A Look Back at the 2012 NFL Season (GIFS)

Even if you hate football (you’d be crazy if you did) you will love this post.

Now that the NFL post season is coming to an end, with the San Francisco 49ers facing the Baltimore Ravens in the Superbowl 2 weeks from now, most people will have to resort to some other hobbies and interests to fill in that void. This doesn’t include you, football hater, but you will be highly entertained by these hilarious and awesome GIFS of the 2012-2013 NFL football season.

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Replacement Refs

First, lets start with the mess that was the replacement refs. These guys had me cracking up literally every minute of every quarter of every game. Remember when Bill Belichick almost fought one of them? LMAO.

nfl gif 2

Probably the only guy that can get away with putting his hands on a ref.

And then we had refs that didn’t know which way to stand. This guy faced the wrong way while announcing penalties multiple times in one game. What an idiot.


And the refs that didn’t know which way to point, ever.


Refs that were scared of footballs..



Although the NFL has taken away the celebrations, some players still get away with a few awesome dances.

Gangham style!


The Pee Wee Herman

gif 8

“Hynocerous” Hynoski’s Rhino dance

gif 9

Gronk Spike !

gif 10


Some of the best plays of 2012

gif 12

This is fucking amazing.

gif 13

and this.. gif 14

Best cuts I’ve seen in years.

gif 17

My man Reggie Wayne making his routine catches.

gif 19

Ed Reed got hurdled..

gif 20


Oh, and that security guard

nfl gif 1

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