What the Hell Did John Lennon See in Yoko Ono?

This is just one of my random rants that I had to let out. While surfing the internet aimlessly, I came upon some videos regarding Yoko Ono – and yes, she’s a moron.

Some will say she is the true reason that The Beatles broke up, and I wouldn’t doubt it. Yes, there are some other reasons like George Harrison’s emergence as a songwriter and their managers death, but  I would have left the band too if I had to deal with that idiot every day. I hate to say anything negative about John Lennon, but this guy was Yoko Ono’s bitch. He literally brought her everywhere – even the recording studio. This violated a previous agreement between the members not to let wives or girlfriends into the studio. However, Lennon made it clear that she would be allotted artistic input into the band’s recordings. Ono would comment or make suggestions in the recording studio, which only pissed off the rest of the band!

There were times when Lennon even brought her on stage. One example was when Lennon played live with Chuck Berry performing his song Memphis. She had to play her irrelevant drum in the background and even had the balls to pick up a microphone while John Lennon and Chuck Berry were singing. The noises that came out her mouth were horrifying, and I will get back to that  at the end of this rant. 

Comedian Bill Burr explains this incident perfectly and in the funniest way

I understand people fall in love, but come on. John Lennon could have gotten any woman he wanted at the time. What the hell did he see in Yoko Ono? Not only is she an idiot – she’s also really fuckin’ scary to look at. I’m not exaggerating – I literally get scared looking at pictures of her.

yoko ono

Lady, you’re scarin’ us!

John Lennon’s son, Julian Lennon, also hates Yoko Ono. I really believe that John was the only person who actually liked Yoko. Julian described Yoko Ono as a Manipulative woman who brain washed his father. He explains that:

” she knew exactly what she was doing since day one. She played innocent, but she had it all planned.”

Listen to what he had to say below (forward to 7:00)

So yea, back to those ridiculous noises she makes while “singing”. It almost sounds like a mixture of a dolphin having an orgasm mixed with Dr. Evil’s famous “mwuahahaha” laugh.

Ringo Starr gives you his best impersonation of it:

He does a decent job, but here is the real deal. Yoko Ono does her own version of Katy Perry’s’ song Firework. I have watched this video multiple times, and I still cannot understand what the hell she is doing. Everyone stands around like she is some kind of fancy piece of art taking pictures and clapping for her. Are you kidding me? I would have literally laughed in her face and made her cry – that’s how much these noises irritated me. Watch the video if you really want to – it’s terrible.

yoko ono meme


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  1. pharmerdavid says: In the end, John Lennon will live forever in people’s hearts, while Yoko Ono will be gratefully forgotten..

  2. I know the truth about yoko ono says:

    Yoko used heroin and the devil’s breath drug to control john.

  3. John Murphy says:

    Yoko Oh No! was evil personified. John Lennon R.I.P.

  4. Diane McAdams says:

    Read Cynthia Lennon’s book. She tells a different story on what really happened to her marriage with John and the kind of man he really was. It’s very sad and heartbreaking.

  5. Carolyn Salzano says:

    After being a fan of the Fab Four since 3rd grade (I’m 47 now), I’ve noticed a few anamolies about these people. I truly think that the real Paul is dead and replaced, and I think Yoko was John Lennon’s handler. The proof is in all the pudding; first glimpse I had of this was observing John’s public comments about God which go from him being a believer to him seeming atheist. Then there is the other evidence of split personality where he says maniacs run this world, but his last 3 albums of song lyrics especially in sync with the NWO ( Imagine, for one). Yoko took him over, like a good counter-intelligence agent, and subverted his own outlook on life to fit her own. Plus, it’s in her blood – she IS illuminati, from her banker father to her mother’s relation to royalty. I don’t know if she broke up his first marriage to Cynthia, or if she restricted his relationship to Sean, or if she broke up the Beatles…but definitely she broke the man. It’s obvious in every interview with either of them.

  6. Jennifer Juniper says:

    For John Lennon’s 77th birthday, Yoko Ono is the perfect human personification of all the key points that the FBI wanted to achieve, she was “weaponized” to psychologically destroy John Lennon by convincing John that “she” was more important than the Beatles or his fellow bandmates and that “she” was infinitely more musically talented than Paul, George, or Ringo or anyone else on the planet.

    Sometime in 1968, John became convinced that he couldn’t function as a person (he believed she was his other half) without Yoko Ono and thus he had to break up his marriage and then he had to pose naked with YO to celebrate his new relationship for their first album cover. But really John shat on himself and spiralled downward with YO because she was just as much “fun” (while high on LSD and other drugs) as being with his other mates.

    Before the summer of 1967, John was his own man, he didn’t need a “mommy” to hold his hand while he was working to record new music. According to former EMI Geoff Emerick in his recent book ‘Here, There and Everywhere’, Sgt Pepper’s album was the last time they worked as a team.

    Beatles fans forget what a complete threat the success and popularity of the Beatles posed to the growing youth movement; we can’t imagine that singing songs like “She Loves You” would possibly be so threatening, but they were more because the Beatles inspired other musical groups to write and record new music around the world.

    By 1964, the multi-pronged law enforcement agencies in the US joined forces with the US military and the NSA and CIA to stop these young folks from getting out of control. The parents of the young girls and women who adored the Beatles must have been so incredibly pissed off when they couldn’t stop them from listening to their music and then worried they were on the “wrong track”.

    See this website

    for a rundown of how LSD and how the entire military industrial “units” combined to put down the youth movement and thus the Beatles were seen as the defacto leaders, especially John Lennon.

    The FBI sent out a list of suggestions on how to achieve their goals. They can all be applied to what happened to musicians, youngsters at folk rock festivals, and hippies along the highway.

    Gather information on their immorality. Show them as scurrilous and depraved. Call attention to their habits and living conditions. Explore every possible embarrassment. Send in women and sex, break up marriages. Have members arrested on marijuana charges. Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between them. Send articles to the newspapers showing their depravity. Use narcotics and free sex to entrap. Use misinformation to confuse and disrupt. Get records of their bank accounts. Obtain specimens of handwriting. Provoke target groups into rivalries that may result in death.

    “Intelligence Activities and Rights of Americans”
    Book II, April 26, 1976
    Senate Committee Study with Respect to Intelligence

    Mind altering projects went under the code names of Operation Chatter, Operation Bluebird/Artichoke, Operation Mknaomi, Mkultra, and Mkdelta.
    By 1963, four years before Monterey Pop, the combined efforts of the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology, Department of U.S. Army Intelligence, and U.S. Chemical Corps were ready for any covert operations that seemed necessary.
    U.S. agents were able to destroy any persons reputation cause by inducing hysteria or excessive emotional responses, temporary or permanent insanity, suggest or encourage suicide, erase memory, invent double or triple personalities inside one mind, prolong lapses of memory, teach and induce racism and hatred against specific groups, cause subjects to obey instructions on the telephone or in person, hypnotically assure no memory remains of the assignments.


    Yoko Ono did a fantastic job of reducing John to becoming a total moron with planting “acorns” for peace, bagism, bedins, posing nude, stupid home movies, and finally becoming a recluse for nearly the last 5 years of his life.

    Your government tax dollars at work, to split up one of the greatest bands of all time, and then after the great breakup took place in 1970, when John was interviewed in the early 70’s, get John–the leader of the Beatles– to put down Abbey Road, and Beatles fans’ love of Beatles music and basically spit on his fans. That really shows how incredibly effective the whole combination of drugs, hypnosis, sex and whatever else was used on John to get him to trash the Beatles.

    Happy 77th birthday John Lennon

  7. Mother May I ? says:

    Looks like personal story by the website creator discovers that the TM (Transcendental Meditation) practice was considered one of the most effective mind control practices by none other than the late Dr. Margaret Singer who studied cults and brainwashing since the 1950’s:

    “Once I realized that the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (MMY) was at best an incompetent spiritual teacher the whole set of delusions based on the indoctrination I’d received, and based on his private “spiritual counseling,” began to fall like a house of cards.

    One of the people who helped in my recovery was Dr. Margaret Singer at UC Berkeley, one of the world’s foremost experts in the study of destructive cults and their use of “mind control” (or “thought reform” as it’s more commonly called by researchers). She had been studying TM and was quite interested in hearing my TM experiences. She confirmed that a significant percentage of the population (I’ve read elsewhere that it is 10-15%) are highly susceptible to post-trance indoctrination. That is, such people are likely to have a severely reduced level of critical evaluation about anything that they are told immediately after they come out of a trance state. These people are therefore in particular very susceptible to any spiritual indoctrination received while they are in such a post-trance state.

    Well, TM is a trance-induction technique and almost all TM indoctrination is conducted after meditation while the student is in a post-trance state. The TM technique itself is taught only after the student witnesses a puja that is likely to induce trance in many. The “Three Nights after Initiation” indoctrination is always given right after the “group meditation.” And I had six months of almost continuous post-trance indoctrination at TTC, not to mention the residence courses that I had attended prior to TTC. Dr. Singer considered TM indoctrination such as I had experienced at TTC to be among the most powerful of any group she had studied. Dr. Singer also said she had talked to many TMers who were graduates of long rounding courses. She considered dissociation and induced psychosis to be a very real risk of heavy TM involvement.” (end of quote from personal story of founder)

    So, guess what happened to John Lennon? he got broadsided by a greedy MMY, and then conveniently shifted over to YO during his 2 month brainwashing vacation in Rishikesh and then exclaimed that meeting Yoko Ono was the best thing that ever happened to him, better than the Beatles.

    what utter nonsense. No wonder he went along with YO in proclaiming the bullshit and horrible music suc as in the ‘Revolution Number 9’ their first piece of music created together.

    After coming back from India, John was so brain washed he truly thought YO’s horrific howling, screeching passed for singing for the next 12 years.

    Poor John.

  8. Mother May I ? says:

    John Lennon was half dead once he twinned up with Yoko Ono on May 1968. He had started taking LSD at least once or twice every week over the past year plus other drugs. Then he starts putting himself in a trance using the Maharishi TM technique.

    Turns out that some practitioners of TM aka Transcendental Meditation suffered from nervous breakdowns, psychosis and severe dissociation and would become highly suggestible.

    Check out and also

    So the seeds of the Beatles dissolution and John’s famous ‘shift over to Yoko Ono’ took place during his nearly 2 months staying in Rishikesh, India while studying with the Maharishi.

    Somehow John was “hypnotized” receiving stupid one or two line postcards from Yoko telling him that a “cloud is surrounding him”. How does one fall in love or “shift over from” his wife Cynthia to a psych case that was Yoko Ono who looked as if she had escaped from a mental institution?

    Looking at the Maharishi’s organization, how does an Indian guru setup shop in ultra conservative America in 1958 and then roll out a large number of student out reach organizations on college campuses in the sixties? Does this sound like an Indian version of scientology?

    How did a supposedly penniless avant garde artist with a 5 year old and husband in tow get to stay in England without any reliable means of support other than the sporadic strip tease show where her clothes get cut off by the audience? Albert Goldman’s book ‘Lives of Lennon’ states she and her then husband, Tony Cox who apparently was obsessed with getting money, stayed with “friends” but without a steady source of income, what does this suggest? That she was encouraged to stalk and pursue John Lennon ?

    • Mother May I ? says:

      Looks like John got conned by the “Cult of Yoko Ono”. YO got coached/assisted by unknown persons to convince John that she was the most important person he had ever met, and that their relationship provided the most important spiritual experience of his life, above the Beatles.

      So, she used all the techniques mentioned and more here to create a cult of exactly one member (John Lennon) who was vulnerable and drugged up enough to obey her every command and treat her as if she had spiritual powers. John never knew what really had happened to him in 1968, he just shouted at the world that he was in love finally. But his “love” aka complete adherence to his ‘Love Guru’ (‘Mother’) must have had to be reinforced via drugs, isolation from his friends and family and being in a constant disassociative trance until his death.

      She used some kind of hypnosis to induce a continuous trance, hence her need to be glued to his side 24×7, even when he went to the bathroom to reinforce the training, see

      John was essentially brainwashed from early on to “fall in love” with Yoko Ono and to want to be with her every minute and to denounce the Beatles and push them out of the way to physically make room for the ‘oh so talented’ avant garde artist Yoko Ono who just had to be with John every minute of every day (even when he went to the bathroom at Abbey Road Studios) that he was still with the Beatles recording the White Album in 1968.

      from website:

      “Repetition and rhythm will induce a dissociative state in many people.

      TM itself is a “repetition and rhythm” trance induction technique.

      You’ve seen televangelists of course. If you start noticing you’ll see that they all use almost the same rhythmic speech and intonation patterns. A great many people will go into a mild dissociative state from just listening to the televangelist over a period of hours, and also from listening to the particular type of droning organ music that is played (you also may have noticed that all of these “healers” use the same type of organ music).

      Another classic method of inducing dissociation is chanting. ”

      Obviously TM uses alot of chanting. I wonder what John’s “mantra” that the Maharishi gave him.

      • sertaneja says:

        Yoko used chanting too. We can see a video where she keeps repeaing John John John non stop and some noises. Terrible. My dog felt really bad, could not breath…I had to disconnect the video. Only then my dog recovered.

        • Mother May I ? says:

          Poor John. At least your dog recovered, John never did. Yoko made a point of being glued to John’s side 24×7 in 1968/9/70 and then would call him as many as 10 or more times a day (before cell phones) when he was with May Pang.

          Imagine proclaiming to the world that your talentless spouse was just as talented as any of the Beatles which is what John did and refusing to perform unless they accepted both John and Yoko. They really did a number on him.

          The Maharishi Mahesh guru knew how to perfectly mind control his students using the initiation where he gives the student a secret mantra. Donovan describes being told to relax so deeply he entered another world and when he came to again he said the world didn’t look the same in his Hurdy Gurdy book. Sounds like serious hypnosis trance induction.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I believe he was supplied and forced to go along with her by this money system as his handler

  10. Tony says:

    I’m a huge Beatles fan, and all of the Beatles sites I go on will never say anything bad about her, but god, she is awful. That voice is one of the worse things I ever heard. And for her being an artist, give me a break. “You walk up a ladder and see the word “Yes” with a magnifying glass?’ How much talent does that take? How did John allow her to come up on stage, and sing on his records? If she didn’t marry John, you would have never heard of her. And this “conceptual Art”, is just an excuse for someone with no talent to call themselves an Artist. I really hate saying this, being the huge Beatles fan that I am, but I just have to get it out. I don’t believe she broke up the Beatles though, it was John’s choice to bring her along to all the gigs, and recording sessions, and make her a constant companion everywhere he went.

  11. Ellen Sypowicz says:

    Yoko Ono is a brilliant woman, and comes from an extremely wealthy family. She was gifted in music and poetry, a truly amazing woman. John Lennon, a very gifted and bright man in his own right, was in awe of her. You really don’t know much about Yoko do you…

    • Carolyn Salzano says:

      That person is right: if Yoko didn’t marry John, you’d never know who she was. I’m an artist too, and I don’t see her concepts as anything truly thoughtful. Yes, it shows her expensive education, but it’s not extremely expressive. It’s analytical and follows the trends of the day…takes some intelligence, but she is far from artistic genius. Far.

  12. Johnny Rocker says:

    So, how did she do it? using some kind of mental brainwashing or those military industrial complex paid shrinks who were eager to show off their hypnosis/mind control techniques and how John Lennon could be controlled, easily as it turns out, because he was the perfect Manchurian candidate having been traumatized by early separation from his mother/father?

    Watch the new bi-racial thriller American hit film, ‘Get Out’, because there is a scene about how easy it is to hypnotize the main character on the premise off helping the main character to “stop smoking”. ..
    the hypnosis scene shown in the film gives an insight into how hypnosis /mind control could have been used on John Lennon when he “returned” back to the Dakota after having lived with May Pang the previous 18 months per May Pang’s ‘Loving John’ book. This film ‘Get Out’ is now out in DVD.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I knew John during the last four years of his life. We were extremely close and loved each other. John wanted to keep things quiet for many reasons.Think about it if it wasn’t for the fact that his separation from Yoko was so public his affair with May that started long before his “lost “weekend would never have become public knowledge. Many of you make excellent points. However, having been deeply involved with John meeting his staff and his famous associates maybe I can shed a little light on some misconceptions. When John brought me to the studio to record something special for me I spoke to one of the engineers who told me about the battles that went on regarding the Double Fantasy Album. John didn’t want Yoko on it at all he was very upset and kept telling her to make her own album. I don’t know if it’s common knowledge but John could not handle confrontation that toughness was a facade and Yoko knew it. The battle went on for awhile John caved in and instructed the engineer to record Yoko on one side and John on the other. Of course this sparked another argument with Yoko saying no they will only listen to your side it has to be every other song. John said let’s just record and we will decide later what to do. John also told me about all the drugs he had used but that he didn’t use heroin until Yoko started him on it. She had a five thousand dollar a day habit. Yoko was having an affair with Sam long before John died who do you think is really Sean’s father. Take a good look at him no matter how much he tries by wearing frames like John, hats that were John’s posing in pictures like John he is clearly not John’s son. Yoko knew that the only way to convince John to accept the situation was to lie at first and then she told him that if a child is born on a parents birthday then the parents soul will enter the child. So she arranged for the baby to be delivered by c section three weeks early on John’s birthday. John had seen three different doctors one in England two in New York that informed him he couldn’t have any children. He told me this because I was young and since our relationship was serious we started to talk about having children. He also told me that Yoko was into satanism. One of his staff told me the story about the witch she went to see when John was starting to believe in religion before we met and that when they returned to New York John was never the same again. I could go on but what’s the sense in it. To all of you believe what you wish. We are all complicated human beings with many insecurities strengths and weaknesses. Most of what you think you know about John was a public persona that he built from day one many years ago and changed when needed. He was intellegent yet easily lead and influenced. I feel very sad that he is gone. There is not enough time or words to explain John. I believe that’s true of each of us. All I can say is that for the rest of my life so far I have never seen in anyone else ‘s eyes what I saw in John’s when he looked at me. In January 1981 John was facing surgery. He brought me with him to the doctor and his orders were that I be at his side or he would not do it. John was assured that everything would be done according to his wishes. I assured him he would be fine and prayed and meditated everyday that it would and I never let him know how worried I really was. We loved each other despite our strength’s and weaknesses. I died when he was taken away. When I heard she was going to have him cremated I couldn’t bare it John was terrified of cremation and the first page and a half of his will talked about his funeral. Well goodbye everyone I must stop now I can’t handle this but I had to set a few things straight. One last little bit of information Yoko had the hots for Paul and always did. She went to Paul’s house with a silly excuse and he told her to talk to John. OH Paul you had no way of knowing where it would lead.

