The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed (VIDEO)

This video was published earlier this week and already has over 5,000,000 hits, it is definitely worth some consideration and deep thought. Don’t ever believe the first thing you hear through the mainstream media, take it upon yourself to research the facts and validate your opinions. The surface is not what it may seem to be sometimes…


Too many weird coincidences for me.

Although we may never truly know what happened in Sandy Hook, shouldn’t we at least be somewhat interested in the truth? There are too many missing links and the official story we are being bombarded with is constantly being altered. I want to believe that everything is being done in our best interests, but I am having trouble seeing any real progress.

Is our freedom in America merely an illusion?

Additional Information: sources used for video:

Helicopter footage:

Multiple Shooters:

Medical Examiner:

Gene Rosen:

Facebook Page DEC 10:

Robbie Parker:
Obama Pics:

FEMA drills:

Sites up before shooting :

Nurse Sally Cox –

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  2. Cathy Rider says:

    My question is where are thes school buses, that are usually outside of schools? There should have been buses outside of the school to get the kids out of there.

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