A Vacation Away From The World

A vacation away from the world.

Let your cell phones die, and let your addiction to your favorite social media just pass away right along with it. It’s a place where you’re only there if you want to be, and only joined by people who want to join you. This place does not have an exact location because it is more of a state of consciousness that your mind and body are entranced within.

Lake George New York

Lake George, New York

I can tell you it’s real, and it is not a place you find on your own, but somehow it ends up finding you. When you are there, I can tell you that people know you are there, and that is precisely why they will want to come to join you. You radiate so much positive energy and happiness that as a group, it’s hard for the right people to not find you. At this place, you find that you all become one. You’re individuals to a certain extent, but you’re all there for each other and in it together. Things like names, jobs, and social statuses cease to exist.

Money becomes irrelevant. You’re all having so much fun, the illusion of reality or the mere possibility of having a negative thought is gone. You sometimes end up forgetting your friends real names, and everybody becomes “Mike”,”Jim”, or “Jerry”. What you need is all around you and in sheer abundance. While in this state of mind, where you and whoever you’re there with have only two speeds: go, and go faster.

Being fueled by an insane amount of happiness and positive energy has an incredible effect on the human body, mind, and spirit. The second you think of slowing down, someone has gone faster. It wouldn’t make sense to not tune into their level of vibration. Throw what you think you know about the boundaries of your body and mind right out the window, and start exploring and taking chances of what you could only dream of in the past.

When you find yourself standing on the edge of a 45 foot cliff looking over into a lake that goes 160 feet down with sharp rocks surrounding it, you might feel slightly timid and scared at first. Forget to remember that the beautiful crystal clear water is surrounded by the illusion of danger. That is simply fear, and it becomes eliminated once your flesh vehicle breaks the plane of the beast.

The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye of Positivity

Every thought running through your head is imagining all the scary and horrific possibilities of what could go wrong. Just jump. Have a breath-taking experience of a lifetime. Fly through the air 45 feet and slow everything down for a few seconds. Your free. Your mind is still. There is no danger. You hit the water and come back to conscious reality with the absence of fear.

I’m happy I decided to jump and find out because I believe that coming out with that rush of adrenaline is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. It made me feel alive. Without positive thinking and courage, I would never have been able to experience this and share it with you now. The amazing thing is not only can thinking this way affect you ,but if you think this way FOR people and share it with them, they too can overcome their fear.

A friend of mine was at the top of the cliff (75ft), and was attempting to do a back flip into the water. He was nervous as he should be, because that is just insane to me to attempt to jump from that height. The entire group was watching and cheering him on as one collective movement, and that inspired him to take the leap of faith. I 100% believe we had an effect on him through our energy and positive support. We gave him the confidence to go through with it. He went flying through the air backwards, and upside down, landing perfectly in the water unharmed resulting in one of the most graceful, and amazing things I’ve ever witnessed.

The power of a compliment has really lost its weight in our modern society which is very sad. Being on an island with your close friends, you start to joke around and have fun. We all started joking around and giving very basic compliments all through out the day. We got to the point where it was just funny and ridiculous…but was it? What we didn’t realize is although we were joking, it tumbled into making something that naturally raised spirits and brought joy. We didn’t even have to try.

It wasn’t money, and it wasn’t a material item that we needed. It was just a few simple words. “Hey great job parking the boat Mike, you really know what you’re doing out here!” or “Hey Jerry you’re looking good up there, you look happy kid!” All the while these compliments are being thrown around like wild-fire, they all had one thing in common, they brought a smile along each and every time.

sunset lake george new york

The sunset at Lake George

Genuine happiness can not be faked or bought. It is only a gift given through someone else. The breath of fresh air of genuine happiness without trying is very rare to come by. As a society, everyone’s first thought usually 70% of the time is a negative one. The sad thing is we don’t know that we are doing it, or even why. Giving someone that true and genuine smile is unbelievably rewarding. Natural human traits do bring us happiness, but unfortunately we’ve developed this obsession through culture to own and value things and possessions. We value them more than our relationships with other people at times, and that is quite depressing. Smile and laughter brings an unbelievable amount of happiness that no material object could ever bring.

While we were all around the fire making each other laugh, I heard a girl say, “My face hurts from laughing and smiling so much.” That was truly incredible, and easily the biggest highlight of my vacation away from the world. When you come across an event that you must look back on and ask yourself, “Did that really happen?” All that happiness had to have been an illusion. Right?

You need to remind yourself there are challenges waiting for you explore, but you may have not found them yet. When you find them, you get to explore them, but more importantly, you get to explore yourself. When I walked out onto the dock in the morning and saw the giant fireball in the sky hugging the mountains with a pink and purple glow as the light sparkled like glitter across the water, you couldn’t possibly beat it. When the sun went to sleep, and the moon arose with her stars, it was just as beautiful. Walking around and watching the moon run between the trees with bright beautiful constellations is a sight that everyone forgets to really appreciate.

The limits of happiness are only the ones we place on it ourselves, it really is that simple. Look left, look right, and most importantly always look up and set your goals up there with the ones that are always shinning, because that’s where we all belong. 🙂



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