    • Valkyrie says:

      So we are supposed to believe a perfect stranger who says she was involved with John Lennon on a blog just because she writes “anonymous” is telling the truth? I don’t care either way but Sean Lennon’s face is all John Lennon so I don’t know how you can say he looks nothing like him. (rolls eyes)

    • Robin says:

      Aside from the fact that Yoko Ono’s father worked as a high level banker with Yokohama Specie Bank (YSB) in IndoChina (based in Vietnam) hand in hand with the Japanese military, imagine all of her crowing about “peace” is worthless if her father helped assist with diverting rice and natural resources from IndoChina/Indonesia to Japan and the Japanese military via his role with YSB and The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (GEACOP) that resulted in a famine leading to starvation for between 1 and 2 million Vietnamese in 1944-5 (see page 211 of Albert Goldman ‘Lives of Lennon’.

      On a different subject: Check out:

      raises alot of questions with no answers:

      Who was the limo driver that drove John & Yoko back from the Record Plant back to the Dakota on the evening of Dec 8th, and why didn’t the driver go into the Dakota gated entrance? Why did the limo driver drop them off outside the gated entrance and drive off suddenly, and why did YO get out first and walk 20 feet ahead of John?

      from the post:

      Curiosity Number two:
      The details as to how exactly the pair returned home are a bit fuzzy. The story cited most often is that the Lennon’s personal white limo and driver picked them up from the studio and returned them home at approximately 10:50 pm. The Dakota building itself has a secure-gated entrance in which cars can easily drive thru and park inside (which is the norm). For whatever reason, the Lennon’s decided to exit the limousine on 72nd street, and walk into the Dakota from the front entrance. It is unclear where the driver went from the point of drop-off. Surely, the driver would have driven a bit past the pair and driven directly into the secured gates to park the car for the evening? This apparently did not happen, because John was shot just moments later in that very driveway.

      Was the car there after the crime had been committed? John was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital in a police squad car, was the limo not closer? Where did the driver go? What was the drivers name? How long had he been working for the Ono-Lennon’s? Good luck finding information on this character. I have read many Lennon Biographies, watched countless documentaries, searched through gobs of information available online- typically, in most accounts from the time they pair left the Record Plant elevator to the point of drop off at the Dakota is not even mentioned… at all. One witness (which will be discussed in more detail later) arrived to the Dakota in a cab, which he mentions stopped directly behind Lennon’s limo. The driver of the cab and rider both are to witness a man shooting.

      WHY were the Lennon’s were dropped off in the street, rather than within the secure compound of the Dakota Building? Why was this potential star-witness never questioned?
      Controversy abounds.

      I had never thought of this question. Why didn’t the limo driver stick around for a few minutes to ensure John safely walked into the Dakota bldg? very odd.

    • Mark says:

      Three doctors said he couldn’t have kids? BS! What about Julian and how did John have surgery when he was already dead? Also the Sean’s father crap is a myth you are a liar She was having an affair with another guy but Sean was already born by then he moved into the Dakota the night John was killed Anyone can research the BBC DJ spills many things. It sucks that when we have media that lie to us & politicians people like you have to add to the BS!

    • Carolyn Salzano says:

      John died, we were told, Dec 10, 1980. How could he have surgery Jan 1981? Fess up. He faked the death to get away from Yoko and lived a while after. Tell us more then

  14. You can’t make an argument based on her public persona since you don’t know her personally, nor you can rationalize love, so the argument “she seems a terrible person” holds no value in understanding why John Lennon loved her. That said, she’s an absolutely pitiful “singer” and it’s quite clear that she would have no career whatsoever if she wasn’t Yoko Ono. Now, THAT is something more baffling, what do some people see in her as an artist and why do some people try to convince themselves that just because she married John Lennon she must have some amazing artistic talent.

    • Tim says:

      those are excellent points. however, YO is
      clearly a bad person, judging from her actions, bad, manipulative, and very ambitious – very dangerous mix. her public persona is a pale reflection of her inner self.
      the problem is that people en mass are dumb and proned to worshipping anything they themselves do not have and cannpt have. fame is one of those things. being famous is everything for them. thag is why they have create YO, Kardashians and so many others…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Omg what the fuck is wrong with you people??? Only because you thing she broke up the Beatles that doesn’t give you the right to say this stuff about her. And by the way I think her voice and the way she sings is great and adorable. And one more thing how on earth a son can heats his mother? Grow up. And whatever John Lennon saw in yoke one I think that was great and beautiful and absolutely nothing to do with your ducking business.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so stupid. Julian Lennon is not Yoko Ono’s son. You are so ignorant to this don’t comment if you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not the kindest thing to say to somebody ! A simple misteak doesn’t make you stupid or ignorant , don’t think john would approve, do you?

  16. Erika says:

    Hang on here, Paul was a always a spotlight hog, when John was killed, Paul said his death is a “drag”. He says he was at a loss for words, but even now it bothers him, beacuse he thinks that everyone thinks that John WAS the beatles, and that hurts his little ego. He even hates when John is called a “Martyr”, and blames his death for John undeserving credit. Yoko didnt force John to do anything (that we know of). Why does everyone blame YOKO? I do agree that if no wives or girlfiends were allowed in the studio, John should have honored that. That was JOHN’s fault. I was watching the making of that Las Vegas show “LOVE” and the makers were showing a piece of the performance with the song “Come Together”, Yoko was the one that stood up for Johns song saying the song is about peace and coming together, and their performance was sexual and nothing to do with the song. Paul didnt. I just think that the Beatles broke up, John was a jerk, Paul was stuffy, Ringo and George were stuck in the middle, and Yoko was with John. People dont like me, does that mean I am the reasons my parents arent together, the logic is too one-sided, and the are many underlining factors, did you know PAUL released his first single before the beatles broke up? Good article though, I read it all the way through and made me brush up on my beatles history, and it also made me very opinionated. Great Job all in all.

    • sertaneja says:

      Oh well, another Paul hater, or maybe only a troll. Erika, Erika, Erika…you managed something hard. You wrote a long comment that we can’t save anything! It’s rubbish from the start to the end! Congratulation, it is difficult. Paul didn’t say John’s death was a drag. He said “What a drag”..Of course you know that. And it was indeed a drag. Or do you think it was good? As for Yoko…it is not a case of put the blame on her. She did it. I don’t ´put anything on her. She did it herselt. John said so, Paul said so,( at that time) George said so. And didn’t change his mind. I am sure they know better than you. I believe on them. She was not alone. But she not only supported the split and also she started the campaign against Paul. She is powerful, as there are people who really believe on her. But not even John believed on her anymore! I am sorry I made this comment. Not worthwhile to talk to haters. Not worthwhile to talk to trolls either, as they don’t want to know the truth. They want to cause trouble only. I won’t return.

    • Water Falls says:

      Erika, you sound like a typical apologist for Yoko. Part of her PR spin machine, the hacks she employs to justify everything she does, blur the lines of her questionable past, and clean up, whitewash and obliterate the nastiness of things she has done to people, including young children, to gain all that she has now. She wants to be remembered as a trailblazing artist, a feminist icon of the 20th and 21st century. A mover and shaker who “changed the world with her brilliant genius and talent”.
      She wants to erase the slime of dirty deeds she has muddied the Ono family name with, when she would do anything, get down in the muck, step on people, knock aside anyone, who stood in her path to reach fame through already famous men, the first being her 1st husband Toshi Ichiyanagi a brilliant Julliard trained concert pianist and composer of avant garde music loved by the Japanese public, and 3rd husband John Lennon of the world famous Beatles. She wants to at least counter the truth of what she was/is (a fraud) by blanketing the world with revised propaganda, so as to confuse later generations with who and what she really was and really achieved.

    • Joan says:

      I love John, he’s my favourite Beatle btw. HOWEVER, without Paul, John’d be a random english old man that nobody would care. Paul was the perfect person John needed at that time. He was a 16 years old guy that even failed in his first test for getting into University. He didn’t even know what to do with his life, because he loved music, but he didn’t have support from his family (which was basically aunt Mimi); and his friends – The Quarrymen members – really didn’t want to be musicians, they were there just to not let John alone.

      So Paul appears in John’s life.

      Paul knew to play piano because his father taught him and he basically learned alone how to play guitar. He used to spend the whole day practicing in front of a mirror, learning a lot of chords and songs he heard on radio. When he met John, he sounded nearly like a professional musician! And John was sort of wary but at same time curious. After some hesitance, John finally called Paul to join The Quarrymen.

      John and Paul became very close. So close that their old friends say they started to sort of ignoring them for staying more time together. John learned more chords and new songs because of Paul. Macca gave him a reason to go on.

      This myth of John Lennon and Paul McCartney being rivals is so ridiculous. Actually, they loved each other deeply. Did you know Paul got really angry every time he lost John’s attention? That happened when John became Stuart Sutcliffe’s friend and was hanging out more with him than with Paul. So happened when John brought Yoko to studio.

      According to the book ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’, John’d bring Yoko to studio especially to annoy Paul. The reasons we don’t know for sure… And if you don’t know, John wasn’t a strong soul as the most part of people think. He was a guy with a lot of psychological insecurances, and Yoko made him do a lot of ridiculous and awkward stuff. She also made him use harder drugs like Heroin, and he became so thiner and started to look so unhealthy. “Oh, but he used because he wanted!!!!”. Okay, so drug dealers are now totally free of fault.

      By the way, Yoko was already with another guy in 1980, while John and Yoko prentended still to be a very happy couple for the releasing marketing of Double Fantasy. Oh, soul mates! And John’s neighbors from Dakota said that a few days after John’s death, Yoko was already living with this guy, and, THE STRANGEST THING: she made him dress like John! Even the round glasses!

      And sorry, I love John, but Paul was right. When someone die, people love to think they become angels. People like to think John was sort of god, when actually, he was just a human being. A lovely and talented guy with imperfections and virtues as the rest of humanity.

      Have a nice day!

      • tiff333 says:

        True, even Chinese astrology expert also said that John and Paul were indeed made for each other. Just read this article then you would understand what I am saying:

        The article said that John Lennon’s element was too cold, so he needed someone with warming element to sustain himself and that person was Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney’s element on the other hand is too hot, so he needs someone with cooling element to chill-off himself and that person was John Lennon. John provided coolness to Paul’s element, while Paul provided warmth to John’s element. When John and Paul combined their elements, effective partnership happened between them. The article discussed the Lennon-McCartney partnership judging from the Chinese astrological standpoint, they were indeed naturally made for each other.

        Then, the article also discussed why John Lennon was attracted to Yoko Ono. According to the article, something happened with John Lennon’s element. John Lennon felt that he needed to grow his element, so he needed to rely on someone who provided the right element to help his element grow. The reason why he was attracted to Yoko Ono because he felt that Yoko Ono provided the element that could help him to grow his own element. John Lennon also felt that Yoko Ono’s element would help him to sustain himself. I am not supporting his relationship with Yoko, but I am merely explaining the reason why John Lennon was attracted to Yoko Ono according to the Chinese astrological standpoint.

        • Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

          I am not an expert, so I am writing as a mere curiosity, because I read the opposite about their elements. The article I read is Brazilian. They were explaining about The Beatles. Each one of them had an element that completed each other and that is why they became so succesful. Ringo is Earth. George is Air. Paul is Water. John is Fire. So Paul would not warm him. John is the one who used to warm Paul. Without it Paul would became too watery. It sounds true to me as indeed, lots of his songs in his solo career lacks vitality. However the fire in John sometimes was too intense and he could damage their career. That was when Paul would come to calm and soothe John. It also makes sense to me. Air and earth was equaliy important and that is why they were born for each other. The article didn’t explain about Yoko One arrival and I don’t know what is her prepoderant element. I only know she made the fire bigger and bigger burning everything Not good for him.

          • tiff333 says:

            I would give you the more detailed explanation about John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s relationship judging from the Chinese astrological standpoint.

            First, look at John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s Chinese astrological charts.

            John Lennon’s Chinese astrological chart:
            Birth hour: 18.30 PM (yin wood rooster)
            Birth day: 9 (yin wood rooster)
            Birth month: October (yang fire dog)
            Birth year: 1940 (yang metal dragon)
            Zodiac sign: Dragon

            As you can see from the chart above, John Lennon was born with weak yin wood element and strong yang metal element. His astrological chart was simply life-threatening.

            Paul McCartney’s Chinese astrological chart:
            Birth hour: 14.00 PM (yin fire goat)
            Birth day: 18 (yang water goat)
            Birth month: June (yang fire horse)
            Birth year: 1942 (yang water horse)
            Zodiac sign: Horse

            As you can see from the above, Paul McCartney was born with strong yang water element and strong yin fire element. His astrological chart is simply too hot for him.

            Then, when John Lennon and Paul McCartney met each other, they attracted to one another. Why? Here’s the explanation:

            John Lennon’s strong yang metal element was useful for Paul McCartney to reduce his excessive fire element and cool down himself. Paul McCartney’s strong yang water element was useful for John Lennon to nurture his weak yin wood element and reduce his excessive water element. Paul McCartney also provided warmth to John Lennon’s element by using his yin fire element to melt down his excessive yang metal element, so his weak yin wood element won’t be threatened. As the result of the matching element combination between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, effective partnership finally happened between them, which finally lead to the band’s success.

            Then, after John Lennon attracted to Yoko Ono, his relationship with Paul McCartney deteriorated. Why? Here’s the explanation:

            John Lennon wanted to grow further his element, so he wanted to cling to another person with element that could help him to grow his own element. John Lennon attracted to Yoko Ono because Yoko Ono has the element combination that could help John Lennon to grow further his own element.

            Yoko has strong yin wood element because she was born in the month of tiger (18 February). Then, she also has yang fire element and yin water element. So, as the result John Lennon was attracted to Yoko Ono because John felt that Yoko Ono could help him to sustain himself and further growing his own element.

            John Lennon used Yoko Ono’s strong yin wood element to grow further his weak yin wood element. On the same time, John’s strong yang metal element was useful for Yoko Ono to trim her excessive yin wood element.

            • Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

              Quite interesting indeed, though it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t look like what really happened, mainly because that was not the reason John felt atracted to Yoko. And she didn’t help him grow his element at all. She only destroyed him. Besides, as we know, he didn’t feel attracted to her. It took her a long time to convince him he liked her. She had to stalk him for years, and take heroin to him to make him believe he was in love. It was not like the attraction John and Paul felt for each other naturally. So I stick with the other explanation that unfortunately I don’t have it saved to share. Besides it is in portuguese. That makes sense.

              • tiff333 says:

                I personally think that Paul McCartney was John Lennon’s lifesaver. Without Paul, I don’t think John would be able to sustain himself. His element was more effective to sustain John Lennon’s life, Paul was the perfect person for John to keep himself alive.

                Paul McCartney provided warmth and stability to John Lennon. John Lennon seriously lacked water and lacked fire on his element chart, he got serious element misbalance problem. That’s why I think Paul was the perfect person for John because he got plenty of water and fire to nurture John’s weak element, so John could sustain himself.

                John and Paul were indeed destined to be mean for each other since the day they were born, just look at their element charts then you would understand.

                As for Yoko, I could not say whether I like her or I hate her but I could see the reason why he was attracted to her. John saw Yoko as the person who could help him to sustain himself.

                So, in short, John Lennon needed Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono to sustain himself.

                • sertaneja says:

                  “John saw Yoko as the person who could help him to sustain himself.” But as it was pointed, Paul used to sustain John due to his imbalance. So he didn’t need another person to sustain him, unless…he thought he had lost Paul. If so this sensation started before Linda because Yoko stepped in when Paul was still living with Jane. There are some people that think something happened in India. I only know after India both John and Paul showed up in New York happy together to promote Apple. But it was exactly at that time that John dated Yoko…while Paul also had a night out with Linda in spite of being engaged to Jane. Maybe nothing happened and it is only my wish to understand how come John decided to leave his musical partnership with Paul to start a career with a woman who had no feelings for music. I mean, Paul could divorce, marry Yoko…that I can undestand. But to think she could replace Paul artiscally speaking is craziness. So, sometimes I imagine Paul and John had a personal problem, And in that apartment in New york is the perfect place. I read somewhere Paul was the first to chose to date and John had asked somebody to find him a woman, because Paul found him one. This woman he found was nothing less than Yoko Ono. Sure he already knew her. But he decided to date her just a few minutes after Paul left with Linda. I do think there is something hidden in this story. And it they had a fight or something for whatever reason. It is interesting also to remember that Paul got married in march 69 and didn’t invite John. He got really upset, declared Paul was dead ( he wrote funeral over the word wedding in the invitation he saw in Apple) and what did he do? Just a few days later he married Yoko. Maybe if Paul had not married linda John also would not have married. Just a theory, of course. But it is a strong signal he needed Yoko not only to sustain him, but also to make him forget Paul had left him. Although is quite possible Paul thinks he never left John. John left him instead. What else? Yoko failed to sustain him. People who followed their story knows John was not happy, and totally immersed in drugs till he died. His pictures shows it. We also know he could not stay for more than five minutes ( joking) without saying Paul’s name. Now we also know they almost got together for a time in New Orleans, but Yoko intervened and said no. We know too that in 1981 John and Paul were getting ready to participate in Ringo’s new album..Paul and John together again. Both were excited with this idea. It shows he still needed Paul to sustain him. Emotionally speaking. Paul also needed John to sustain him musically. His songs with him, or at least with him nearby were just amazing. He lost his magic somehow after the split, though he sort or recovered it many years later. I mean, he is fantastic now. But he made the same mistake John made: chose his non talented wife as a pariner. Paul was considered perfectionist…but changed so much. Good quality was not important anymore. He needed John and John needed him. The world needed them as partners. We had Lennon/McCartney We all were in heaven listening to their songs. Then they split…and we got Lennon Ono and MacCartney Eastman. What a bad joke.

