The Universal Happy “Drug”

I remember when I saw the movie “Avatar” and some of my friends saying “Wow! imagine what that would be like? Being able to do all of that stuff?!” I didn’t say anything to them I just thought “What do you mean? You’ve got that right now, you’ve got a body don’t you?”

I don't need "drugs", I have music.

I don’t need “drugs”, I have music.

It just really put me off, you have the body so what are you waiting for? It was amazing to watch someone that does not realize that they have exactly what they’re wishing for right in front of them. I don’t like seeing things crumble, its a small line between losing and failure. Failure is something accepted by people that give up.

These feelings have incredible power over us and I’m not just talking about emotional feelings, there is drive and “gut” feelings. You know when you’re sitting with your back towards a door and you can just feel someone around? That’s incredibly wild. But what I find most interesting is the power these feelings have. Laughter, sadness, jealousy and greed. All powerful and controlling feelings that become very overwhelming and have the power to over ride your rational thinking in your genetically superior brain.

But is it genetically superior?

I feel it has to be around the same power, chemically your body HAS to run off feelings and emotion. Your brain is the incredible rational thinking part of you but I believe the feeling chemical we have is essentially what makes us all individuals. It can also make you feel things that come into the body or approach it. Take music for example, you may like rap, rock, country or dub step. But whatever genre you like it hits, and when it hits, it takes control of you and you can mentally put yourself into another place.

That symphony of whatever music you like is actually able to transport you into another state of mind. The beautiful thing about music is that its universal, it’s felt by every being. No matter what language you speak you can really feel it.

When the beat hits or when that distorted guitar rains, it is truly something magical and emotional. You could be from America and sit down next to some from the people from jungles of Africa while someone bangs a beat on the bongos. Two totally different worlds, but you’ll both look at each other while bobbing your head to the beat and smile at one another. That I believe is truly magical, to connect immediately through a sound and without language.The good vibes, the happy drug we all look for but never find unless we stumble upon it randomly.

It’s rare but you know when you look to another human and your both feeling it and it hits, male or female. You hit that vibe when you’re both moving to the same tunes and there is a universal feeling in the room, you can’t describe it but you all know it’s there. It’s almost like you’re breathing in happiness, where everywhere you look is a smile and kind eyes. That is a drug if I’ve ever felt one, its remarkable. You pretty much lose complete track of what is going on in the world and drift off with the few people you’re with. There is defiantly something in our bodies that we can not explain and that enhances our energy or brings it down.

Music is a universal language

Music is a universal language.

I am not sure where it begins or ends and I haven’t a clue how its triggered, but all I do know is that it is there. Since I know this euphoria does in fact exists have it be 2 minutes or the entire day, it is there and I want to keep that happy drug alive as much as possible till my spirit leaves this rock. The thing about music is that you can really get lost in it and also find yourself at the same time, which is entirely contradicting. Although if you actually know music, feel it and welcome it into your life it has insanely powerful effects.

Life viewing to world-changing, the impact of a simple song can simply change the world. Think about any generation of America and tell me you can not associate a genre of music to it. You can’t, music is eternal because it is something that can not be stop and is physically inscribed into our DNA. We need this to keep us going which is why it is always evolving.

I think it is awesome that I am literally watching the tide turn in the music industry. As people we find it ridiculously hard to accept change, whether it be cutting a person out of our life or a social change we wish not to accept. Change is always scary because it is synonymous with fear and that scares us. Fear of the unknown is always relative because, well you don’t know. Just like dying, what happens after death? We have no idea, probably nothing or maybe something immaculate we will never know about until that day comes. But until that day, live your feelings and obey whats in your heart because it won’t steer you wrong. 🙂



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  1. jatwood4 says:

    You put your finger on that moment. Great post!

  2. mike im living in the movie avatar

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