspiration come over you, you have found your purpose. 
  2. Choice: Make a definite choice to pursue this passion no matter what. No matter who, circumstance  or situations stand in your way. Make the driven choice pursue this cause come hell or high water. Make yourself unstoppable. Every day you wake, say “I WILL do___” or “I am___” and you will become that which you focus intensely on.
  3. Conscious: Become intensely conscious of every action you make every moment. Essentially, become extremely present. You can do this by meditating, focusing on your breath, or focusing your attention on what is happening in the moment. Once you have done this, relate back to your purpose and how each action will contribute to your goal or the actions leading up that goal. Your succes will grow ten-fold.
  4. Learn: Learn everything you can about environment surrounding your purpose. Read, listen, seek a mentor, etc. Literally design you life around achieving this major purpose. Think of Martin Luther King Jr.; he was driven to achieve equality for the black community. Everything he did carried the tone of equality. Everything he did encompassed this major purpose. He, created a national movement.
  5. Action: Take action by changing out aspects of your life that fail to support you in achieving this goal. Your psyche will freak if you leave these areas void. Therefore, instead of leaving them empty replace them with components that further help you in achieving you goal. Everything down to how your house is laid out. Does it enable you fluidity in the morning to enable a jump start to your day? Make sure everything and anything contributes in some way to the aid of your focused success.
  6. Revive: Make sure you keep constant tabs on your life as things shift and change. As your get closer and closer, you will find the environment changing around you. This might seem disorienting  don’t worry, just remember that this is your life sculpting around what you have build and designed. Keep yourself and your life in check. Make sure you keep things fresh, reviving your life keeping growth towards your goal always in the forefront.

Change Ahead

Start! Now!

Once you know what your life should  look like, take the necessary action on make your dreams a reality. Remember, you call the shots and can make anything happen. Believe. Conceive, Achieve.

Don’t make the mistake many have of saying “Someday I will.”

The time is now, and you know it.



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