                  • tiff333 says:

                    True, John and Paul are soulmates nce the day they were born. Unfortunately, their relationship wrecked after Yoko came into the picture.

                    Now I can see why Paul despised Yoko, that’s because Yoko destroyed his relationship with John.

      • Ace says:

        I believe John if john didnt form the beatles with paul, John wouldve become famous anyways for writing. He’s written 2 books after all. You must be clever to do that.

  17. John should have known better says:

    I think what Yoko Ono did to John will go down in history as one of the biggest horror stories of the spiritual rape and plunder of one of the best known rock stars of all time.

    Yoko’s mission is to live as long as she can to perpetuate her lies and her PR spin machine and use the threat of suing those who know the great harm she did to John and his legacy.

    She successfully intertwined the fecal ridden toilet paper of her persona with the visionary and music genius that John Lennon was to bring him down.

    She may contribute to all these “for peace” and non-profits, but all the “good deeds” she does which are mainly for publicity sake, can never make up for the bad karma she will reap in the future ahead.

    What she did to John was much worse than what Brian Wilson’s money grubbing psychiatrist did to keep Brian depressed, anxious, morose because John ended up shot to pieces and she has made herself out to be some kind of shining Beatles widow when in reality she played a role akin to that of Lyndon Johnson who deliberately made sure he was out of the line of fire by having his drive speed up before the shooting gallery began.

    All these apologists and believers in Yoko continue to do so because “John chose Yoko, he loved her and married her”. Would they still believe in her once they knew what she had done to him? Really had done to him to keep him and turn him into a zombie at press conferences and especially on the last few days and even last few hours before he died?

    I smell a very big rat here.

  18. Gag says:

    Douche bag writer.

  19. dave mahady says:

    I look at John Lenon as a Samson figure no one can deny the great exploits Samson did in the spirit of God but no one can deny good bj’s did him in too. I think people aspire too much evil too Yoko.I think what mad her the perfect devil was that she was very intelligent and spiritual but mixed with devilish whoreness and greed. The devil has to dress up his minions a little cant be too obvious.Lenon good hearted sucker idealist wanted to buy into in a good way to the double fantasy but when dealing with a whore its not possible highly manipulated nowhere man with dependency issues (didnt want to do arithmatic business issues or deal with asshole record companies”Leave it all till somebody else lends you a hand” or mouth if thats what it takes to keep you on the line and although I dont believe Yoko witch per say (could be wrong)I definetly believe she was travelling in spirit realm because she knew Lenon wouldnt last with May Pang(the demons told her) end result driven back to her clutches and death.My father walked in high circles his comment applies to Lenon transferred from US president”like all great men he had great faults .I believe John Lenon is now being greatly honored by the eternal judge and was one of the greatest men ever “as far as Christ is concerned I’m one of his biggest fans “John Lenon great job Samson too bad you got a little week love ya

    • Mother Fucker says:

      Dave, Please go take your meds.

    • Jake from statefarm says:

      You got it wrong in many ways, yes she was intelligent but she was a greedy manipulative whore and very anti real spiritualism. She wasn’t even remotely spiritual and was completely disconnected (still is) from her real self (unless she is a demon or some other species maybe a very malevolent one).

      Unless you mean spiritual in the most literal sense as in connected to the spirit world in which case she may have been but that would only be possible if she was born with that connection or did have to create the connection but somehow against all odds only connected to the darker side and was overtaken by spirits with malicious intent.

      If you want to get biblical with this (which it seems you do) she is essentially the personification of the 7 deadly sins in human form. Not to sound overly dramatic but I doubt she is even a being with a soul and if she is it’s definitely been sold off long ago.

  20. Ivan the curious says:

    any reason why Google no longer indexes the comments on this blog? I used to be able to pull up quotes from albert goldman and tony bramwell’s books that some kind person took the time to post via google, but now I have to go to this blogsite and do a ctrl F to find it.

    Is someone out there blocking indexing of the quotes on Google? I’m guessing yes, this is damage control to prevent anyone googling for info from reaching this blog and the many comments filled w/information about what has been going on for many years.

  21. Sylvia says:

    No one loved John Lennon as.much as Paul McCartney. His name remains on his lips as he sings “Here Today” @ all his concerts, as he yells out ” Let’s hear it for John”. (This is what I call brotherly love).

    • JustMyOpinion says:

      Yes it is true that nobody loved John Lennon as much as Paul McCartney, as Paul constantly experiences “mentionitis”, remembering John and speaking fondly of him in interviews with a cherished reverie of their once “closer than brothers” friendship. And according to friends, acquaintances, even hired help, John for the rest of his life, could never stop thinking about Paul. Whether angrily, competitively, fondly or wistfully, John’s persistant thoughts of Paul, revealed, not only a deep love, but also a pained regret for the loss of their once close comraderie that never left him to his dying day. They were truely each others soulmates.

  22. i want to know the truth says:

    I do believe what is been said hear. That yoko killed john and sean is not john son. Does anyone know if john and linda mccartney had a affair. I have heard stories about those two for years.

    • George says:

      No, that’s total BS, sorry. Let’s keep Linda out of this rant on YO, may Linda rest in peace–start your own “what the hell did Paul McCartney see in Linda McCartney” blog, there is plenty if you look at the recent photo essay books published by Linda’s publisher, those photos tell so much about what was going on or not going on between them.

      let’s get back on topic regarding how awful Ms. Ono is: she is a female gangster who instead of robbing banks for a career, she crashed John Lennon’s life and took him down and has made a very nice living for her and group of friends and relatives since she got ahold of him both literally, physically, mentally, emotionally back in 1968, 1969, 1970. John had never been “rolled over” by anyone but this shows what the power of drugs and great blow jobs can do, she was the best with being a drug/blow job buddy.

    • sertaneja says:

      I never heard about it. John and Linda? The only thing I heard came from Paul. John was Linda’s favourite Beatle. I also heard Yoko tried Paul first. As he didn’t fell for her she decided for John. However it took her about two years to finally get him. She never gave up trying. The lesson is: if you want a man, forget about ethics. Don’t worry he is married or engaged. Keep on stalking. One day he will say yes. This is so opposite of love. Something else I heard: when John saw Linda in New York going after Paul he didn’t like and said she was not his type. He never liked her. What else? Oh, that she was a groupie so she knew lots of rock stars. I mean, she used to sleep with them. I am not saying she used to do it. Linda has lots of admirers and it is necessary to be cautious to talk about her. I am only trying to see if there is any evidence of Linda with John. If she was indeed a groupie ( I heard she was linked to Jimy Hendrix once) then it is possible she met John before meeting Paul. Something called intuition tells me they never had an affair. Have you heard Linda and Yoko knew each other before both getting their Beatles? I read somethng like they living in the same are, or studying in the same school.

    • George again says:

      ‘The dark truth about Yoko: DJ who secured legendary last interviews with John Lennon reveals disturbing questions about her cynical scheming, her ‘sham’ marriage and her lover who dressed in star’s clothes’

      *BBC man Andy Peebles interview Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1980
      *Two days later, Lennon was assassinated in New York City by a crazed fan
      *Following the pivotal interview, Peebles struck up a friendship with Ono
      *Speaking for the first time, he recalls his misgivings about her conduct after Lennon’s death – including how she acted with her new boyfriend

      By Lesley Ann Jones For The Mail On Sunday

      Published: 19:36 EST, 28 November 2015 | Updated: 05:41 EST, 29 November 2015

      Read more:

      As of this post, dec 10th, there have been over 1,150 comments posted so far, mostly supportive of Peebles. It’s way overdue for Peebles to have come forward, so why didn’t he come forward like 30 years ago?

    • i want to know the truth says:

      Just been reading what andy peebles has to say. I really believe she had john killed hope that she one day goes to prison.

  23. Harrison says:

    Good job!!! i hate her even more.

    • michael says:

      She is a witch. She was planted into his life to control him. His death was a long time in the plan.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe she saw a man who needed to be ‘guided’ , to use a kind word. He was brought up by a very strict woman…. He never once believed he was worthy of the love og Cynthia…. (When he speaks of her he always says a good girl, loving and kind.) She (Yoko) jumped on a confused man .. Needed a famous man upon whom she could attach herself for fame. He knew he had made a mistake….. Which is why when he left, she made sure a compatriot was with him! Then she trapped him…. With Sean. He was gaining his strength again… Wanted to move back to England…. Then…..

  24. Cristian says:

    John just loved her. That is all. This article and the comments show me that you people never really loved a person before. You just see if the person “makes noises” or is pretty or ugly. Poor world.

    • sertaneja says:

      Cristian, you don’t know that he loved her. Nobody knows the truth behind that story. You think he loved her, but i imagine you never really lived with them to know the truth. I am not convinced he loved her all the time. He looked really drained and dry after a while. No love in his face. Same way I can’t guarantee he didn’t love her ( I only think that love had disappeared) you can’t say he loved her. And it is not true we only see she is ugly and the noise, though that noise was something to run away from. My dog almost passed away listening to her. We see the whole picture. And the whole picture is ..ugly. Sad world that can not notice when something is terrbily wrong like that supposed love affair. One thing we know for sure. She didn’t love him. She had another man while he was still alive and she took him to her flat only one week after John was killed. She even wanted him to receive his money!

      • Friend of John Lennon says:

        I completely agree with sertaneja, thank you for providing some light on how little Yoko grieved after John’s death. While she didn’t officially break up the Beatles, she moved in on them and took up space in the studio and never let John out of her sight and even followed him into the bathroom she was that insecure about being away from John.

        In this video, Ringo states how the Beatles changed when John brought Yoko into the studio and she never left his side. of course she did this not to be “together” but to keep an eye on everything he did and boss him around. She was the boss and there was no more John Lennon, it was JohnYokoOnoLennon but it was Yoko who ruled John:

        Be sure to watch this youtube video about George/Paul/Ringo talking about the problems they had with YO…Really interesting stuff, especially George’s comment about “her strange vibe”.

        Point of fact was that she had been seeing another man on the side even before John died and this individual had “moved into” the Dakota for part of June/July 1980 while John was away. In fact she was several men, she likes to hang out with gay men so it’s not the kind of hetero sex/love though really it’s none of our business what she does with these other men. I have heard that she likes “getting off” while two gay men are having sex, something about gay men having sex is a turn on for her. I don’t care at all.

        What I care about is that she controlled John and I suspect she drugged him on and off. She most likely used something called “Devil’s Breath” which is 100 times much worse than roofie and used a modified or low grade form of it by putting some of it in his tea on the premise that it was like getting high but in reality made it possible for Yoko to command John and order John around and get him to do anything she wanted 24×7. Just a thought. she definitely used it on their “get back weekend” during which Yoko kidnapped John from May Pang in late Jan 1975 and John had absolutely no memory of what happened over a roughly 3 day period in which he never went back home to May Pang.

        Be very careful if someone asks you for directions and opens up the piece of paper with the address on it, or throws some white powder in your face. this stuff looks just like something else that Columbia is known for! apparently it just takes a few grains, less than a 1/4 teaspoon, to completely commandeer anyone and get them to do whatever you want them to do and still stay completely awake the entire time.

        look at the video in this article:

        maybe this horrific white powdered drug was used to subdue John Lennon: here’s an article from a UK newspaper, the US media ignored it except for in fringe media like ‘natural news’.

        Maybe that’s just one of the reasons she had John’s body cremated as soon as it was released from the morgue to destroy any evidence of any substances in his body from all the crap she had put into his food/tea/water. John never ever wanted his body cremated.

        • sertaneja says:

          Wow, I had never heard of this drug before. Quite dangerous. Was it already available at that time? Because John really looked lika a Zombi in some interviews. Now, she didn’t split them officially, but John himself said she was the one who gave him strengh to separate. It means she wanted them to separate. I liked very much George’s declaration. Bad vibes. For sure. Very bad vibes plus heroine. What a cocktail. Pity I don’t know how to save those vidoes. I read it was for Anthology but they decided not to insert them. I can see why. People would disaprove as John was not around to give his version. It would have sounded unethical. But nobody can doubt anymore that, even knowing they had other problems, she contributed a lot for the separation. She sort of destroyed the best show on earth. And although it passed such a long time, it would be important if the truth would be discovered. I mean, if she used that drug or something similar to control him. It is a matter of Justice.

          • friend of john lennon says:

            Of course “Devil’s Breath” or whatever they call has been around for decades, probably going back to the 1950’s except it was hush-hush. Keep in mind that it grows wild all over the place in certain So. American countries and the drug cartels (and probably our own US intell/military have also used it. Just no one talks about this stuff ever except only recently when its been used way too much over the past 20 years and word about it and press coverage has finally appeared but of course there is no coverage in the US mainstream media.

            I’m guessing that because this stuff can also be used to get high, John was convinced by Yoko that he would like it better than other stuff except he didn’t know about the side effects. Who knows? Also, I’m guessing for long term use it was watered down and put in his tea.

            George had mentioned in some interviews that he noticed when he visited John that there was always “something” in his tea that gave them a buzz but it wasn’t like anything he had ever had.

            • Betty says:

              I never could stand Yoko. I agree with everything you say. When I heard her sing it sounded like an ape giving birth.

    • Tim says:

      Ever heard of parasitic relationships? That was precisely the case with John being a host and the bitch being a parasite. Love? Hardly. Looks more like a tired man being taken advantage of by a manipulate ambitious woman. That’s no love.

      • sertaneja says:

        That is exactly what I feel, though, of course, I can’t be sure, as I never met them. The vibes I receive when I see their pictures is like that. An emaciated man still young to look like that. As if she was stealing his energy. like parasites do. Draining him. People may say it was due to his diet macrobiotic. But how come she didn’t look like that, if she was also on the same diet? I heard the doctor who declared him dead commented he had no muscles…Practically only skin and bones. Negative kind of love. Sick love. Not the real love he wrote about. He seemed to be dependent on her for everything. He had to include her terrible songs on his albuns. Why not a whole only album for herself? Why did they have to divide the same album? Because she knew it would not sell. He used his name to self promotion. There is a documentary on which we hear a friend saying he called him to show something in secret. He thought it was a kind of drug. But it was only a chocolate bar. He asked him not to tell yoko. Gosh, an adult man, almost 40, that used to hide from his wife to eat a chocolate bar! Not a healthy relation at all. And she had another lover. Sam. John was still alive! Only one week after his death Sam was already living in Dakota substituting him. I know some people are sort of so libarated that don’t mind about such things. But that was not the image they were projecting about their love. Kissing her on the cover of Double Fantasy…No, It really seems they were posing as perfect lovers. They were not. A very misterious story. Not to mention he used to be a man of good taste. He had good taste in music. HOw come he could not notice she had not talent for music? I would not be surprised if she used to control his mind.

    • George says:

      Does anyone realize that John started getting frequent sexual services, mostly blow jobs, from Yoko in the back of his Rolls Royce in late November of 1966, 3 weeks after meeting her for the first time and running away from her initially at the Indica Gallery? Her conduct and living quarters makes one want to puke. John got hooked on her mindblowing blow jobs and also because Yoko was willing to be a sex buddy, a drug buddy since his wife Cynthia refused to do drugs, She made herself out to be larger than life, someone who was part of of the New York City avant garde movement. She preyed on others, told them what they wanted to hear and pulled off the con and used John’s fame and fortune to get away with it.

      This is from John’s driver, Les Anthony, as quoted on page 241 Albert Goldman’s ‘Lives of Lennon’ book, pub 1988 (keep in mind that Yoko never sued Goldman).

      Page 240 to 241, ‘Lives of Lennon’ by Albert Goldman:

      “On a morning in early September 1966 Mario Amaya answered the bell of his flat at 37 Redcliffe Square, Kensington, and discovered on his doorstep Yoko Ono, Tony Cox, and Kyoko. Just arrived after a long journey by freighter from Montreal, the Coxes had no place to stay….

      One night they met a surrealist artist named Adrian Morris, with whom they achieved instant rapport. The following week Adrian and his wife, Audrey, invited the Coxes to a party at the Morris home, a Georgian house at 52 Tedworth Square in Chelsea.

      At the end of the night Yoko and Tony gave their hosts a hard-luck story. They said that the flat they had rented was not ready and they were loath to lay out the money for a hotel room. Could they stay the night? They stayed not only that night but the entire weekend. When Monday came, they showed no signs of leaving. Morris, who was fond of “Little Yoko,” as he called her (Kyoko, YO’s 5 year old daughter), allowed the pair to remain the bedroom they were occupying on the third floor.

      For the next four months, Yoko, Tony and Kyoko lived in a room that Morries described as an “environment.” The sheets were never changed. Everything was stained. The floor was littered with photos. Dehydrated condoms hung from a nail. The whole place stank.”

      ….In those first days, before John left Cynthia, he and Yoko used to do their courting, to put it politely, in the back of the car while I was driving around.

      How different is this eyewitness report from the Hollywood fantasy that John and Yoko labored for years to impose on the public! According to that account, eighteen months elapsed between the first meeting of these lovers and the consummation of their passion at Kenwood. According to Les Anthony, who was certainly in a position to know, the time between meeting and mating was exactly three weeks.”

    • sertaneja says:

      Cristian, how come you are so sure John loved her? There is no proove about it. He used to say so, but yave you taught maybe Julian was right and she brain washed him? He believed he was in love with her, but in fact, maybe he was not. Nobody can be in love with a woman like that. Once I saw an episode of a TV series about Young King Arthur when his father fell in love with a terrible woman. Nobody could believe because that woman was evil and very ugly in all senses of the world. Even so he only had eyes for her. Till Merlin discovers he was under a strong spell. Luckilly Merlin could dissolve it. Sometimes I think that was what happened to John. What a pity no Merlin showed up to save him.

