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The Merchant in Aladdin Hustled You

I’m sure we have all seen the movie Aladdin at some point in our exciting lives. Remember in the beginning of the movie, when that crazy little merchant roams around the desert on a camel before getting to Agrabah. Once he gets there, he tells us (the audience) the story of the magic lamp while also trying to sell us some of his items.

aladdin merchant

The entire movie is basically a story being told by this crazy little guy which the young audience does not seem to remember because of the story’s depth. After watching it again at an older age, you begin to question “who the hell is the little merchant, and what does he have to do with the movie?’
So there can be two theories of who this freak is:

Theory #1 – The entire story is made up

WHAT IF this merchant was telling a bullshit story up the entire time to try to sell this dumb useless lamp? What if Aladdin and Jasmin were all made up? I mean, the guy did try to sell us some other stuff before telling the story of the “magic lamp”, right?
aladdin merchant

Theory #2 – The Merchant is the Genie

After doing some research, I came across an article on that theorized that the Merchant and the Genie were the exact same person.

They explain that when the movie starts, we see Aladdin finding the magic lamp and making his three wishes, the last of which is to free the wish-granting Genie himself, who goes off to see the world.

The Theory:

The merchant is the same person as the Genie. After the Genie gets freed, he becomes a peddler who travels across the land, selling stuff while retelling the incredible tale that led to his freedom.


Look at both the Genie and the Merchant: genie and merchant

So first, they both are blue and have a red band around their wastes which is obvious and can be a dumb coincidence, but it gets better. They both also have bushy eye brows and the same curly beard. Okay, still can be just a coincidence. But why are they the ONLY two characters in the movie to have 4 fingers? ehhh that’s kinda weird. Not to mention both characters are voiced by Robin Williams. explains it like this:

Think about it: Leaving aside the straight-to-video sequels for a moment, nothing in the actual movie says that the Genie will get to keep his powers after being freed. Why should he? The last time we see him, he’s flying off into the sky, but who says he didn’t run out of power two seconds later and come crashing down into the desert, powerless and mortal?

Yea, don’t worry, he hustled me too.

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6 Responses to The Merchant in Aladdin Hustled You

  1. terrh says:

    In the original draft, they were gonna reveal that the peddler was the genie at the end of the movie, So all those similarities were done on purpose, but for some reason they decided to take that part out

  2. Anonymous says:

    They are the same character but watch your language my daughter was looking at this.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a parents’ job to monitor what their children read online, not the job of the content creators (unless it’s a website specifically designed for children)

  3. Anonymous says:

    They are the same person. There was a deleted scene where The Merchant turned into the Genie and flew away.

  4. Cierra says:

    At the end of the original version of the movie they were going to have the merchant sing a different version of “Arabian Nights” in which one of the lines revealed that he was in fact the Genie at some point and then takes off to visit Jasmine and Aladdin in the palace and that’s how the movie was supposed to end but they changed it because they wanted to leave a little mystery

  5. otuss says:

    they are definitely the same character!

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