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Google Glass is Perfect for Perverts and Pranksters

I’m sure most of you read up on the exciting news releases of Googles’ terminator style glasses called Google Glass.¬†After reading a couple of really long articles about all of its features, I have to admit, I was pretty interested – but I would never buy them. The reason being that they just look ridiculous and all of the things that can go wrong while wearing them are too embarrassing. I truly don’t believe that they will ever perfect this idea, but most of the population will still buy a pair just to say that they have them.

Well anyway, here is a list of some of it’s not so perfected features:

  • Saying “hello glass” activates the search engine on the glasses. After this you can ask it anything and it will search it. A response¬†will pop up in front of your eyes giving you a list of answers or pictures (like google)
  • Google Glass can easily start recording or snapping pictures by the sound of a command of the person wearing the glasses
  • Google Glass can synch to the internet
  • Videos through the eyes of the wearers can be streamed live

Okay, so you might be thinking holy shit that’s awesome. Yea it is, but what about all of the things that can go wrong with these $1,500 glasses? Imagine the things that perverts can do with the video features. If anyone passes by you and says “hello glass”, will a screen pop up in front of your face unexpectedly? And like everyone wasn’t already distracted enough with their iPhones. Will there need to be a 30 second ad every time before you use the google glass search? Oh and did I mention perverts?

google glass funny


google glass funny

This guy can record anything he wants anywhere at anytime..

google glass pervert

google glass funny

google glass problems

google glasses fat

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