      • hany says:

        What the fuck that there is no prove about John Lennon loved yoke. Of course there’s prove all the pictures and all the songs he made was about yoke. I have a question: is this your job to find out about people’s personal feelings? It’s not your business. He loved her and that is abvius

  25. Jesus Fucken Christ. Chapman obviously killed the wrong person. And just how selfish for that bitch to make that noise and hurt everyone’s ears

    • resa says:

      I agree! Kinda sounds like she’s trying to climax with a moose! No, the moose would probably run from her in fear for his life! She must be doing this as a lark! No one would actually be seriously ah, singing, no, moaning, no, what IS that stupid bitch doing?

    • resa says:

      What the hell is she on these days?

  26. Rob says:

    I grew up with the Beatles as a child and into my teens when they broke up. Yoko Ono, and I know many people agree, is awful. I am sure there is some redeeming features to her, but who cares. Just creepy. John was flawed, but I really feel this woman tanked a genius. And her creativity and screaming she does. It’s insulting to my ears. I truly believe this woman should have been committed or even jailed.

  27. Anonymous says:

    It’s all water under the bridge today , gotta move on

  28. Anonymous says:

    Agree yoko is a sick , talentless caving bitch

  29. Louise says:

    Cynthia Lennon said she thought john and Yoko were soulmates. they had a tremendous amount in common.

    • sertaneja says:

      Who am I to garantee they were not soul mates. But having lots of thngs in common doesn’t prove it. And if they had, it was not visible. They didn’t look like a couple in harmony. She was always answering his questions and interrupting him. He was always looking at her as asking for approval. They were not equals. He seemed to be dependent on her and submisse.

    • JustMyOpinion says:

      On April 1, 2015, Cynthia Lennon passed away in her home in Spain, with her son Julian by her side. What a beautiful woman, gracious lady who will be sadly missed by some many.
      Rest in peace dear Cynthia and to Julian my deepest condolences.

      • robyn says:

        What’s sad is that Cynthia was a true artist who loved John so much she tried to become his ideal (blonde Bridgette Bardot). How the heck does he end up with a petite dark haired Japanese woman??!!??

        • donna says:

          Robyn, STFU with your racist crap. It’s not about her being “Japanese,” its about what did he see in her, I’ve wondered the same thing & it had NOTHING TO WITH HER BEING JAPANESE!

          • Tim says:

            Actually it has a lot with her being Japanese. John had a thing for Asian girls. Unfortunately.

            • sertaneja says:

              It’s possible a few people, the rascist one, have a problem only for the fact Yoko is Japanese. However, that is not what we are talking about here. Most people I know don’t care at all. By the way I know some Japanese fans who dislikes Yoko too. There is nothing wrong in feeling attracted to people from Asia. They are attractive. Chinese girls are lovely too. Some guys too.

              • Tim says:

                Here is a thing: when someone is being attaracted to another person because they belong to certain nationality, this is somehow justified, but when the feeling is rather negative – the person immediately iterpreted as “racist”. Well, sexual attraction based on racial preference IMHO is no different than a dislike one may feel towards the certain nationality or race. Sorry for offtop. Living in Canada for 20 years I just got fed up with the “political correctness” our politicians somehow got mixed up with “compassion”, I would rather be called a rasict than continue being politically correct.

              • Tim says:

                There is also an aspect many feminists can not grasp due to simply being extremely case-oriented or what I would call narrow-minded: the dinamics that exist within all-male band. I have spent nearly half of my life touring with different bands and the rule is always the same – only active band members are allowed in a rehearsal space. This happens simply because this approach has proven to work as some sort of disciplinary rule. There was never Beatles neglecting their loved ones. Music is a VERY tough business, and it requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. The presence of a female (even extremely unattractive one) in a rehearsal space can ruin the entire process of music writing/rehearsing by diverting bands attention from work to…anything other than work.

          • AGENT ORANGE says:

            Someone writes that a Japanese woman is Japanese.
            Oh my god, HOW RACIST!

            • georgie boy says:

              Remember, when John needed to get a hard-on for some stupid short film “erection” around 1971/2 that Yoko was making, Yoko flashed herself at John, but John couldn’t get it up. So he resorted to looking at some nudie mags with brigette bardot type blondes, then he was able to get it up.

              Much has been said that John was more turned on by asian women than blondes, but after a few years of Yoko, he finally did stop being attracted to her as noted in this particular episode above.

              It is said that Yoko was extremely talented doing oral sex and picked up tips/technique from the top Geisha (pleasure) women in Japan who were old pros at this sort of stuff.

              John’s biggest problem was just getting strung out on drugs and this put everything/one he saw in a different light until it was too late.

              John may have enjoyed throwing Yoko in fan’s faces because he was so fed up with being a Beatle and he loved making people angry. But he took this a little too far and then he couldn’t get out of it!

              • sertaneja says:

                Don’t get me wrong for asking if this story is confirmed. I mean, that he had to look at magazines showing ocidental women in order to have an erection. I ask because there are lots of stories around that were creation of someone. Not reality. Of course it can be true, it only doesn’t seem to be, as he said ( and it was confirmed) he didn’t use to feel attraction for pretty woman. Let alone only if they are the blonde type. When he left Yoko for a time, he took a Chinese girl with him. sure he had a B Bardot poster on his bedroom when a teen. Also a poster of Elvis Presley. But it doesn’t mean he would feel attracted only for that type of girls. Brigitte was an idol for all teens a that time as a celebrity. But he also liked ( and so did Paul) Juliette Greco. Another kind of woman. I don’t think John was fed up of being a Beatle. Of course what I think is not relevant. I may be wrong, But I base myself in some facts. In 69 he said loud and clear he didn’t want to leave The Beatles We can listen to him saying it in an audio somewhere. George got angry and left for a while and he even suggested to replace him for Eric Clatpon. It shows he wanted to remain as a Beatle. Problem seems to be only the other ones could not stand Yoko. He got fed up with this mates for not accepting her as a member of the group. Of course they could not approve that, but John really wanted her to belong. He included her in Revolution 9 and also included her in the Beatltes Christmas message for fans. It was terrible. Like they used to do every single year, they prepared that message full of jokes, very Beatleish. Suddenly we listen to Yoko’s voice saying silly things in her annoying voice. She destroyed the recording. So the last Christmas message for fans was contaminated. And why? She was not ot a member of The Beatles. He had not right to be there. The other wives were not. It is natural the others didn’t accept it. Gosh, she was not Joah Baez to participate in anything Beatles. He had not talent, she could not sing, she had no sense of humor tike theirs. But John was so involved in her, so dependent already, he got fed up with that situation and decided to leave. I have a strong feeling that, without her, they could have solved the other prolblems they had easily. The biggest problem was they could not take her and John had lost his personality adopting hers. There was a time he didn’t even answer their questions. She would answer in his place. Quite annoying indeed.

            • sertaneja says:

              It seems the racist ones are the ones saying we are racist. Nobody is saying it is wong being Japanese. Of course it isn’t. It is not different than being American, our South American or European. We are trying to understand how come John got so into her, how come her actions didn’t open his eyes.

    • JustMyOpinion says:

      The soulmate-ness they shared was heroin use. John was not interested in Yoko until she offered him heroin and sex, that got his attention and later they changed the story to say he fell for her at the Indica Art Gallery when he first met her because she was just so interesting. Cynthia would not participate in his hard drug use and they started to drift apart.

      Cynthia died April 1, 2015 and Yoko PR Spin machine is in overdrive, having Yoko attempting to hijack the spotlight from the story of Cynthia, and placing herself beside Cyn as some sort of Lennon Wives/Sisterhood Standing Firm In The Beatle Story……as if they were on one accord, and put aside “all that stuff” that got in the way of their being good pals who could relate because they were moms to Lennon sons. Yoko is certifiable and could gag a maggot with her unabashed, shameless attention whoring!

      Watch on Youtube The Real Yoko Ono. It’s 6 chapters that reveal how she was placed in a insane asylum by her parents and first husband Toshi Ichiyanagi, acclaimed concert pianist because the Japanese people admired and adored his talent but rejected and ignored her art.
      It reveals how she abandoned her young daughter Kyoko with 2nd husband Tony Cox to chase John Lennon carefree and childfree, The film also reveals how she told a 5 year old Sean that his father was dead, allowed him to comfort her, “Don’t worry Mommy, you’re still beautiful, you’ll meet someone else” (wtf?)She thought he handle the news so well that she allowed in to go to his room to play as she went on about her day. The hired help had to inform her that her baby boy was alone in his room crying his eyes out, uncomforted, unconsoled, not reassured in any way by his 50 year old mother, who just informed him that his father died, because Yoko is a narcissistic sociopath, devoid of empathy for others pain. She even said on film that Julian Lennon’s pain about his father’s death and her mistreatment of him all the years she’s known him was HIS PROBLEM!
      I kid you not. One last thing. Sean Lennon is in this film stating that Nothing and No One comes before Yoko and her art and creative process, not even him. Watch The Real Yoko Ono, a film produced by her or her friends to convey how wonderful she has always been but the ugly truth about her is revealed anyway.

      • Musicfreek says:

        I have been calling Yoko a sociopath for years now, she just wanted to suck the life out of John and she did.She wanted fame & fortune, she got it…but at what price? I don’t think John was truly ever really happy…he seemed to always be searching for ‘something’. Yoko is a cunning evil bitch, no talent at all and really not a nice person…only in front of a camera or a reporter does she turn on her ‘charm’. John should have stayed with Cynthia and if not her, then he should have stayed with May Pang.

    • JustMyOpinion says:

      John and Yoko were heroin soulmates. He was not interested in her at first but she got his attention with heroin and sex. Cynthia would not participate in drug taking with him so for him she was not fun.

      Cynthia Lennon died April 1,2015 and Yoko true to form tried to hijack the spotlight from the narrative being about Cynthia and place herself beside Cynthia in the story as some sort of Lennon Wives/Sisterhood Standing Firm In The Beatles Family Story. Like they put aside all the past drama to get on as gal pals sharing cute little anedotes about their Lennon sons with each other. Yoko is shameless and could gag a maggot!
      Watch on Youtube a film called The Real Yoko Ono, produced by Yoko or friends of hers to glorify her achievements and success. However unintentionally it reveals the ugly truth about Yoko anyway. It tells of her trying to kill herself, and being placed in an insane asylum by her parents and 1st husband, acclaimed concert pianist, Toshi Ichiyagani, because the Japanese public loved and admired his talent but rejected and ignored her art.
      It reveals how she abandoned her young daughter Kyoko with her 2nd husband to chase Lennon and fame, carefree and childfree. (On a separate Youtube video while appearing on Dick Cavett, John and Yoko pretend that their children are being being kept from them by spurned ex spouses, and Yoko claims that Immigration is forcing her to choose between her husband John and her daughter. We know how that choice turned out)
      Anyway back to The Real Yoko Ono, it shows how she tells a 5 yr old Sean that his father is dead and allows him to comfort her, “Don’t worry Mommy, you’re still beautiful, you’ll meet somebody else.” (WTF??) She believes he’s handle the news so well that she allows him to go play, while she goes on about her day. Later she is informed by the hired help that her son is alone in his room crying his eyes out, uncomforted, unconsoled, not reasurred by his 50 yr mother, that has just informed him that his father is dead, because Yoko is a narcissistic sociopath, devoid of compassion or empathy for ANYONE ELSES pain. She even says in this film that Julian’s pain of losing his father and resentment of her treatment of him is HIS PROBLEM!!!
      Last but not least, Sean in on film saying that “Nothing and No One comes before Yoko and her art and creative process, not even himself!” Yoko takes care of Yoko, first, last, and always. There is no way she could have ever loved John, I don’t know that she loves Sean, since he was conceived to control and manipulate John. And since John’s death, there is no way control freak like Yoko would stop, so she probably turned her attention to controlling Sean, all to benefit herself. She used Sean to get Julian to back off telling the world how mean she has treated him in interviews, because it contradicts her revised story of herself as a caring selfless humanitarian, “Chosen Wife Of The Martyr of Peace,Love, and Understanding” she knows Julian loves his brother and doesn’t want to hurt him.
      I would put nothing past the woman, including conspiring to rid herself of John Lennon while keeping the money and perks of being his widow. She is negative energy personified!

  30. sertaneja says:

    Good article indeed. However I think some arguments here are similar to Paul is Dead comments. I mean, I didn’t see any similarity between Sean and Spinoza. The story he was submmite to plastic operations…is there any proof? But it’s true there are some strange things amd maybe some won’t believe in what I have to say. I was listening again to that video called Annoying Yoko when my dog felt bad. He started moving his legs and sort of crying. He could not breath well. I thought he was having a nightmare but then I noticed he was not sleeping. It became terrifying. He tried to stand up and could not! So I left the page and as soon as I did it, my dog stood up easily, came to me and starting linking me, showing his gratitude. What a reliefe. He was fine again. I talked about it to a friend of mine. She told me something similar happened to her while watching the same video. Her cat showed some strange behaviour. And the lamp in her kitchen caught fire. But next day the lamp was okay! What kind o fire was that? I don’t think it was a coincidence as my dog really recovered when I stopped watching it. He could not stand those sounds she was doing. He could not breath! I don’t know why but something she was producing somethng really negative. I would not be surprised if John only fell in love with her due to something she prepared. That would explain everything. Quite possible John would have never loved her naturally.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I made a comment a few days ago and I see it has been removed. I wonder why it was removed.
    It bears repeating. I will reword it although the original comment was less controversal than some of the others here that I whole heartedly agree with.

    It’s universally agreed that most people would have never heard of Yoko Ono if she had not of successfully hooked up with John Lennon. Her career as an avant garde artist was pretty obscure due to her mediocre (rather non-existant) talent. Ono desparately wanted fame even if it was someone elses.

    I noticed, when viewing film of John Lennon and Yoko Ono interviews, how she would constantly butt in and answer questions addressed to him, and he would sometimes parrot what she said, but when he prattled on about being happy on a love cloud, that he was so lucky to be by her side, she’d sit silently, stare at the interviewer’s (as though the interviewer were the rest of us by proxy) conveying,’See? He loves me and only me, because I’m so wonderful!’ as if we should all bow down in worshipful praise. I also notice how she NEVER reciprocated with glowing adoration or even simple “I love him too.” Now we are suppose to believe they had an epic soulmate Love-
    That-Could-Never-Die, just because she says so in her revisionist retelling of their love story. Lennon is long dead but the merry widow is still using HIS FAME to bask in the limelight.

    Does this sites sensors have the guts publish this comment or will you again bow to Yoko’s wishes?

  32. Anna Graham says:

    What did JL see in YO? …Perhaps “A partner”, is that not enough? Once you start to assign social and cultural “values” to people you enter very precarious territory. It’s all too easy to fall into that vortex where you cease to be talking about people, substituting them as mere “ideas” or “objects” that are there for your amusement.

    The bigger and better question is, what does anyone really see in anyone? …If you can honestly say that you’re only committed to the physical you either have never really felt a connection with another person or have turned away from that sort of experience entirely, IMO. You are free to do as you wish, of course, this isn’t an authoritarian deposition… (fuck those people). In the end they say the universe will reach thermodynamic equilibrium, which, case in point, means all life is gone, disappeared…all traces of civilization, intelligence…forgotten. What does this have to do with the Lennons and the Yokos? Well, I guess they’re really sort of like our collective hallucination. …as Carl Sagan once said…


    “An extraterrestrial visitor examining the differences among human societies would find those differences trivial compared to the similarities.

    Our lives, our past and our future are tied to the sun, the moon and the stars. We humans have seen the atoms which constitute all of nature and the forces that sculpted this work and we, who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the cosmos, have begun to wonder about our origins – star stuff contemplating the stars, organized collections of ten billion billion billion atoms, contemplating the evolution of nature, tracing that long path by which it arrived at consciousness here on the planet earth.

    Our loyalties are to the species and to the planet. Our obligation to survive and flourish is owed not just to ourselves but also to that cosmos ancient and vast from which we spring.
    We are one species. We are star stuff harvesting star light.”

    – Carl Sagan

    • ANONYMOUS says:

      “What did JL see in YO”…Perhaps “A partner”, is that not enough?…”
      Don’t kid yourself……that was certainly NOT ENOUGH!

      What did John Lennon see in Yoko Ono? Starting at the bottom, then ascending in the level of importance.
      7) A new fun drug pal, fuck buddy (without judgement and nagging like a wife)
      6) A rescuer, to help him escape The Beatles, the pressures of Beatlemania,and the suffocating adulation of fan worship.
      5) A shield, to protect him from the onslaught of expectations from critics and fans alike.
      4) A magnet, to draw criticism toward Yoko and her unabashed glory seeking and her ambitions to gain fame for herself.
      3) A distraction from his substandard songwriting (compared to his Beatle output)
      2) Her 2nd most important role, not lover, not wife, drumroll please………MOTHER!
      1) Replacement for his real hearts desire, though romantically unacceptable to society at that time, *cough, cough, Paul, cough, cough, cough* May I have some water please? *cough*!

      • sertaneja says:

        Quite interesting point of view. `Possibly true. I’d add only he had a chance, with yoko, to shock the society, things he always felt like doing, but could not before, as Cynthia would never agree to, for instance, posing naked for a record cover. The Beatles themselves shocked a lot, but John wanted to go further. While married, living away from London, he might have thought he was missing something. While Paul living downtown was the center of attention. Paul was the one interested in Art and counter culture, underground movement. Then came Yoko, that he got to know in the gallery Paul was involved with, declaring to be avant garde…(She is not, but said so) and voila! He could be around London as Paul used to do, only more…outrageous, to say the least. Guess he liked that…when it started. I don’t see john as a happy men in his last years. However, i have to let clear I really don’t know. Never met them in my life, how sad.

