Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

This is one of the most beneficial videos I have ever watched on YouTube. While Sam discusses poker specifically, the overall lesson learned here is valuable to anyone seeking to improve in any area of life.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

In this video, poker mindset guru and life coach Sam Chauhan talks about ways to eliminate negative beliefs and thought patterns.

After watching this, I realized how many people place artificial barriers on their level of thinking. They don’t fully believe in themselves 100% and that limits them from achieving their biggest goals and desires.

Just because something may appear “difficult” on the surface, doesn’t mean it is unachievable. In fact, ANYTHING is achievable, but only if you believe it to be so. Don’t create any false illusions of limits for yourself. The universe we live in is infinite in nature. Your mind has the power and capability to be infinite in what it manifests in 3-D reality, but only if you consciously choose to allow it to flow with abundant thought patterns.

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thought Patterns

Once you can fully grasp the concepts that Sam portrays in this video, you can begin to monitor your thoughts and find times where you are limiting yourself and your potential based on your current belief patterns.

Changing belief patterns is no easy step because you will have to completely rewire your mind from its previous state.

Expect resistance, but know that once you have instilled a new empowering belief system, life will seem a lot easier and fulfilling.

Remember to NEVER limit yourself to what you THINK you can do. You can do ANYTHING you want, just BELIEVE it, then go ACHIEVE it.

“Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill, author of the bestselling novel Think and Grow Rich

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9 Responses to Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

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  5. kalima123 says:

    Yes!! I’ve been talking about this in my blog since day 1 and especially the last two days and this is the perfect way to really push the idea home. Excellent post, terrific video – great job!

  6. raburcke says:

    How many limiting beliefs do we have that we do not recognise as such though?

    • It’s tough sometimes to realize a limiting belief because there are certain things you have believe your whole life.
      Any kind of belief that includes the words HOPE, MAYBE, SOMEDAY, IF, POSSIBLY, and a variety of other wishy-washy words are LIMITING BELIEFS.

      Think about how many thoughts you have a day that include these words and work on eliminating them.

      Get that rubberband out and SNAP it every time you catch yourself thinking these thoughts. 🙂

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