The Business Behind Big Pharma & The Supression of Hemp and Marijuana in American Society

By: Lou Catarino
Victoria, BC, Canada

Part 1: The Health Benefits of Marijuana & Efficiency of Hemp Products in a Society

In this day and age, it is becoming incredibly difficult to deny the countless benefits of marijuana as medicine.  Big Pharma and governments have been found guilty, repeatedly, of concealing the evidence that marijuana is not only harmless but has the potential to become the mother of all cures.

It’s called science. Regrettably, it looks like science has been prostituted by big business and made to say whatever those who hold the purse strings want it to say. The emerging fact is that marijuana is not only a powerful medicine that will help alleviate suffering but also that marijuana might have a potentially beneficial effect on preventing and curing deadly diseases like cancer.

So why do our political leaders refuse to see the scientific facts? 

Is it just ignorance or something else?

health benefits of marijuana cannabis weed

Science doesn’t lie: Marijuana has been proven to be beneficial to your health and overall well-being.

Major Concerns About Big Pharma:

Our elected leaders should be representing us. Our will should be their agenda.  The overwhelming majority of BC residents want marijuana decriminalized. Perhaps there are other forces at play here. It’s no big secret really. Big Pharma has been known to lobby politicians, especially in the US,  to keep marijuana illegal. They want to peddle their deadly and nasty man-made drugs to an exhausted population that is so stressed out by modern life that it cannot function without some form of medication. Pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol are acceptable remedies to the establishment. They kill but they make profits. Marijuana can grow on the side of the road. Anyone with a basic green thumb can crop a crop in their living room. No profits for corporations. No dividends.

My point is that medicine should be freely available to all humans. Medicine should never have let the profit motive to enter its realm. It’s too late now. Medicine is now overwhelmingly owned by the Big Pharma corporations. Follow the money. It’s that simple.

Big Pharma companies stand to lose billions of dollars in revenues if people suddenly realized the wickedness of their lies, and realized that the pharma drugs are poison for the most part.  People are finally realizing that marijuana, a plant, a weed really, could actually replace most pharma drugs more efficiently and without side effects. Don’t believe me ? Do your own search on how many deaths are attributed to pharma drugs annually. And then, do a similar search for marijuana.  We are talking about thousands of annual deaths in North America by the pharma drugs compared to zero deaths from marijuana. This reality is obscenely evil for lack of a better descriptor.

benefits of hemp marijuana cannabis weed

Hemp is quite useful for many consumer products.

I am not even talking about the other side benefits of growing marijuana: Hemp.

It could replace all plastics and other chemically destructive man made products. Hemp has been known to have at least 5000 different uses. Textiles, papers, housing, automobiles. etc. It requires no pesticides. But that’s for another post. Let me just say one final thing about hemp. It has been replaced by plastics, pesticide-infused cotton,  and other destructive man- made stuff. Guess who created this situation ?  Yup, you guessed it: The oil and chemical companies.

Marijuana has been criminalized by the pill pushers of Big Pharma the same way hemp was dealt with by the oil and chemical companies. The unholy trio of  oil, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies are responsible for a significant amount of devastation on the planet. This unholy trio is also responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths. How do you measure this kind of evil?

Anyway, I think you get the idea of where I am coming from on this issue.  And you have pondered in your mind the validity of laws that aim to curtail behavior just because it is not understood or accepted  by the indoctrinated masses fed on a daily dose of media lies and distortions, right ? If you curtail me then I should be able to curtail you. That’s only fair.

The other half of this post is more practical. I know someone that wants to try cannabis as medicine but she is a nurse. In Canada, nurses work mostly for the government. Some local governments might insist on drug tests. I am not aware of this happening in Canada but what do I know ? This is a big country.  Anyhow,  the general public is just beginning to question the lies that governments, the media, and the so-called experts have been saying thru the side of their mouths for way too long now.

Part 2-How to Obtain Medical Marijuana in Canada

So this is now a practical guide for obtaining “legal” marijuana in Canada. Worth a look at if you live anywhere else in the world as well. The legal aspect of marijuana in Canada is perhaps a bit complex for this post, so I will link some articles referring to the issue at the bottom.

This gets confusing immediately. Let’s keep it simple: There are two kinds of licenses for medical marijuana in Canada. One is issued by Health Canada in Ottawa. They have issued approximately 4000 licenses so far. That’s out of 34 million Canadians. Do the math. It’s just a shell game. No purpose whatsoever . Just another bureaucratic government agency bloated by tax dollars and pseudo-science.

The marijuana that this agency has been growing in the prairies has been universally despised and rejected by those who need it most. Let’s forget about these far-away ivory towers engorged bureaucrats.

The other kind of license is easier to obtain but that is the part that is in limbo legally. The law is changing rapidly. Prosecutors and police are playing a waiting game. But it looks like the tide is changing finally. Just last week, crown counsel dropped the charges of trafficking against Owen Smith.

Wait for this: He was baking cookies for a compassion club in his apartment. These charges were heavy on Owen’  shoulders since 2009.

The Facts:

All you need is for your physician to sign a consent form. You can download it online from a compassion club.  Get your doctor to sign it and take the form to the club of your choice. There are three in this town of ~150,000 people.  That’s basically it. That was the hard part. By the way, if your doctor refuses to sign the forms, do yourself a favor and change doctors. We need educated avant-garde minds in this battle.

medical marijuana benefits weed cannabis canada

The best medicine, with no harmful side effects!

My particular club has a $15 annual membership fee which gives you the following options:

1) High grade marijuana at a very reasonable price. Better than the street dealers so-to-speak. Sold by the gram.

2) Cannabis cookies. 1/4 of a cookie is the equivalent of 2 joints. It’s relative.

3) Cannabis infused olive oil. Drink it or cook with it. Delightful on the digestive system.

4) Cannabis infused aeromist. Spray it on your tongue.

5) Brownies

All the products above are of the highest quality.

By the way, most members find that they smoke far less marijuana once they have access to cannabis products. Harm reduction in reality.

There are a few more privileges that come with the membership but I’ll leave that for discovery.
Finally, click on this link to see how a compassion club operates:

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me for more info! 🙂



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