7 Ways to Balance Your Yin and Yang Energies

HJ: Life is about balance.  The atom, which is the fundamental building block of all matter always strives towards balance of positive (proton) and negative (electron) charges.  If it cannot maintain balance within its own structure, it forms clusters that maintain balance with other atoms and molecules are formed.  The point being, that even at the most fundamental level, the universe seeks to maintain balance.  Nature’s endless dance is all about maintaining balance in the natural ecosystem and in the species present on the planet.  Why should humans be exempt from this grand cosmic interplay? Of course, we are not, but we do let ourselves get further out of balance than is healthy at times.  In these instances, we would be wise to bring ourselves back into harmony by identifying those areas which are becoming polarized.

7 Ways to Re-establish Balance Between Yin and Yang

yin yang balance tree

Yin-Yang Tree

Stress and illness are nature’s way of telling you that you’re out of balance. All life is ruled by the interplay of two dynamic forces known in traditional Chinese medicine as yin and yang. Yin is negative, yang positive. Yin is feminine, yang masculine. Yin is passive, yang active. They’re opposite yet complementary forces, never equal, but cycle together in harmony. One is always ascending while the other descends. The yin/yang symbol is a wonderful expression of this interplay. Even though they’re opposite, yin and yang can’t exist independently. As Alan Watts put it so eloquently in Tao: The Watercourse Way, “My inside arises mutually with my outside and though the two may differ they cannot be separated.”

When the yin and yang of your body are in disharmony, it’s like trying to ride a unicycle with the spokes of the wheel short on one side and long on the other. The hub is out of center and your ride is very bumpy. If you continue for long, you’ll break the wheel and perhaps the bike. Just so, if your body continues in disharmony for long, illness occurs.

Some aspects of Yin & Yang

inner organs

outer organs
yin yang balance


A good example of how this works is caregivers—those people who give of themselves to nurture, nourish, guide and heal others. Teachers, counselors, social workers, nurses, body workers and parents are all caregivers. When caregivers are living harmoniously, they balance giving (yang) and receiving (yin) so they don’t deplete their reserves. They know when they’re in need of care and allow themselves time to receive to balance their giving. However, many caregivers ignore their own needs until they’ve given so much of themselves that body and soul begin to cry out, “What about me?” The imbalance begins to affect their health, sleep, emotions, focus and relationships.

The cure is simple in this case. Balance can be re-established by receiving what was given in excess. Take the time to nourish yourself, to nurture yourself. There are many ways to find your way back to balance. You may find that one method works best for you or you may find that you need a little of various methods. Here are a few suggestions on how to begin:

  1. Reach out to nature – take a walk and absorb the qi of nature into yourself with every breath.
  2. Nutrition – take time to eat health foods instead of grazing on empty junk.
  3. Water – plenty of pure, clean water will help flush out toxins and rehydrate you. Most people underestimate their need for water.
  4. Meditation employ some quality quiet time to get in touch with yourself—realize where you’ve become deficient and work to correct the deficiency.
  5. Bodywork – focused attention from a body worker allows guilt-free relaxation and releases the physical manifestations of stress.
  6. Medical qi gong these practitioners specialize in recognizing the many faces of disharmony and balancing the qi of the body.
  7. Tai chi and qi gong classes – these movements help to balance body, mind and spirit so that you will recognize disharmony before it gets out of hand.

By: Kathi Remsen | Mindful Word


16 Responses to 7 Ways to Balance Your Yin and Yang Energies

  1. Anonymous says:

    im feeling yang

  2. Anonymous says:

    im feeling yin

  3. Mike says:

    Where to find qualified body worker

  4. I owned a hair salon years ago and the one area that really helped my clients was scalp massage, especially my cancer survivors. Not only did they feel the scalp manipulation helped them regrow their hair, it helped them completely relax and just let go, allowing them to take in all the good and release all the stress. A little massage now and then honestly is a good thing. Just make sure to check with your dr. first, naturally.

  5. shermaine charles says:

    things has not going to well for me i try eating healthy and do some excer

  6. cheryenorris says:

    it sounds good-but I’d like to know what a body worker is. Is it like a personal trainer or counsellor or what?

    • Anonymous says:

      A body worker is someone like a massage therapist, myofascial release practitioner or cranio-sacral therapist. They move or manipulate your limbs, muscles, tissue etc for the purposes of releasing blockages and restoring balance in the body, mind and energy systems.

  7. Gary says:

    for some time now bad things have been happening to me? have bouts of depression and lack of energy as if something inside of me has broken? I just can’t seem to get back the good side of things? if that makes sense/

    • cc says:

      Makes sense. Certain Events in life can leave us feeling somewhat defeated. Take care of yourself, try counting your blessings, and follow these guidelines to balance your energies. Meditation works for some, see what works for you. Have faith, the best is yet to come!

    • Amber says:

      Gary, wonder how you are now. I have been there. Depressed, moody, and no energy. A few things made the shift for me.

      1. Epsom salt bath and listening to a spiritual teacher (Something I enjoy and brings relaxation and uplifts) Gave myself that care and time once a week
      2. EXERCISE! 5X/week in morning for even just 7-15 minutes enough to raise heart rate and sweat a bit grounds me and makes me feel good. Really should do every day of week.
      3. I practice gratitude every morning before my eyes open and even night before I fall asleep
      4. Eat something healthy at least once a day. Smoothie or salad is my go to.
      5. Spend time expanding and learning (I research topics that interest me) AND spend time doing mindless things you enjoy (I watch trash tv 1 hour/week lol)

      I’ve found balance is truly about self-care and taking time to simply enjoy what you enjoy because so much of the time we are grinding away at our responsibilities. If you are giving too much to others and not enough to yourself you could end up so out of whack and suicidal like I was! No need for that. Invest in YOU! Best of luck! 🙂

      • The One says:

        What was the main cause of depression Amber? Were you bipolar?

        • Dan says:

          I’d love to just say this. Comments like this one ☝^^^, are what made my cousin commit suicide. So I really hope you made yourself feel good by insulting another. I mean really. You can practice ignorance your whole life, but you cant ignore the fist that might fly past your face when you grow the balls to say those kinds of things in public. I mean really? You gotta troll the internet for a place that people are looking to find inner peace and tranquility. Quite possibly the only place to find it these days. And still be a bully to people that are obviously suffering from depression. Just goes to show the true cock roach you are you coward. Internet tuff guy.

          Oh and to amber. Good for you for keeping your chin up and fightinf through those bouts. I know how it feels to loose everything you love and care about. I lost my cousin who was like a little brother to me to suicide, and my father who was 52. All in the same year. I lost my job as i lost the will to continue working and almost lost my family as well. I am still fighting the depression to this day, but I will not allow myself to give in to those thoughts becausei remind myself that there is people out there who have gone through alot worse trials and tribulations. I try to count my blessings in my two beautiful children each day. And find my pride in being instrumental in teaching them along the way. It gives me my feeling of being needed/wanted. I can respect the fact that you were open and honest about it. Because we need more awareness in our generations. Awareness that there is a suicidal epidemic going on in north america. If you dont believe me, look around and ask friends family co workers if they have been personally affected by suicide. From someone close they know. I bet you’d be surprised at just how many say yes.

      • Anonymous says:

        Amber thank you for the helpful hints, I plan to use some of these to get my yin/yang back in order.

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