      • donna says:

        😐😐😮😑😑😢😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😩 “cough, cough!” 😂😂😂

      • Anonymous says:

        Crikey. I agree with half of those. But are you really implying he wanted to sleep with other men and his own mother?

  33. Charlotte B JustMyOpinion says:

    I believe Paul McCartney was the love of John Lennon’s life. They were soulmates, musically and perhaps otherwise. There NEVER was an epic John and Yoko love story except concocted by them and fed to a media herd, slavish for scoops and headlines. (Imagine inviting the press in on your honeymoon to take pictures and quote one liners about peace and unfair wars. Who does that? Certainly not madly-in-lust, horny-for-each-other lovebirds!) Nope! Not buying the star-crossed-once-in-a-lifetime-Romeo-and-Juliet-of-the-Beatles-Epic-Love-of-John-and-Yoko. That’s some Yoko invented revisionist bullshit to make herself appear bigger and more important in Beatlelore since the suspicious murder of John Lennon.

    Although the Beatles Breakup was probably inevitable due to the death of their manager, and innerworkings of the band themselves. The fact that The Beatles stayed together as long as they did after Brian Epstein’s death was due to the efforts, focus and talented genius of Paul McCartney. However the meddlesome opinions in the studio and poisenous influence of Yoko on a drug addled Lennon did not help smooth the band’s ruffled feathers.

    The band broke up and a angry John and oppotunist Yoko bashed the band and especially McCartney every chanced they got, to a headline hungry Rolling Stone magazine creator and editor Jann Wenner, who worshipped at the feet of Lennon and Ono, as they polished their PR skills granting interview after interview with anyone who would spread their narcissistic drivel about love, life, politics, religion. Some of it was worth a second thought, most of it was drug induced bullshit contradicted in the next sentence they spoke. Odd that this practiced was never challenged in the music media at the time, unless sychophantic editors like Jann Wenner squelched any opinion that challenged ideas of Lennon is Christ Jr dogma that was shaping up and canonized since Lennon’s death.

    I hate to believe that Yoko could have anything to do with the murder of John Lennon. However the state of their marriage was said to be all but dead by insiders. She probably was sick of Lennon and his clinging, needy ways, but did not want to give up the perks, prestige and respect that came with being the wife of former Beatle John Lennon. Must have been embarrassing, inconvieniant for her, John’s renewed friendship with Paul, her nemesis and favorite bashing target in the media. Rumers of the magic a rekindled Lennon/McCartney partnership would make, compared to the dreck of the Lennon and Ono screetch catalogue.Yoko’s own dwindling influence over John coming out of his drug haze with his consistant, lifelong pattern of getting bored with people he admires and praises to the skies, to publically skewering them mercilessly to the amusement of whomever is present (imagine Yoko’s horror if Lennon had of trained his barbs on her to a journalist no less!) Yoko takes herself WAY too seriously with ZERO ability to laugh at herself. I think she would preferred to be John Lennon’s widow than Lennon’s ex-wife.

    Although angry with Paul for a while John Lennon NEVER stopped privately admiring and loving Paul McCartney his true SOULMATE whom he bittery regretted trashing in the media much to Yoko’s consternation. So do I think she had anything to do with the death of John Lennon? I hate to think so but sometimes I do wonder.

    • ghost of john lennon says:

      The last 5 years of John’s life was spent on YO getting her wish list: being “installed” as his forever wife and mother of a son who I hear she used artificial insemination to get pregnant as soon as she got her claws on John again when John visited YO at the Dakota to learn about the stop smoking hypnosis session after having lived with May Pang for over 18 months.

      So she got herself pregnant (not from John), then told John she would abort “his” child even though she lied and the baby wasn’t his, then pounded him down via brain washing/drugs/subliminal programming to get him to turn over 100% of his estate over to her should he die.

      John knew his life could end any day back in 1980, he felt it, knew it, but didn’t know where/when it would happen. He BEGGED Fred Seaman to make sure that his son Julian got a chance to see his diaries he wrote and of course Yoko went ape shi*t when Fred kept them after John died so he could turn over to Julian.

      She knew what she was doing, John’s personal security bodyguard quit because there was no way he could protect John with what Yoko was doing to publicize his schedule at the Record Plant studio in NYC. She had David Geffen be sure to take out a million dollar life insurance policy in the even of John’s upcoming death, and then of course she heartlessly continued to schedule one interview after another with John and herself on the same day that he was shot to death. So Yoko continued to schedule media interviews with John and herself back to back at an accelerated pace to get as many in so she could have John rant on and on about how much he “loved” Yoko and how the Beatles paled in comparison.

      She ordered John to say over and over again the same lies about how they met, that they “fell in love” at first sight (John broke free of her grasp at the Indica Gallery and ran up the stairs 2 steps at a time to get out asap while she squeaked “take me with you”–see Tony Bramwell’s Chapter 13 in his masterpiece ‘Magical Mystery tour’ for the real story of what happened when John met Yoko Nov 9, 1966). John was like a political prisoner in a jail without bars, except that Yoko was his prison warden, his spiritual and emotional abuser, and the Dakota was John’s prison and John’s room was his prison cell.

      Hats off to Yoko Ono for keeping up the lies for 34 years going and how she continues to defy the laws of karma by keeping up the lies about her relationship with John in order to get continued press and sympathy for the Beatles ‘widow’.

      • JustMyOpinion says:

        Another thing that was so weird about the “John and Yoko” interviews, while he would go on and on about being love cloud happy with her, in all her perfection, she would sit there quiet, staring at us through the interviewer as if to say: ‘See? He loves me and ONLY me because I’m so wonderful as you heard him say himself.’ She NEVER recipricated with ANY declarations of love for him of ANY KIND. She’d sit, coldly stare and allow John Lennon to sycophantly praise her to the skies, and seem to wait for the rest of us to bow down in appropriate worship!
        She proudly claims she is a witch. She gives off super-negative vibes!

        • rob says:

          indeed ive never liked her so smug and creepy and you are expected to like her she is the hippy “aristocrat” hypocrite

      • michael says:

        She is a witch who was planted to control john and lead him to his murder. Or perhaps sacrifice,

    • tiff333 says:

      John Lennon was so lucky to have Paul McCartney as his soul mate because Paul McCartney was the person who could handle John Lennon well. Without Paul, John Lennon would not be able to sustain himself. Even John and Paul’s Chinese astrological charts very much confirmed that they were made for each other. Just read their Chinese astrological charts, everything is well explained there.

      John Lennon’s Chinese astrological chart:
      Birth hour: 18.30 PM (yin wood rooster)
      Birth day: 9 (yin wood rooster)
      Birth month: October (yang fire dog)
      Birth year: 1940 (yang metal dragon)

      From John Lennon’s chart above we all could see that John Lennon has weak yin wood element and strong yang metal element, his element combination was simply life-threatening.

      Now, let’s we take a look at Paul McCartney’s Chinese astrological chart:
      Birth hour: 14.00 PM (yin fire goat)
      Birth day: 18 (yang water tiger)
      Birth month: June (yang fire horse)
      Birth year: 1942 (yang water horse)

      From Paul McCartney’s chart above we all could see that Paul McCartney has strong yang water element and strong yin fire element. His element combination is the opposite of John Lennon, his element combination is simply too hot to be balanced.

      So, as the result John and Paul got attracted to each other because their element combinations simply matched for one another. Paul McCartney provided plenty of water to nurture John Lennon’s weak wood element and he provided plenty of fire to melt down John Lennon’s threatening metal element. John Lennon in turn also could make use of his excessive metal element to cool Paul down. John and Paul had close relationship with each other because their element combinations simply meant for each other.

  34. Fan of John Lennon says:

    At long last! Howard Stern finally tells it like it is with Yoko’s tortorous screaming and braying onstage at last summer’s Glastonbury concert that she passes off as “singing”:

    Howard starts talking about Yoko’s “singing” at the 54:35 mark, and carries over into part 4.

    While we’re at it, did anyone know that some of her best friends are ex-FBI agents such as the much disliked Eliot Mintz, Yoko’s close pal that she used to spy on when John was living in LA with May Pang? check out this post that also includes Chapter 13 from Tony Bramwell’s ‘Magical Mystery Tour’:

  35. robert11011 says:

    I seem to remember Yoko Ono’s supporting the ” Georgia guidestones” the very ones , in several languages , explaining the ” genicideing ” of the 300 million souls in the u.s.a.,the forced new religion & forced one world language./ their plan failed pathetically,millions of awake & aware souls/globally are very aware of the evil,who’s responsible & yearn justice,the planetary consciousness is love centered.,no evil can exist .

  36. sonofabitch says:

    Yoko is a great singer/songwriter, even greater than Lennon & McCartney, but not as talented as Ringo, the true genius of the Beatles. I don’t understand the hate, she’s probably the greatest artist of the 20th century. You all must be dimwitted morons jealous of her immense talent, unable to recognize her great beauty and amazing voice, that is the only explanation..

  37. KillerRedAnt says:

    If John Lennon was still alive, he would still be married to Yoko Ono…What he saw in her, she understood is brand of art….which was hands on art…demonstration then with oils, paints.No the wives break up the Beatles…Business broke up the Beatles…Alan Klein…their manager of Apple and Phil Specter the music producer.

  38. OJID says:

    Wow, I thought you were exagerating, as many ranters do, when you said she was making ‘noises’ but that was something else… We have already established that Yoko Ono is a talentless, band-breaking cow but the most shocking and irritating thing is how idiots still honour her with such acolades as ‘experimental artist’ and ‘avant-garde mastermind’, it’s really goes to show that our society still has it’s head up it’s arse when it comes to real art.

    • johnny be good says:

      She has just made thousands of new “unfans” who can’t stand her “music” which has been described at best as the “braying of goats” as witnessed in her disaster performance at Glastonbury:

      Yoko Ono at Glastonbury – worst live set ever?

      Jul. 5th, 2014 at 9:16 AM

      And then you get the Guardian bending over backwards to make amends by all of her critics who have called a spade a spade: she’s got no talent, she’s shite, she’s been ruining music since given the chance back in 1968. If not for having succeeded in conquering one John Lennon by relentless stalking, drugs and other “techniques” to ensure that John obeyed her every command, she would never ever have been allowed to perform her so called singing at Glastonbury. She’s got John’s money, and continues to live off his fame, so everyone bows down to her like she’s some sort of music tycoon.

  39. Lennonlover says:

    Tried to comment and it didn’t work. Here goes again:
    How come we are all afraid to ask if Yoko had John murdered? Will we get sued for asking the question? It seems like the most likely explanation and to diehard Beatles fans is not so much a why question than a how question. She had all of the motive in the world. Did she love John? Seems like she absolutely detested him and saw him as merely a means to an end. She controlled John through guilt and drugs and hypnosis in which she was skilled. She practiced magik and ran with the denizens of the night world and in that capacity had acess to cults that practiced murder and extortion. She also made about $100 million in less than three years. Some of this money might have come through financing large scale heroin deals. John had become a liability. He was Losing Her, Stepping Out, and getting back with the boys. Can you imagine? Basically, I feel that John’s murder was an act of psychological war on the American/ Brits. Or maybe, it is as it seems, a psychopathic narcisist exercising her plan B.
    Remember, it seems that John pulled himself out of her trap and was getting his head together. He needed time to process his childhood, the insanity of Beatlmania and his own withdrawl into drugs and depression. He took the time for himself and was figuring it out- the muse was back. The last night in the recording studio he spoke of something to Jack Douglas that freaked him so bad that he had to erase the tape. I think that he might have said that Yoko wanted him dead.
    Again, only some diehard Lennon fans will get this. Most will remain clueless. They have been fed disinformation for decades, and they probably buy into the story that rouge elements of the CIA did it. I don’t know, either. I think that you have to follow the money, and look to who had that motive.

    • Beatles Still Rock says:

      HI Lennonlover/Beatleslover,

      I think that John’s murder had been planned for a long time, there was quite a lot of hate built up against John in particular for having made a stand against the Vietnam war. The haters were people like the born again Christian ruled CI@A, the military industrial complex, and many celebrity entertainers like Elvis Presley who exploded with hate at the mention of John Lennon’s name.

      So even though Presley died in August 1977, I suspect there still many rightwing entertainers who hated John Lennon and the Beatles not only because of his pacifism, but also because they were simply jealous that the Beatles still received more attention 10 years after their breakup than entertainers such as Frank Sinatra did.

      If anyone familiar with Sinatra knows that he would get help from the “boys” to inflict violence on any perceived rivals. For example, here’s a real story:

      Sinatra warned Comedian Jackie Mason to stop being so funny in his warmup routine before Sinatra came on stage as the main act. Mason kept doing his schtick, so Sinatra decided to “teach him a less” by having the boys pay him a visit which resulted in Mason being beaten up, having a bloody nose, among other things. So going forward, Mason told less funny jokes to make Sinatra happy.

      If Sinatra would call out the muscle for something as small as Mason getting too many laughs and praise, can you imagine what he would do to someone like a rival like Lennon who was still getting far more press and attention and because Beatles’ songs from 10 years earlier were still outselling Sinatra’s?

      Lennon is lucky he didn’t end up with a bullet in the head, so imagine how happy someone like Sinatra and his rightwing buddies were shared a strong hatred of Lennon knowing that they were successful in subduing lennon by getting him to fall in love with and knuckle under to someone as horrible, ugly and just plain awful as Yoko Ono with the droopy boobs that had been squeezed perhaps one too many times during her scissor strip routine on stage and her flabby buttocks that would make any one (man or woman) want to just puke at the sight of her?

      Aside from Yoko’s heavy heroin use and staying up late nights because she was so high from all the heroin and being on the phone constantly and acting like John’s jailer of sorts, I don’t think she was capable of doing sophisticated financing of drug deals.

      However, perhaps she got paid millions of dollars for “allowing” John to be killed, maybe that’s how she made her big money aside from profits made selling properties that John had bought cheaply in the late 70s.

      Who knows? But there was a lot of hate at John and a desperation to make sure that John never got back together with paul and that is was no coincidence that Yoko kidnapped John Lennon the last weekend in January, a week before John was flying down with May Pang to meet up with Paul McCartney to help him out with the recording of his new ‘Venus and Mars’ album in New Orleans.

      I think the CI*A had a role in making sure that the Beatles never got back together again, it was apparently as important as making sure that no Kennedy ever got elected as President again sort of thing.

      There were certain people that were on a list, and John Lennon had pissed off the wrong people.

      Look at what has happened to poor former political talkshow host Keith Olbermann: he had the top rated show on MSNBC and yet MSNBC pulled the plug because he had gone too far in his political criticisms and he had to be punished by being fired. Al Gore then again fired Olbermann too. Now Olbermann’s strong voice has been muzzled and Olbermann has been relegated to a weekly late night ESPN sports newscaster show. What a pity.

      Again, we haven’t lived in a real democracy for many decades and it is truly those who own the gold that make the rules, essentially the very wealthy that “own” this country who decide everything these days. The rest of us are so much cannon fodder who must learn to stay out of their way and keep our heads down.

      I think elements based in the deep south who hated John Lennon for his spouting off about the Beatles being more popular than Jesus were responsible for sponsoring a Yoko style assault that continues to this day on John’s musical and spiritual legacy. Despite Yoko’s attempts to mitigate the extreme bad karma by everything she’s done to John Lennon and the Beatles, she can never ever undo the extreme evil she’s had a hand in, even if someone helped her conquer the mind of John Lennon. As John wrote, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you”, and that includes Yoko and anyone who helped her subdue John Lennon and brainwash him into believing that she was the sun and the earth and the moon and to obey her every order and desire.

      • Beatles Still Rock and Roll says:

        On reflection the day after the last comment, I would venture to say that once John got back in the news headlines with his comeback album ‘Double Fantasy’, and with all the press attention once again on John, maybe there was a rush to end his life before he had a chance to get back together again and record anymore music with the other Beatles, and of course before he had a chance to legally divorce Yoko.

        After all, back in 1975 he and May Pang had just met with a realtor to look at some houses in the Hamptons and John had told May he wanted to setup house with her and get out of her cramped apartment. Yoko could not allow that to happen so she lassoed him back with claims of being pregnant.

        John was absolutely miserable the last few years with Yoko but he carried on for the sake of the deal he made to help raise Sean, so if he had known that Sean wasn’t even his own child he wouldn’t have felt as obligated to keep up the pretense of pretending to be a happily married couple that Yoko wanted everyone to believe. hence part of the reason for naming his last album ‘Double Fantasy’ was just that, their relationship was a complete fantasy made up in Yoko’s mind and the minds of the public but he just let it be on the thought that he could slowly start stepping out and getting his freedom and his life back.

        Of course Yoko couldn’t allow her prisoner to ever leave, and especially allow her prisoner to take his money with him as well, so she was only too happy by whatever dark forces were out there to hasten John’s violent death. I can only say she must not be a very happy person with all the bad things she’s done to John and to others who got in her way.

        So the push was on to silence John and stop him from getting back together with the other Beatles and for Yoko to stop him from leaving her and thus preserve for all time the carefully crafted myth that they were a very happily married couple. She’ll have to live with herself the last look that John gave her as he was dying from the bullets and the realization that she had betrayed him. You might have been able to escape responsibility using Chapman as the patsy, but you can never escape karma for your own actions.

    • Joy Fisher says:

      I always knew yoko was a snake John should have stayed with his first wife instead of wasting his time on this money grubbing gold digger who just wanted attention for herself . I think john might still be alive today if it was not for this fire breathing dragon lady manipulating him.

    • michael says:

      Read living on borrowed time by Fred Seamen, Very revealing

      • Tim says:

        Lennon being murdered…well, that is highly speculative suggestion, nonetheless there may be some truth to it. Would YO benefit from Lennon’s death? Absolutely. Are we really afraid of raising this question? Hardly, but let’s look into a more recent controversy surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death – did bringing up the possibility of CLove murdering Kurt do any good even in a way of official inquiry? No it didn’t, because wherever there are big money involved justice becomes extremely flexible. That’s it.

