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“GO! GO! GO!” Said the coach to the team as the ran out onto the field. This is often how we feel at the start of our week. We must enter the game, strive for the best, and push our hardest to reach the top.  How do we become peaceful within this environment? 

How often do we hear famous lines from philosophers “Life is a game” ? We have heard this hundreds of times, installing the idea that we need to operate our lives in a carefree fashion, as if we were just playing a game of football. However, this isn’t true, is it? We enter life with the wheels already spinning, waiting for our chance to zoom past the other players in the game for our chance at the trophy. Our game-like spirit quickly turns into a fierce battle with friends, family, and co-workers. We spend out time looking for ways to get ahead, disregarding ways to make our present life better. We are struggling. Every step we take we are leaning three steps ahead of. We want to be the best so desperately, we seemingly will do anything to do so.


stress at work

Stressed? Channel it into Focus.

There is hope for us to get what we want and not feel like we are rushing beyond physical capacity. This will require us to change the way we think about what we want and how to get it. We have to understand ourselves better and better, allowing ourselves to dedicate our time and energy with finding our happiness where we are at the present moment.


  • Step 1: Identify What “really” Makes You Happy

This first step is incredibly important, as it will lay the ground work for the purpose you will set on your major goal in life. Dig deep and honestly ask yourself, “What makes me truly happy?”. The answer you will receive my shock you – that’s okay – role with it. You want to find the answer that would ultimately define your sense of intrinsic worth. This doesn’t always mean monetary worth or worth through objects. This means you will find the one thing that, when you do it, you not only bring joy to yourself but to others as well.


  • Step 2: What is the BIGGEST Goal?

Set your sights for the stars. After you have located your deepest most calling, setting your goals high will ensure that you have the largest impact on the world around you. Do you like to teach? Plan on teaching 1 million people in 20 countries in your lifetime. Do you like to build? Set your goal to be building the worlds first suspended building over the water. When you set your goals extremely high, plans will be set into motion to reach that goal. Even if you never get to teach a million people, but end up reaching five hundred thousand, that is still a lot of people you have helped. More than most people will ever meet in their lifetime.

take action goal target

Take Action. Now.

  • Step 3: Action 

We must take action immediately! We must take the resources we have and put them to use fulfilling our major calling. Taking our knowledge, skills, and connections to work installing the framework for our goals and dreams associated with our deep sense of purpose. When we select people to help us, we will know their motives by their actions. If they aren’t a perfect fit for the job we will understand the role they played and gently move them to where they will be more effective in the long-term.

Reminder: Don’t take this fulfillment of your purpose and the structuring of your dream in a personal manner. We all have roles to play and actions to take. If someone within your team doesn’t understand the vision, inform them in the best way possible. If you have personnel that doesn’t fit for the organisation, remove them – understanding that you are helping them by placing them in a place where their talents and skills will be better utilized.


how to achieve freedom

Become inspired by freedom.

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You have created freedom within your life. You have established what truly makes you happy, made that connection, and set into motion the actions to influence the people you most care about. Many people will spend the rest of their lives trying to find what you just discovered. When all you did was sit down, being honest with yourself, and asked some questions. Now, “GO! GO! GO!” enrich the lives of others with what makes you the happiest in your life.


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