Most Commonly Misunderstood Lyrics in Music

You know, the part of the song you scream in the car? It’s either the only part you know, or it’s the part that you think you know. Either way you don’t give a shit because it sounds awesome to you.

For example, the song I don’t wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith. When the chorus came on, instead of “and I don’t wanna miss a thing“, I use to sing “and I don’t want a messy bed.” Try it out. It sounds so perfect.

Another example is one of those really fuckin’ annoying songs that the radio killed. Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t you worry child”. When the part comes up “see heavens got a plan for you!“, I originally thought he was saying “Sierra’s got a plan for you!“. I know this is the wrong lyrics, but I can care less. I think it sounds better. Try it out.

My father says, don’t you worry don’t you worry child..Sierras got a plan for youuuuu!!

Heres a cool infographic of some other popular misunderstood lyrics. Please add some of your own in the comment box.

most commonly misunderstood music lyrics

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