  40. Beatleslover says:

    Yoko did not love John- she despised him. Why is it that no one can say what really happened to John? I think that we all agree that Mark Chapman seemed hypnotized. Who then, were his handlers? Some people say that he was a CIA-type assasin. Others believe that he was a pawn co-opted by a black cult network whom which Yoko had deep and intimate knowledge. Many will know what I am talking about but millions more will not. I think that Yoko herself was a black widow sent to neutralize the hope of the New Left, but she may have just been a super narcisist sociopath. I use Occam’s razor in this case- she needed John dead, just follow the money. It’s really then more of a question of how and not why.
    Another question- how did she make all of that money? I think that she was a major heroin financer and bankrolled major shipments.
    There may be a major dark side to all of this, a sort of Rosemary’s Baby scenario operating out of the Dakota, and you have to know how these people might operate. We should have strung them all up as Roosevelt have planned.
    I loved John. He was my hero and he was not weak, he was kept sick and controlled. He was recovering though, getting out of the Yoke’s spelll and becoming a major liability once again.
    WAR IS NOT OVER! We owe it to our children’s children’s children to sacrifice our lives if that’s what it takes- we are the only hope.

    • The Yoko Watch says:

      There is also a criminal element involved, check out the latest lawsuit that she lost after ripping off the clothing designs from a fashion designer:

      Yoko Ono to pay designer over raunchy fashion
      June 4, 2014

      Yoko Ono has agreed to​ pay a feisty Brooklyn designer who accused her of stealing her raunchy fashion designs, according to papers filed in Brooklyn federal court.

      Despite initially seeking to toss the Brooklyn federal court case ​— trashing it as frivolous, Ono has now agreed to pay Haleh Nematzadeh an undisclosed sum of money to make the copycat case vanish.

      Both sides signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibits them or their lawyers from disclosing the payoff amount or discussing the settlement.

      Nematzadeh claimed in her 2013 civil suit that Ono blatantly ripped off several of her unusual fashion concepts – including placing handprints over the crotch and bosom regions.

      The Bushwick fashionista said she met with photographers for Ono’s design company, Opening Ceremony, in 2012 when they were considering her fashions for use in their catalogue.

      But Nematzadeh said they abruptly cut her off and then used her “works of art” for Ono’s wacky menswear collection,

      Her attorneys initially blasted Nematzadeh’s case, saying “Plaintiffs do not own the exclusive rights to a handprint on the crotch.”

      They also said that handprint designs are as old as humanity itself. “Handprint patterns can be traced back to the earliest cave paintings,” they wrote in a court filing.

      Ono even claimed that she drew inspiration for the the line from her late husband, Beatle icon John Lennon.

      Nematzadeh’s attorney, Aymen Aboushi, did not comment on the case.

      • Beatlelover says:

        Thanks for the reply Yokowatch. I appreciate the timely food for thought. It further serves to ratifiy and contextualize a seming pattern of criminal behavior.

      • Tim says:

        OFFTOP: Nematzadeh sounds like Persian….I’m pretty sure this “designer” herself has ripped it off someone’s collection and “unusual designs” might be just another ordinary ripoff. Actually, I can pretty much bet on this statement of mine, as I am familiar with Persian “elitist” culture firsthand and despised it for its insenserity and snobbish selectiveness prying on accomplishments of 1000 y.o. ancestors. Pathetic culture.

    • What that’s crazy why would yukoo ono want john killed that’s really off the wall I mean anything s possible but come on get real

  41. Benedict Cumberbatch says:

    Here’s the rare Sept 2012 photo of David Spinozza that resulted in a chain of events that led me to take a 2nd look at Sean Lennon’s childhood resemblance to David, and I think there is a very strong resemblance plus Sean has David’s cleft chin:
    Notice how he won’t say anything about working with YO.

    It’s 1990 and Sean has already had his first “little” nose job and the cleft chin is in the same place as David spinozza’s cleft chin:

    It’s Sean with long, long hair looking very much like a hippie but not looking like John Lennon at all!

    2009 “The September Issue” New York City Premiere – Arrivals
    The Museum of Modern Art

    This was taken on Sean’s 35th bday, Oct 9th, 2010 and notice the scar on his chin where he’s had repeated surgery work to “fill in” the cleft chin from biological dad David Spinozza. Note that the area where the cleft chin was is the same place on David Spinozza’s chin as well. No wonder Sean needs to wear a beard because the filler/scars (where it was removed again) keep showing up and he needs to wear a beard to cover it up.

  42. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) says:

    It’s pretty clear to me that Sean has had loads of plastic surgery, wonder if he got hooked on painkillers, if he’s been in a lot of pain, and this line of questioning leads me back to a nagging question that John Lennon had, “was he really my son or someone else’s?”

    Here’s the rare Sept 2012 photo of David Spinozza that resulted in a chain of events that led me to take a 2nd look at Sean Lennon’s childhood resemblance to David, and I think there is a very strong resemblance plus Sean has David’s cleft chin:
    Notice how he won’t say anything about working with YO.

    It’s 1990 and Sean has already had his first “little” nose job and the cleft chin is in the same place as David spinozza’s cleft chin:

    It’s Sean with long, long hair looking very much like a hippie but not looking like John Lennon at all!

    “The September Issue” New York City Premiere – Arrivals
    The Museum of Modern Art


    This was taken on Sean’s 35th bday, Oct 9th, 2010 and notice the scar on his chin where he’s had repeated surgery work to “fill in” the cleft chin from biological dad David Spinozza. Note that the area where the cleft chin was is the same place on David Spinozza’s chin as well. No wonder Sean needs to wear a beard because the filler/scars keep showing up and he needs to wear a beard to cover it up.

    If you click on these links you can pull up these photos of Sean that show the progression of his face from 1987 to 2010.

  43. To BreakinBadd: can you let me know if you got the emails that Tim D. (Zazenlife) forwarded you? What did you think?

  44. Anonymous says:

    i agree with most of these malodorous emanations, though i may not be able to personally elucidate my reasons. can any of us actually state “why are all of us concerned about WTF yoko ono is doing now?” this is an octogenarian of little significance (at all!) in 2014. other than her “peace towers” what has she done? exactly, NAFT. right?

    i find it exceedingly interesting that we (including me) are so vehement with our invectives against this woman. somehow she sucks the living hate out from every pore, does she not? but why? she is just a woman!! is she not? is this exactly the type of dialogue she wishes to induce in order to maintain her relevance? perhaps. and if so, it is fairly erudite.

    SHYTE! ok, i HAAAAAAATE her! (lol!) i hate how she looks, how she sounds, how she manipulates, how she lies, how she cheats, and how all around ice-hearted she is!

    can you believe that she (sold and therefore) made julian buy back the postcards to his own father from auction! that she tried to foil julian’s record launch by orchestrating the simultaneous launch of sean’s record? and that she coupled that strategy with threatening radio stations to pull beatle rights if they played any of julian’s songs! that she gave julian only 100’s of dollars per month from his fathers’ near billion dollar estate claiming “he would only get himself into trouble”??!!!! have you ever heard of a TRUST you half-wit? (exactly, she’s no “half-wit”, she just thinks julian is–and that he would believe her greed would be masked by such an insipid rationale.

    this is john’s first born son folks, fighting to make a living for himself and his mother while yoko and sean basque shamelessly, unabashedly in john’s fortune.

    now, just when it seems it cannot get worse, cast a glance at the myriad of tasteless marketing schemes of john’s name and work! (like she needed the money!) then, a simple google search brings to light allegations that yoko ‘manipulated’ many of john’s original works for market! colorized them, etc.! now if that is true, for the life of me i cannot think of a single justification for this! it would be an unforgivable crime! at least work on a copy of the original and call it a joint project–why (allegedly) forge john’s hand?

    julian: “thank’s, yoko, for the john lennon mug you sent me for my birthday!” (that’s right, it what she sent him, while sending the more pricy pieces, engraved on marble, to yoko’s friends.)

    ok. yes. of course i see the reasons we hate this person. they are abundantly clear. although, as ironic as it may sound, i am against this sort of general gossip — that is, without giving a person the opportunity to respond. at last i reason that just as we found this site, so can she–so we have equal rights to this venue.

    anyway, yoko can take the money, buy the sycophants, live in the dakota, keep the private planes, and the publishing rights, etc., but she cannot fool the people. no no, not ever.

    “PEACE AND LOVE!?” yea, whatever yoko. more like “CASH AND CARRY”.

    MAN, i wish john were here.

    i wish he could have seen this.

    do any of you actually believe he would have withstood any of this? one clue will be the ‘lost weekend’ (actually 18 months) when john split with may pang! they were together at least a year and a half! so yoko, what kind of “true love” is that? NOT — just another one of yoke’s thinly veiled attempts to hijack history and brainwash the people.

    her only control was to give him room to get the hell away from her! and she was smart here. she’s obviously been reading her ancestors book, the art of war. maybe in her last life she was a he! miyamoto musashi!

    anyway, let me end this by now boring tirade, we know of your greed yoko! sneaking out to apple headquarters store, armed with arms full of garbage bags, cleaning out the place the night before paul, george, ringo, and their families even had a look! incredible! WHY?

    we know of your manipulations! sending endless pleas to john insisting that he “help” ($$$$$$$) your dying ideas take flight in order to save the world! and you say you didn’t even know the beatles? HAR HAR HAR!!! WHY?

    when your advances to paul (yep! true dat!) were declined, you hit up george, then finally john! did it not bother you at all that you had a daughter? kyoko!!? WHY?

    then you wonder why kyoko kept running away from you!!!! didn’t it bother you (at all!?) that the lads were married? that john had a son!!?? WHY?

    you just had to keep pushing until you got your way!

    well, here you are yoko, you “won” the battles–but what did you win?

    you won lots and lots of money, but you are miserable, aren’t you? WHY?

    because you know in your heart how you did it. and you know, that in spite of all your money and your company of sycophants, we, the people, know as well.

    i’ll be interested to see how much of sean’s inheritance yoko will squander in order to preserve her legacy and fight to make YOKO as important as john?

    do you really think yoko will keep john’s ashes a secret? haha!

    you watch, they will be pulled out and mingled with her own, then built into a huge memorial where anyone wishing to pay their respects to john, will be forced to face YOKO as well.

    this, in my mind, will be her last chance redeem her name, IMO.

    if she allows the populace (or even her son sean) to make their own decisions on the funeral, the monuments/memorials, etc, without undue influence from her personal army PR experts, then she will have gained a little respect from this author.

    that said, a mere 3 minutes and 17 seconds at:

    would have been more that enough to make the case. this is a mere window onto the land that is YOKO ONO.

    ps. anyone notice that like paul, she wishes to promulgate her own name while minimizing lennon’s? if not, why doesn’t she ever use her legal name? it’s yoko ono LENNON!

    sorry, no time for proof-reading what will surely be a minefield of spelling/grammatical errors.

    • Nancy says:

      Thank you, THANK YOU Anon for providing the Bill Burr video that no longer is available on this post. I LOVED Burr’s commentary, what he said is EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw this show with John playing the song ‘Johnny Be Good’ with Chuck Berry, a song that John had played so many times in seedy Hamburg nightclubs to ‘make show’ (mak shau in german).

      What I don’t get is all the Lennon tribute solo singers who also sell out to Yoko, they make her out to be some kind of goddess gift to men, but she acts like such a negative control freak and looks like one, it makes me wonder when the audience think this is normal.

      After all, John never, ever smiled or laughed once he got tied up with Yoko, and that’s what she did, she emotionally manhandled him, stalked him, gave him the best blow jobs ever in order to get John to come back for more, then got him hooked on heroin, took hundreds of hits of LSD, and kept plotting to isolate him from his Beatles’ past.

      Thank you BreakInnBad for one of the best Yoko rants ever, and please update the bill burr video link because it doesn’t work!

      Also Anon, one thought, why hasn’t anyone commented publically how incredibly sick it is for YO to get son Sean dressed up like his ‘dad’ John Lennon and then appear together as if Sean is the new reborn version of John Lennon? How sick is this? Really !

      While watching the Beatles 50th anniversary special on CBS that was filmed in LA, I couldn’t help but notice how Paul and Ringo were never shown looking at Yoko who was sitting with Sean son aka ‘John Lennon’ lookalike nearby. She grosses me out, just looking at her that night and anytime I see her in the press with those horrible black beady eyes, she looks like a Japanese hit woman who uses really bad mojo to subdue and destroy her enemies. And she had her son Sean looking like John Lennon from the late 60s with the full beard, long hair, glasses and hat. How F’n sick is this? Why doesn’t anyone else bring this up?

      thanks Anon for your recent post.

    • chuck berry's grandson says:

      Also, what makes Yoko even scarier is that she’s managed to edit out that scary WTF look on Chuck Berry’s face on all the youtube videos of that song. I can’t find an unedited version anymore. The Chuck Berry WTF look is gone because Yoko can’t stand any negativity though she’s the Mt. Vernon of bad mojo. As Beatle George once commented back in 1968, “she’s got bad energy”.

  45. fuck yoko says:

    She sounds like porn.

  46. ralph says:

    Where is the love?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Where is the love?

  48. Anonymous says:

    What she’s doing is performance art, it’s not meant to sound like normal music but I guess the idiots posting on here would not get that. Also, she was already an established artist before meeting Lennon. It’s ridiculous that people blame her for breaking up the Beatle because even the surviving members have admitted she wasn’t the reason. Sadly, strong females who do not censor themselves and refuse to fit the mold of a submissive woman will always be critized.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please dont bring your feminist crap here. Would you honestly say that that was art? She literally just made noises like a donkey having an orgasm.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, no. Also what do you mean by “surviving members”? The ones that survived Yoko Ono?

    • Ida says:

      She played a very submissive woman. And to force herself into a band that’s been heard of in the US and the rest of the world, (unlike the long established artist before she met Lennon), in order to give her input on their music. What is wrong with this situation is the fact no one cared about Yoko Ono, but they knew who the Beatles were! I have witnessed live performances of this type of “Ugh” singing “?” before in college. I did not like it. I understand that singing involves more than words, except it usually sounds pleasant.
      John Lennon was a drug addict, his drug use made him feel euphoric, but left him incapable of doing nothing but yacking about peace. I saw one interview from 1969 where John Lennon spoke of Hitler and I am sure the concern should have been about Vietnam. Lennon also took Yoko Ono with him to that interview. Like most insecure or conniving women she needed to keep an eye on him. I understand you may be a fan of the arts, but I would not pay to see her. I also play instruments, but I am not a professional. It’s amazing what women mistake for a strong woman these days. A strong woman would not need to keep watch over a man like Yoko did. It is a known fact that even the closet of lovers or partners need to alone! I have been married for over fifteen years and have one teenage daughter. My daughter has musical talent and is opened minded. She also paints, sketches, and does computer graphics. One time I asked her while she was drawing very nice picture if she wanted to be an artist. She said no she wanted to help people, so she decided on being a funeral director. I asked how she made this choice and she said artist’s talk about helping people while posing for pictures. She wants to help the families who experience a loss by talking to them like the funeral director at her grandpa’s funeral. I am proud my daughter admires a real professional.

    • wopak says:

      What about the song “Mommy hiding her hand in the snow” is that some kind of art. If it is I’m Leonardo Da vinci.

    • rob says:

      omg she was a CIA handler who made sure the beatles didnt lead any anti-govt revolt, she is as necromancer and slimy personality who cares if she was a woman ur so self-obsessed strange but there are much bigger issues in the world than first world feminist egos !

    • donna says:

      I’m sorry but, she sound like two cats mating & then being struck by lighting while mating!

    • Tim says:

      She established herself as an artist AFTER Lennon’s death with the money HE has earned. She would never be able to become successful on her own, as to be successful one needs to be either really skilled at something or talant ed and original. YO is neither.
      YO was stalking Lennon, as well as other celebrities, whom she would fiquently invite to her pathetic “shows”. She abandoned her first husband along with with her child, but she got allowance from her first husband as she was incapable of taking care of herself financially, so somehow I see no established anything here, not before meeting Lennon, not after his death. An artist can be considered established if it was his or her art that has earned the recognition – that is precisely what YO cannot demonstrate.

  49. Seako says:

    Yoko Ono’s treatment of Julian Lennon show everyone the exact caliber of her being. The situation is like a guy who has a harem and the number one wife has the son who will inherit. Then the conovving second wife comes along, has a son and does all she can to usurp and get rid of the first wife and on.
    Yoko only fans are the ones who admire the money she got off John’s estate. I even feel sorry for Sean. She never wanted him, it was all John. I wish Cynthia Lennon had stood up to them, John and Yoko just for her sons sake. When John died Yoko told her she couldn’t come, but send Julian. That EVERYONE. Des what she says is astonishing! She is the personification of narcissism, delusion, dementia, and evil. She is so insular and out of touch. She never had ANY kind of talent. Never. Conceptual art can be very sophistocated but it can also be the medium if of such mediocre people like her.
    It is a good thing she has all that money because she has to pay people alot to tell her how great she is. The only reason why Paul is buttering her biscuit is to get her to agree to put his name first on the songs

  50. Anonymous says:

    It almost sounds like a mixture of a dolphin having an orgasm mixed with Dr. Evil’s famous “mwuahahaha” laugh. =)))

  51. Doric says:

    If John Lennon wasn’t borderline I don’t know who is. Abandoned by both parents will cause abandonment paranoia and engender feelings of chronic worthlessness, that combined make the suffer abandon close relationships because they fear they are so worthless that they will be abandoned eventually, a pain they cannot tolerate. Triggering self worth issues will make them rage in pain that they often express artistically. They are highly vulnerable to emotional predators who will isolate them from their friends and family to hold sway over them. Julian Lennon believes Yoko is a manipulator that targeted Lennon from the start. That the Beatles split when she arrived and her vulgar exploitation of his estate are red flags. She displays classic narcissistic traits.

