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We all want the best. We all strive to have the best life possible by the best means possible based on our current knowledge, skills, and contacts. Many times we  lose sight of another area of our life that we have direct control and decision over – Our mind. Our mind is a very influential construction. Made up of energy, matter, and thoughts. 97% of the world believes that these dominating thoughts in our heads are those that should be obeyed because we believe our thoughts to be who we are. If this were true then we would still be that child in middle school wishing we could drive like our older sibling.

arthed The honest truth is that our thoughts change over time. With most, they solidify into hard egos that become stuck in pattern based ways of thinking. Some, on the other hand, become more open and flexible with time. We find ourselves gravitating towards older people that have done this. Why? This is simply because that time is like a river. They have learned to let life experiences cultivate them into a more understanding human knowing that by doing so they will influence others in a positive way.  These people have learned to live an A+ life. They have understood and practiced seven key principles that enable them to influence others by enriching the lives they come into contact with.

Throughout my over ten year experience in studying meditation, metaphysics, and self-study, I have come across many idea sets that establish a way for an individual to cultivate one’s life. What I’m about to unveil to you isn’t a claim to be the only way. Everyone should find the way that works best for them in their life. The central idea should remain the same; Cultivate your life in the undying pursuit to enrich the lives of others. If you wish to live in A+ life, you will need to apply the following seven concepts to your life. Each with their own level of depth and attitude. Approach this not as a method, but a philosophy. Apply these ideas to your life once you have made the solid commitment to do this as a way to enrich the lives of others.

1. Awareness

Awareness is the first key to understanding your life direction and what is keeping you from your goals. We often get in our own way by enlisting in old habits and limiting inner chatter. Become aware of every action, every thought, and every outcome of the aforementioned. This step is crucial. By becoming aware of where we are beginning we can gain a clearer vision of where we would like to go. By taking the time to understanding ourselves, we will clean out our inner dirt and make way for fresh soil ready for planting.

Exercise: Every moment you are able, become aware of your breath. This will teach you the practice of self awareness on a moment to moment basis. This is something that we aren’t used to you. Therefore, we need a practice to aid in this discovering. Every time you make an out breath, become aware. Try not to label this action, although you’ll want to. Just by bringing your mind into the present moment you are gaining more jurisdiction over what your mind does on a moment to moment basis.

2. Attention

Attention is a very important aspect to understand and actualize. We bring into existence everything we give attention to. This happens on multiple levels. Whether we are consciously doing this or not, when we give life attention life gives it back. If you give attention to negativity, you will see it. If you give attention to not having enough money, you will see it. Attention is literally the main driving force behind what you create in your life. Most of us are used to giving our attention to things that are set as habits. When you give attention to something, this is usually done because of an old habit pattern in your mind. Don’t try to fix the habit, replace it with it’s opposite. Remember, if you give your attention to smoking, you’ll smoke. Even if your say, “I want to stop spoking.” Replace that with, “I want to start breathing deeper”. By doing this you are replacing the habit with something that is associated by not directly what you are wanting to change. Your attention has shifted to what you want. You are focusing your attention on the state you will be in when you have ceased to smoke.

3. Action

This aspect is something that our society is lacking, setting apart the achievers and non-achievers. By taking deliberate focused action on your own life, you become actively envolved in your destiny. There is an old saying that states, “The best way to predict the future is to write it”. With action, you can attain this. By taking skilled action towards your goals and aspirations you are putting yourself into an energetic motion that will become unstoppable. Once you have realized that fear is simply a set back, you will take each challenge head on in the attempt to achieve your highest potential. You will take action at every chance you get. You will see an opportunity and take it. You’ll see someone in need, and help them. You will be stopped at nothing. By training yourself to take action on your own life, you will be at an advantage when you are needed in another’s life. You will be able to stand strong and keep your focus until the best of your ability has been expunged.

4. Application

Applying what you have learned about yourself. As you learn more and more about yourself, you will start to realize that you are starting to learn more about other people. The deeper you go into your own psyche, the more you will be able to help and communicate with the problems that other people are facing. This is where you step in(taking action)to apply your remedies to aid in their own self-discoveries. Keep in mind, sometimes these applications of your knowledge aren’t meant to fix what they are going through. They are just meant to serve as a guiding light unto their individual life path. Also, you can start applying knowledge that you gain from other people. We all have something to contribute, and from this you can learn. If this simply means that you learn what not to do, then that is what you have learned. Set each moment a space to apply the skills and philosophies that you have seen to the ultimate betterment of others.

5. Alteration

If you stumble upon a philosophy or methodology that you think could use some revising, revise. Place your own personal spin on something that seems to be helping other people already. For example, if you find a charity that is helping people in a way that is working and attracting attention of donors, apply that same method on your own organization in the attempt to help another group of needy individuals. If we all did this, the world might be a happier place. Come from a place of understand and compassion, altering your state of mind. Take a step back and look at your habits and rituals. Are they benefitting you or hindering? Are they hurting those around your or hurting them? If you find what you are doing isn’t working, alter it. This may mean a changing of the guard. Take on the inner keepers of your mind that guard your inner most fears. Apply what we talked about earlier and flip fear into strength to become a force to be challenged.

6. Attain

In our current materialistic society, the word “attain” may mean different things to different people. In this context I simply mean – tools. Attain objects, money, recourses, people, buildings, etc that will aid in your ultimate goal. Attain what is necessary  and when you have more give more. Remember, that ultimate attainment is never of the outside world but of the inner. If we can attain a solid non-conflicting sense of self we will be able to see this confliction in others and help them. By attaining money we will be able to treat our loved ones to a greater life and bring comfort to those that don’t have. By attaining knowledge, our mind stays young and our spirit vibrant. Attaining is not a negative thing, nor should it be viewed as such. The more we can attain the more we can share. If we are to grow and prosper as a society and species, we need to innovate on already shared ideas. Before we do that, we need to attain the knowledge that is readily available to us.

7. Appreciation

Being thankful. This is possibly the most valuable concept associated with living an A+ life. Everything you are thankful for will multiply, allowing you to give back more abundantly than before. The sense of appreciation that a mother gets when their child says “thank you for making dinner” is of the most highest value. This is the one thing that money can’t by. When we are truly thankful for something that has deeply touched us. Sometimes we have experiences in where we have used money in the process of that appreciation. However, the money was only a tool on the way to that experience. For instance, if I wanted to fly to my home state to give a surprise visit to my parents, I will use money throughout that processes. But the feeling we would get, the appreciation for the safe trip would be much higher than the mear tool that money enables. When we give appreciation to a well rendered services, we are giving something that could last a lifetime. We must think of the other person. Is it possible that the other person hasn’t received a appreciative word today? Why not be the first to administer? When we give appreciation, appreciation tends to be given. Meaning, once we have given the gift a deep appreciation to someone, they will be more likely to give it to someone else – rendering us a changer in the course of history.

Exercise: Take time today to tell someone that you are truly thankful for what they do, who they are, or their contribution to your life. This could be a friend, a co-worker, or family member. Keep in mind the outcome you wish to happen; you want them to feel the same feeling you get when you think about how appreciative you are of them. You ultimate goal is for them to pass on this appreciation to someone else in the same manner, continuing the change of life force throughout the world and universe.


Go forth and do. Take each of these concepts and find where they fit in your life. What areas do you need to apply awareness, attention, action, application, alteration, attainment, and appreciation? Should you apply one, three, or all seven? This is completely up to you. What I would suggest is that you start with the first. You’ll see shortly thereafter how each one will naturally and organically start falling into place on their own. As if they had a life of their own.

By: Thomas McGregor, Zazenlife Contributor 


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