  52. Anonymous says:


    • sertaneja says:

      That was exaxtly what I felt: a witch doing some incantation. I had the same feelings when I saw that video of she recording in 69 while Paul tries to play the piano. About 15 minutes of torture. If any of you would you like to watch it go to you youtube and write Annoying Yoko. It hurts. Hard to understand how people there could go on listening to her. And easy to understand why they could not go on together. Too sad. I have to say I did try to understand. I was not so much chocked by her at first. I even bought her book Grapefruit to see if I could understand. But later, after watching her on videos I could feel something really terrifyting The same bad vibe can be felt in the video for “How do you Sleep.”, when she cames to inform that “john has a message to Paul”. She was really enjoying herself. She was celebrating to see John hurting his fellow partner so badly. So I understand that woman is unable to love.

  53. Igor says:

    Also, Yoko Ono is the prime example of everything that’s wrong with women. Pretends to be a freedom fighter, trying to show that women are as capable of men, but her only achievement in life is having married a successful man and being responsible for not his death, but the end of his life. She’s a living joke. And one that makes me cry.

  54. Igor says:

    John saw a mother figure in Yoko Ono. John suffered from borderline personality disorder. It’s clearly recognizable in the Beatles’ first albums, for example “You really got a hold on me” and “If I fell”.

    When they first met, she said she didn’t know his music because she didn’t want to admit the tiniest possibility that she had analyzed all of John’s lyrics and his interviews.

    John was her bitch because she acted as his mother. She was also older than him and looked even older than she was. Yoko is a manipulative cunt and the Beatles would have existed a lot longer without her. Yoko Ono is the real person who single-handedly ended the 60s, not Charles Manson.

    • Doric says:

      John was borderline, I missed this, I just did a post, same conclusions. I’m sure she has NPD herself and Julian thought she targeted John from the beginning, she got into his head and turned him. BDP/NPD relationships far too common and the consequences are devestating. That’s how I lost my best friend.

    • donna says:

      “YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME” WAS NOT A BEATLES ORGINAL! It was written by Smokey Robinson! The Beatles did a remake of it!

      • sertaneja says:

        Yes., You really got a Hold on me, is not by Lennon/McCartney. However they recorded it because they appreciated it. It is possible John identifyed with the lyrics. I am not saying he identifyed Only that it’s possible.

  55. Yoko is and always will be popular and people bow down to her for one reason and only one reason — she marries one of the most famous people in the world.she isnt very good looking, I’ve seen her so called ‘art’ ,she cant sing, unless you call those primal screams singing(and I dont) and she has no talent of any kind. I cant imagine what she would be doing for a living if she had not married john.

  56. Oko Yono says:

    John should be alive, that bitch should be dead.

  57. Johnny says:

    Yoyo was and is a horrible, evil and manipulative woman. She pursued Lennon relentlessly for one reason-he was rich, Now she has his fortune, but no respect or goodwill from any Beatles fans. When she dies, the truth of her sordid life will be told.

    • john lennon was an abusive controlling boyfriend who wouldn’t let ono out of his sight because of his insecurity.

      • Oko Yono says:

        You’re a moron, mister.

      • Leah says:

        Yes this is the part everyone leaves out. John himself admitted to hitting the women in his life, in both the song Getting Better and in the famous Playboy interview. He was pathologically jealous (see the lyrics to his songs Run for Your Life, You Can’t do That, Jealous Guy). After the fling between George Harrison and Ringos wife, he wouldnt let Yoko even go to the bathroom alone. He was a violent drunk, almost beating someone to death in a bar. He was insecure and troubled. Although I love and adore him I’m under no illusions about how difficult a man he must have been to live with. So just remember that when you’re hating on Ono. John had many beautiful endearing qualities but the Mr Hyde in him would have made life hell at times for a woman as close to him as she was, don’t fool yourself.

  58. Russ says:

    Thank You, now I know i am not alone in this…..Hey, I even found this by googling “What did John Lennon see in Yoko Ono”

  59. transylvanianmyth says:

    Something is definitely putrid in this woman’s brain…As Julian said , she knew exactly what she was doing . She was into black magic , she sold her soul to the devil , she hypnotized John left , right and centre….She’s a cunt.

  60. maybe john needed “a total zero”to share his blessings with,no matter what the price
    people sometimes get tired of the well off around them and do lift a total zero as far up as possible,AND that’s exactly some zeroes goal,to get way up as high as possible with the most minimal effort possible…a philosophy hard to contemplate,but try and imagine…

  61. Bia Castro says:

    OMG!!! This article is o good!! I really think you’re right John deserved someone way better than her! When i watched the video me and my brother kept laughing at her for a whole hour!

  62. I gotta say she looks like that Japanese ghost from the movie, “Grudge” and has similar vocals. She is the ugliest woman I’ve seen so far with most horrid personality and a horrifying vocal. I don’t what is she thinking when she’s doing that cesspit fecal material but it’s reasonable to take that she is on some kind of drugs. My dog’s fart sounds better that her singing and my five year old socks has better personality!

  63. Bob says:

    I cant comment on whether she “broke up the Beatles” so I won’t go there. I am basing why I think she is an IDIOT on the fact that, firstly, I am a musician. I think I have a sliver of musical ability. There are alot of musicians we may poke fun at….Abba, Meatloaf, Justin Timberlake….the fact remains they have TALENT and what they do is JUSTIFIABLE. Yoko, on the other hand has 0% talent. What has she EVER DONE that was musically justifiable? NOTHING. Watch videos of her….she interrupts the band(s) can’t sing, Screeches pretty well, she has NOTHING to contribute. Even her appearance is annoying. John Lennon was WHIPPED…she wore the pants. John HAD to let her POISON the music. I can see clearly how she may have pissed off George, Ringo and Paul, who were very talented. And now Yoko has all this fame and fortune undeservedly. Take for example the 80’s duo “WHAM!” What purpose did Andrew Ridgely serve? NOTHING! Just like Yoko…a big, FAT nothing. FUCK HER.

    • tiff333 says:

      Actually, there’s an interesting explanation about why John Lennon was attracted to Yoko Ono judging from the Chinese astrological standpoint.

      According to the Chinese astrological analysis, the reason why John was attracted to Yoko is because John thought that Yoko Ono was the person who could help him to sustain himself.

      Before I explain John’s attraction to Yoko, let’s take look at both of John and Yoko’s Chinese astrological birth chart.

      John Lennon’s birth chart

      Birth hour: 18.30 PM (yin wood rooster)
      Birth day: 9 (yin wood rooster)
      Birth month: October (yang fire dog)
      Birth year: 1940 (yang metal dragon)

      From the chart above, it could be summarized that John Lennon was a person born with weak yin wood element and strong yang metal element. He lacked fire element on his birth chart to reduce the metal element and he also lacked water element on his birth chart to nurture his weak wood element. So, in short, John Lennon was born with weak and life-threatening element condition.

      Yoko Ono’s birth chart

      Birth hour: 20.30 PM (yang fire dog)
      Birth day: 18 (yin wood rabbit)
      Birth month: February (yang wood tiger)
      Birth year: 1933 (yin water rooster)

      From the chart above, it could be summarized that Yoko Ono was a person with strong yin wood element, then the additional yang wood element on her birth chart made her yin wood element stronger. She got plenty of yin water element and an adequate amount of yang fire element on her birth chart. So, in short, she was born with balanced element condition.

      Then, John Lennon became attracted to Yoko Ono because she got strong yin wood element and plenty of yin water element to grow his weak yin wood element. On the same time, John’s strong yang metal element was useful for Yoko to trim down her excessive yin wood element. As the result of the element match between John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the relationship between them was relatively close. So, according to the Chinese astrology, Yoko Ono’s element condition was suitable to help John Lennon to sustain himself.

      • Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

        Sorry, but it is bullshit. If this was true he had felt attraction to her since the first day. At first he simply could not stand her. When he met her at the gallery he run away crying for help. But she insisted and most men just have a very massive ego in such a way they think it is fantastic a person wants them so much. They have no idea women who stalks like that are unable to love, and once they get that they want ( men are objects to them, lke a trophy) they either leave them or incarcerate them. That is what Yoko did. Yoko also used the power of heroin , and some other strange substances as I heard, to control his mind. He lost his personality and…was simply destroyed because he developped the Stockholm sindrome. Sure, that is only my opinion, my intuition. But it is much better than this chart chinese stuff, because he really didn’t want her and all of sudden he declared he could not live without her. Somebody bad happpened. If it was about elements things were not so tragic.

  64. Sheryl says:

    Great article! And you’re right on about Chuck Berry’s WTF was that noise look! She pursued Lennon, he gave up Cynthua and Julian for her. Laughable. What she has done to Julian and the way she has treated him since John’s death is inexcusable!

  65. Lia says:

    You are completly right this is what I think of her too.She is horrible and evil.

  66. steve says:

    Yes well if the writer wasnt so full of hate for this woman he may of come off a bit better

    • breakinbadd says:

      haha I apologize for coming off like that. I will admit that I do hate her work and what she did to the Beatles.

      • Gary says:

        You don’t apologize. You had the appropriate amount of anger. Maybe a little too much restraint. She was basically showing up at her boyfriends work and expecting to participate with zero qualifications. Which would be wrong for any job john lennon might have had. If you worked at subway and your girlfriend started making sandwichs you get fired.

        • john lennon says:

          i must say, i agree with most of these malodorous emanations, though i may not be able to personally elucidate my reasons. can any of you actually state:

          “why you are so concerned about WTF yoko ono is doing now?”

          this is an octogenarian of little significance in 2014 . for other than having erected “peace towers” what has she done? exactly, NAFT. no yoko, having your sycophants put together a book of smiles doesn’t cut it. you wanna talk avant guarde? check marina abramovic y’all.

          anyway, i find it exceedingly interesting that we are so vehement with our invectives against this woman. somehow she manages to suck the living hate out from every pore. but why? is she not a single voice? perhaps this is exactly the type of dialogue she wishes to induce, so that she can maintain her relevance. if so, it is fairly erudite.

          come to think of it, enough BS!

          i hate how she looks, how she sounds, how she manipulates, how she lies, how she cheats, and how all around ice-hearted she is!

          can you believe that she (sold and therefore) made julian buy back the postcards to his own father from auction! that she tried to foil julian’s record launch by orchestrating the simultaneous launch of sean’s record? and that she coupled that strategy with threatening radio stations to pull beatle rights if they played any of julian’s songs! that she gave julian only 100’s of dollars per month from his fathers’ near billion dollar estate claiming “he would only get himself into trouble”??!!!! have you ever heard of a TRUST you half-wit? (exactly, she’s no “half-wit”, she just thinks julian is–and that he would believe her greed would be masked by such an insipid rationale.

          this is john’s first born son folks, fighting to make a living for himself and his mother while yoko and sean basque shamelessly, unabashedly in john’s fortune.

          now, just when it seems it cannot get worse, cast a glance at the myriad of tasteless marketing schemes of john’s name and work! (like she needed the money!) then, a simple google search brings to light allegations that yoko ‘manipulated’ many of john’s original works for market! colorized them, etc.! now if that is true, for the life of me i cannot think of a single justification for this! it would be an unforgivable crime! at least work on a copy of the original and call it a joint project–why (allegedly) forge john’s hand?

          julian: “thank’s, yoko, for the john lennon mug you sent me for my birthday!” (that’s right, it what she sent him, while sending the more pricy pieces, engraved on marble, to yoko’s friends.)

          ok. yes. of course i see the reasons we hate this person. they are abundantly clear. although, as ironic as it may sound, i am against this sort of general gossip — that is, without giving a person the opportunity to respond. at last i reason that just as we found this site, so can she–so we have equal rights to this venue.

          anyway, yoko can take the money, buy the sycophants, live in the dakota, keep the private planes, and the publishing rights, etc., but she cannot fool the people. no no, not ever.

          “PEACE AND LOVE!?” yea, whatever yoko. more like “CASH AND CARRY”.

          MAN, i wish john were here.

          i wish he could have seen this.

          do any of you actually believe he would have withstood any of this? one clue will be the ‘lost weekend’ (actually 18 months) when john split with may pang! they were together at least a year and a half! so yoko, what kind of “true love” is that? NOT — just another one of yoke’s thinly veiled attempts to hijack history and brainwash the people.

          her only control was to give him room to get the hell away from her! and she was smart here. she’s obviously been reading her ancestors book, the art of war. maybe in her last life she was a he! miyamoto musashi!

          anyway, let me end this by now boring tirade, we know of your greed yoko! sneaking out to apple headquarters store, armed with arms full of garbage bags, cleaning out the place the night before paul, george, ringo, and their families even had a look! incredible! WHY?

          we know of your manipulations! sending endless pleas to john insisting that he “help” ($$$$$$$) your dying ideas take flight in order to save the world! and you say you didn’t even know the beatles? HAR HAR HAR!!! WHY?

          when your advances to paul (yep! true dat!) were declined, you hit up george, then finally john! did it not bother you at all that you had a daughter? kyoko!!? WHY?

          then you wonder why kyoko kept running away from you!!!! didn’t it bother you (at all!?) that the lads were married? that john had a son!!?? WHY?

          you just had to keep pushing until you got your way!

          well, here you are yoko, you “won” the battles–but what did you win?

          you won lots and lots of money, but you are miserable, aren’t you? WHY?

          because you know in your heart how you did it. and you know, that in spite of all your money and your company of sycophants, we, the people, know as well.

          i’ll be interested to see how much of sean’s inheritance yoko will squander in order to preserve her legacy and fight to make YOKO as important as john?

          do you really think yoko will keep john’s ashes a secret? haha!

          you watch, they will be pulled out and mingled with her own, then built into a huge memorial where anyone wishing to pay their respects to john, will be forced to face YOKO as well.

          this, in my mind, will be her last chance redeem her name, IMO.

          if she allows the populace (or even her son sean) to make their own decisions on the funeral, the monuments/memorials, etc, without undue influence from her personal army PR experts, then she will have gained a little respect from this author.

          that said, a mere 3 minutes and 17 seconds at:

          would have been more that enough to make the case. this is a mere window onto the expansive land that is YOKO ONO.

          ps. anyone notice that like paul, she promulgates her own name while minimizing Lennon’s? if you disagree, why doesn’t she ever use her legal name? it’s yoko ono LENNON.

          come to think of it yea, FYO!!!!

          sorry, no time for proof-reading what will surely be a minefield of spelling/grammatical errors.


          • John Lennon Junior says:

            Dear John Lennon/Anon,

            your comment and declaration of pure frustration with putting up with 46 years of YO lies and bullshit is fantastic, thank you so very much for enlightening readers as to her conduct at Apple studios that reflects her true character.

            I ran into someone at a Beatles Fest who worked for Andy Warhol who off the record confirmed what I had heard, that YO was banned from Andy Warhol’s studio before going over to London to conquer John Lennon. After she and John moved to NYC, she was treated like rock royalty and was always welcome at Warhol’s studio with open arms. It makes me sick. She had burned all her bridges in NYC with the avant garde scene because she was not known so much as an artist in her own right, but as a “con-artist” one who rips off ideas from others. This was why she was banned from Andy Warhol’s studio along with having a notorious reputation for sleeping around.

            But I digress. She pays everyone off, she must be paying former livein gay boyfriend/lover Sam Hadvotay a small fortune to keep his mouth shut–Sam relocated back to Hungary far away from her.

            Has anyone taken a look at the similarity between childhood photos of Sean and a recent photo of David Spinozza, a former session guitarist who worked for John Lennon and was said to have an affair during the same time that John was on his “long lost weekend” with May Pang? Looks like Sean as a child resembles David much more than John. And it seems that Sean’s face has changed a lot, so that the adult Sean doesn’t look anything like the child he was. His eyes have changed, jawline/nose, why his face has changed so he looks like ….John Lennon.

            Could it be that his face has been deliberately changed via lots of plastic surgeries in this teens and 20s (and even 30s) ? What a horrible thing to do, to bully John back into a dead relationship for the sake of a baby that wasn’t even his own! OMG!

            here’s that photo of David in a rare interview from 2012. It’s very interesting that there are very few photos of him on the internet at all. Wonder if Yoko ended up paying him to go offline for nearly 40 years.


            now take a look at this rare side profile/front of a young 10 year old Sean, coincidentally done by Warhol, shortly before Warhol died in 1987:


            There are lots and lots of photos one can see where his face has literally metamorphosed into John’s, but he never looked like John as a young boy.

            So, how many plastic surgeries has he had to turn himself looking into John Lennon so no one ask the dreaded question: If Sean didn’t look like John’s son, whose son was he? I think the early photos of Seans compared to David Spinozza’s recent photo from 2012 answers that question.

            If anyone has any doubt that plastic surgery isn’t able to completely turn a face with Asian features into an Occidental or European face, take a look at these transformations here at several case studies feature Asians who want to look white, I’m sure that Sean qualifies for what he’s had done to him.


            I feel for Sean who has had to resort to surgery to change his face so he can get some attention as the “designated heir” to John’s fame and fortune. Poor kid, he was probably forced to undergo those surgeries by Yoko. If Sean had these surgeries before he became 18, she should be sued for child abuse at a minimum.

            BreakinBadd, are you man enough to post this?

            As Ringo says, Peace and Love man, Peace and Love!

          • John Lennon Junior says:

            Hi BreakinBadd, Just tried leaving a long comment, looks like it didn’t make it. Essentially looks like Sean’s had lots of plastic surgeries to look like his father, John Lennon, and that as a young boy, he looks a lot more like his mother, Yoko, but as a young boy, he really doesn’t look anything like John at all.

            In fact, he looks more like…that guitarist David Spinozza that Yoko was having an affair with while John was living with May Pang for 18 months. It seems David has gone off the grid of publicity since the mid-70s as there have been no photos I could find of him from the 70s/80s/90s except for this recent photo from an interview in Sept 2012:

            Notice how he won’t say anything about working with YO.

            Question: You also worked with Yoko Ono. Anything you’d like to say about it?
            Answer: “I certainly did and no.” (mind your own business)

            Could it be that Yoko paid David to stay out of sight, no photos and not to say a word about being a sperm donor?

            Here’s an Andy Warhol portrait done in 1986 of Sean with a rare side profile along with full face so Sean must have been only 10 years old:


            Again here’s another photo of a young Sean from 1987 (now he’s 12 years old) who looks more like the son of David Spinozza than John’s.

            several case studies feature Asians who want to look white, I’m sure that Sean qualifies for what he’s had done to him.

            Now look at some of these photos where Sean’s nose clearly has been changed so he also has a Lennon style “bump” like Julian:


            It’s quite clear that somewhere after Sean turned 12, his face started to change dramatically. Poor Sean who has spent a lifetime attempting to be someone else, to appear to be John Lennon junior when he isn’t even biologically related. Sean, I hate to break the news to you, but you’re the son of David Spinozza, not John Lennon’s son. So, it’s time for you to stop spending the rest of your life looking and being someone else that you’re not. good luck with that. best wishes for getting a life and an identity that isn’t controlled by your super control freak of a mother.

            • John Lennon Junior says:

              Oops this copy and pasted didn’t go through: here’s the photo of a 12 year old Sean Lennon who hasn’t had his face changed yet by a plastic surgeon’s knife:


              You can really see how Sean’s nose, his face have been changed. Wow! OMG!

              His mother is looking worried that he’s not looking anything like the son of John, that someone might realize he’s not John’s son after all.

              • Sherlock Holmes says:

                check out this photo of the likely dad Spinozza;

                you can see similarities with eyebrows, shape of the eyes and skin color to the 1987 photo of Sean. if this photo gets removed from the facebook photos, then look for “World Wildlife Benefit” & Spinozza. Apparently he didn’t want anything to do with YO per this article:


                Was It Just a Dream?

                by KATHRYN SANDERS

                One morning in August of 1973, Yoko Ono walked through her apartment in the Dakota into the office of the Lennons’ 22-year-old personal assistant, May Pang. Yoko closed the door and sat down. She lit a Kool. She told May that she and John weren’t getting along, which wasn’t a surprise to anyone who had been in the company of the Lennons during that time. She said she knew John would start seeing other women, and she was worried he would choose poorly, picking someone who would only use him. “You don’t have a boyfriend,” Yoko continued. May balked; she had no interest in John. He was her employer. He was married. “Don’t worry,” Yoko said, between puffs of her cigarette. “I’ll take care of everything.”

                Shortly afterward, John pursued May and they began a sexual relationship, shacking up in May’s studio apartment on the East side after evenings spent recording and mixing the album Mind Games. Despite the new dimension to their relationship, May continued working for the Lennons, helping John finish the album and acting as a gofer for Yoko. John was still officially living with his wife at the Dakota and it was starting to cramp his style, so in October, he and May headed to Los Angeles under the guise of promoting the album while staying in various friends’ homes.

                John wanted to do two things in LA – he wanted to sing on an album of songs that inspired him to become a musician, and he wanted to produce another artist. He wanted to make music, but he didn’t want to make John Lennon albums. For the former, he enlisted Phil Spector to produce his oldies record, and the latter, he chose Beatles’ pal Harry Nilsson, whom Lennon once called his “favorite American artist.”

                While preparing to record, John and May moved to a house in Santa Monica. Many of the other musicians were also friends who stayed in the house with them – Keith Moon, Klaus Voormann, and Ringo Starr, among others. Yoko called every day, usually multiple times, talking to John about everything from where she went shopping, how she was suicidal, her solo career, how she had a boyfriend. She wouldn’t say who it was, but John quickly guessed, and was right – David Alan Spinozza, a session guitarist who was working with Yoko on her latest album.

                Back in New York after completing Harry’s album Pussy Cats, John and May got their own apartment on East 52nd Street. Yoko still phoned them regularly. She initially had tried to talk them into getting their own apartment next to hers at the Dakota, an idea which May immediately vetoed. Meanwhile, Yoko’s solo album and career weren’t doing as well as she anticipated. She and David Spinozza had split up after he suggested Yoko stop using John’s money to produce her albums. He said that if she wanted to be an artist in her own right, she should stop using John’s name. She told David he was unsupportive.

                So perhaps yoko figured out a way to for David to become an involuntary sperm donor without him having a clue that she was going to use it for later use at a fertility clinic in case she couldn’t get pregnant after getting back together again with John in Feb 1975. Perhaps she had it all mapped out in 1974 and early 1975 but the artificial insemination from a fertility clinic takes time…perhaps and that’s how the miracle baby Sean came to be.

              • sertaneja says:

                It didn’t seem to me his face changed. Who told about this plastic thing? Any proof? Guess it is not true at all. Something like “Paul is dead” thing. I see no reason to think John is not the real father.

                • Sean Lennon was born with different nose and face says:

                  Sean’s face is completely different, various features of his face keep moving around if you study his face from when he was 5, it’s quite clear. No plastic surgeons/nurse/staff will come forward because they would be thrown into jail and sued for millions of dollars. this isn’t anything like the “paul is dead” crap, I don’t suscribe. No media will cover this until DNA results are submitted and Sean and the real father will never ever submit to voluntary DNA testing. Someday it will all come out, time is on our side.

                  • sertaneja says:

                    Well, I have been looking at this face and could not see anything different. And he also doesn’t look like this guy people here are talking about. But if this is true, then it has to be discovered because it is serious. There must be a way to proove it.

          • friend of John Lennon says:

            I just re-read your comment, I have to say my respect has increased for putting pen to paper and writing the truth since I first read your comment, thank you again.

            Regarding the ashes, I have learned from a former researcher who once worked for the late Albert Goldman that YO would get aroused by shagging or whatever she does with vibrators and her gay men lovers by putting John’s ashes below/next to the bed, she’s like some kind of a real psychopath who gets off defiling John Lennon.

            It’s like she’s continually shitting on him on a personal level privately while latching herself to his fame and fortune which she has usurped for herself and son Sean who is NOT John’s biological son. I wish someone could test Sean’s DNA and publish the results which would show he was NOT John’s biological son. Rumor has it that she used ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION with a certain session guitarist who scorned her in the summer of 1974 by taking the used condoms (and whatever she saved in her mouth into a glass jar sitting by the bed, if you (dear session guitarist who still refuses to admit that Sean is his real son) will remember after she did her famous mind blowing blowjobs). Cryo sperm banks were just opening up in the early 1970s in NYC and it was a wildwest frontier then, no laws had been put on the books about what one could do. So either took the glass jar over to the sperm bank during business hours or had a special low temp refrigerator to store until the next day.

            YO would do something heinous like this, that’s the kind of person she is, having sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune, betraying the love of a man who loved her more than anything, manipulating him, using him, controlling him without loving him. She was an emotional Atilla the Hun or some sort of mid-evil Japanese warrior who spiritually and emotionally and financially raped and pillaged one John Winston Ono Lennon.

            So John wrote the songs Mind Games and Instant Karma really as a reminder to her that in the end, when all is said/sung and done, she still has karma to pay for what she’s done to John and is still doing this day.

          • JustMyOpinion says:

            Paul McCartney IS NOTHING LIKE Yoko Ono!
            Unlike Yoko, Paul has every right to promulgate his own name. He was there from the beginning and his memories of events in his life, from his point of view, are just as valid as John’s. He was only trying to correct the record, seeing as that a lot of misinformation and downright lies were blanketed to the music press after the breakup of the Beatles (thanks to mind controlled Lennon and manipulating Yoko.) Plus, Beatle inner circle friends and those outside the circle, confirmed much of Paul’s version of things including witnesses that are now deceased but were alive to give quoted recollections as they happened and during the researching of so many Beatles books.
            And let’s not forget, Paul loved and still loves John Lennon, the REAL John Lennon warts and all not some phoney revisionist St John Christ of Assisi so many Lennonistas blindly worship. It is argueable if Yoko ever really did.

          • JustMyOpinion says:

            BreakinBadd why have you deleted both of my comments? One on Yoko’s always butting in interviews, answering questions addressed to John while allowing him to heap worshipful praise on her uninterrupted and NEVER recepricating with adoring words of love right back to him.
            And two, I stated and it bears repeating that Paul McCartney IS NOTHING LIKE Yoko Ono! Unlike Yoko, Paul has every right to promulgate his own name. He was there from the very beginning. His memories of the Beatle experience from his point of view is just as valid as John’s. He’s not diminishing John Lennon.
            McCartney is only trying to correct the record of misinformation and downright lies that blanketed the music press after the Beatle breakup thanks in part to a drug addled, mind controlled Lennon manipulated byYoko.(You know he was and she did) Paul’s versions of events are frequently backed up by longtime trusted Beatle inner circle friends and witnesses outside of the circle. It’s okay if your favorite Beatle is John Lennon but lets not forget that Paul knew, loved and still loves John, the REAL John Lennon gifted but humanly flawed, not the revised sainted John Christ Lennon of
            Assisi. C’mon!
            Are you gonna delete these comments too?

          • Tim says:

            I have to agree with every word you have written. Yoko thrives on negativity surrounding her passing through Lenon’s life. It WAS in fact merely a passing, and only Lenon’s death made the presence of Yoko somewhat significant. I have a suspicion that were John alive, Yoko would be long gone out of his life.
            How she got into Lenon’s life… I suppose a lot of manipulation combined with Lenon’s fancying Asian girls and almost certainly Yoko’s sexual preferences, which can be a very strong convincing power for a man trying all his life to escape The Routine in everything. What else an ugly pretentious woman can offer to a a good looking intillegent man? Right, a good blowjob, what else can it be….

            • Just Gimme Some Truth says:

              Hi Tim,

              Yes of course she was well known for doing the very best mindblowing blowjobs of all time,and that’s why John let her into his Rolls Royce back in the summer of 1967. so his relationship with her started with blowjobs, then John was so out of his mind taking acid and she got him to try heroin and he got hooked by her and the big H.

              Then she began slipping more drugs and different drugs into his tea to “keep him” along with her horrific commands to order John to do anything she wanted him to do.

              oh well. beware of mindblowing blowjobs… but too late now.

              • sertaneja says:

                Of course it can be true. I am just wondering how to know about this blow job thing? Curious here. Was it printed in any publication? As for Heroin we all know for sure. She iniciated him on it. And even so lots of people still thnk she was a good influence on him. How come?

                • Why John Loved Good BlowJobs says:

                  Let’s think this over: John’s driver “Les Anthony” knew where Yoko lived when she jumped into John’s limo and sat between John and Cynthia in mid-August 1967. it was said the John’s Les gave her a ride home without having to ask where she lived which means he knew her address because he had driven her home before. Yoko’s jumping into the back of John’s Roll Royce and sitting between John and Cynthia has discussed in several books, Peter Brown’s ‘The Love You Make’ and several others.

                  So John would never “brag’ to anyone about Yoko’s blowjobs and thus anyone who has had the experience of having had one her world famous blowjobs while she was Mrs. Lennon and then as a widow, would have had to sign a NDA and confidentiality agreement.

                  Of course, Yoko’s sexual prowess has not been written about anywhere but one can surmise that John wouldn’t have allowed Yoko to “jump into the back of his Rolls Royce” unless she had proven herself extremely talented in the blowjob department.

                  though I have never had the pleasure of meeting John Lennon, I have read about his many infidelities and his insatiable sex drive and he probably thrived on really great oral sex and probably had a weakness for it. So, he probably let her in, knowing she would blow him off in the back of the Rolls and then knowing that the chauffeur would be dropping her off soon after. That interaction was completely safe for him, I’m sure.

                  Again this is all conjecture. I have not met any of Yoko’s lovers so they can’t be sued for having disclosed anything about their relationship with Yoko.

                  what I’m doing is merely piecing things together, one piece of the puzzle at a time, and taking a different look at it, instead of merely sweeping it under the rug.

                  Somewhere in Cynthia Lennon’s ‘Twist of Lennon’ and from Albert Goldman’s ‘Lives of Lennon’ in this excerpt, this intrusion of Yoko jumping into Lennon’s car is discussed. The excerpt below was from an article that appeared in People Magazine here:


                  “One night, when John and his wife Cynthia stepped into the backseat of their limo, Yoko threw herself between them. Promptly deposited at her own door, she shifted her beat next to Kenwood, John’s Tudor-style mansion outside London, where she hung about in such dreadful weather that Mrs. Powell, Cynthia’s mother, took pity on her and admitted her to the house so that she might call a cab. Yoko took advantage of the opportunity to plant a ring, which she could return later to reclaim. She also began bombarding John with notes, begging for money to present her art and threatening, ”If you don’t support me, that’s it! I’ll kill myself!” ”

                  Yoko has been described as starting out as a very determined stalker here:


                  “That’s an understatement. Once Yoko met John and after he supported one of her art projects, she began an all-out campaign to wind up with him. According to Brown’s book, Yoko went to the Apple offices in London day after day in an attempt to see him again. When that didn’t work, she went to Abbey Road studios so often that the security guards “used to joke that she was part of the fence and once she threatened to chain herself to the gates in an attempt to get in to see John.”

                  Then, Brown writes, Yoko began showing up at John’s house. First came phone calls, then letters, then she showed up in person and stationed herself in the driveway. As Brown recalls in his book, “She sood there from early in the morning until late at night, no matter what the weather, wearing the same scruffy black sweater and beat-up shoes, so intense and scowling that the housekeeper was afraid to go near her.”

                  At that point in his life, Lennon wanted no more to do with Yoko but she persisted and one night caught up with John and Cynthia as they were leaving a London lecture on transcendental meditation. “When [the lecture] was over,” Brown and Gaines wrote, “[Yoko] followed them out of the lecture hall and into the backseat of John’s psychedelically hand-painted Rolls-Royce limousine and sat herself down between them.”

                  The couple dropped Yoko off at the home she was then sharing with her husband! Reading stories like this makes me shake my head in wonder.”

                • Blowjobs conquer all says:

                  Hi Sertaneja,

                  chew on this quote:


                  According to John’s driver, Les Anthony, he and Yoko used to do their courting, to put it politely, in the back of the car while I was driving them around.

                  In any case, Les Anthony accompanied Lennon and was able to observe first hand what happened when John and Yoko met for the first time.

                  “Yoko took one look at John and attached herself to him like a limpet mine–with much the same destructive effect,” recalled Lennon’s driver, Les Anthony. “She clung to his arm while we went around the exhibition, talking away to him in her funny little high-pitched voice until he fled.” — Barry Miles, Many Years From Now

                  “In those first days, before John left Cynthia, he and Yoko used to do their courting, to put it politely, in the back of the car while I was driving them around.” According to Les Anthony, who was certainly in a position to know, the time between meeting and mating was exactly three weeks. — Albert Goldman, “John Lennon: In the Hard Day’s Light”

                • George again says:

                  The closest John comes to “confessing” about the power of Yoko’s mindblowing blow jobs is in this John Lennon Interview: St. Regis Hotel, New York City 9/5/1971 that can be accessed on this webpage:

                  “As she was talking to me I would get high, and the discussion would get to such a level that I would be going higher and higher. And when she’d leave, I’d go back into this sort of suburbia. Then I’d meet her again and my head would go off like I was on an acid trip. I’d be going over what she’d said and it was incredible, some of the ideas and the was she was saying them, And then once I got a sniff of it I was hooked. Then I couldn’t leave her alone. We couldn’t be apart for a minute from then on.”

                  so Yoko became John’s blowjob buddy, his fellow acid/drug mate, someone who would take him away from his boring wife and family life in the suburbs and be only too happy to get higher and higher on new hard drugs and tantric sex practices that paid Japanese geisha women would perform, that is redirecting life force energy from the man so that it goes back up his spine into his brain and third eye he has a mental orgasm along with a physical one.

                  The grass was greener (literally) on the other side because Cynthia refused to do drugs and John was taking more and more drugs in 1967/68 and so John got addicted to the “high” from the shared drugs and sex and the illusion that he was with an equal who was a fellow artist.

                  The line “then I’d meet her again and my head would go off like I was on an acid trip,” is essentially saying that she would give him the best mindblowing oral sex of all time in the back of his Rolls and this was better than the boredom of being a husband in a traditional marriage living in Kenwood.

                  What John didn’t understand is that in the long wrong he was much worse off with shacking up with a druggie and master manipulator and he fell for everything that Yoko said. John had a very soft spot at times and a need to believe in magical thinking which of course Yoko encouraged, and also demanded from John.

                  • sertaneja says:

                    Thank you. It sounds that drugs were even more important for me. But that combination was powerful. He wanted to get higher and higher. She provided him this “negative happiness”, if I could say so. Fake happiness. Not for his benefit but for her benefit. I imagine ( this is only my imagination) she also provided him a way to be much talked about that when with The Beatles. Before Yoko he had to share the limelight with Paul, Ringo and George, specially Paul who was always full of great ideas. Suddenly John and Yoko became the talk of the town. It gave him the false impression he would have a better solo carreer than with his mates and that she was a better partner than Paul. And it started sort of well with Plastic Ono Band, which indeed was a very good album. Only that Ringo and George were with him in this project and she was not composiing silly things like Oh sister Oh sister. He fell in love with being even more famous than before, taking risks, posing naked…things he could not do with The Beatles. They would not pose naked for a cover album, ( that would have been quite interesting, as a matter of fact). Most things he did with Yoko, in my opinion, were ridicolous, like screaming inside a bag. But she made him believe that was being avant garde. Of course it was not. Avang garde was Paul’s loops idea for Tomorrow never Knows. That song is a masterpiece and he did with his true band. It seems he started thinking everything Beatles were rubbish. What a mistake. It seems also that she manipultated the media! Because how come a declaration like this one didn’t show to everybody else John was in total danger? How come some people still think she was a good influence on him? OMG, she indeed sort of destroyed him.

                    • Tim says:

                      The majority of people are of a very mediocre intelligence, so I would not be questioning why some of them think that YO had a positive influence on JL.
                      You know, about 10 years ago I came to realization that mass media via television has managed to turn 80% of the Earth population into cattle. One. That day I turned off the TV and never watched it ever since.

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