Dreams Aren’t Free, The Mental Price of Happiness

The grasp on reality in today’s modern society is so diluted with sugar and spice that it’s hard to find something that is truly real.

Are You “Living Up to The Standards” of Modern Day Society?

the mental price of happiness

What is the mental price of happiness for our generation?

The apex of people’s lives is strictly appearance and we as men and women have developed a very strong sense of showmen ship. I completely understand why kids and even adults today lose their sense of pride and confidence. We are constantly spoon fed to look and act a certain way if you want to appear to be attractive to society standards. Through the mainstream media and the social media outlets, how can we not get lost and feel empty and low?

I myself at times find myself to be a victim of this constant revolving crime. I’ve always heard of kids “slipping through the cracks” and I myself have witnessed this witty term first hand. Unfortunately, in these times I’m starting to see a different way in which the world is starting to turn. kids are not slipping through the cracks because there are no more cracks. The cracks are gone and have turned into edges.  Kids aren’t slipping anymore, they’re being kicked off into a canyon without a bungee cord.

You were always told to follow your dreams and you can be whatever you want to be, anything in the world you can do. I believe in this idea quite strongly, there is absolutely no limitation to what you can do with a positive mind. But the problem is that corrupt political media and politicians seem to think other wise. The guide lines sound simple enough, stay in school, graduate college, find your dream job and that’s happiness. If everyone you see on TV and read about in the paper are so pro higher education than why do these leeches who are already fat with blood keep raising the price on following your dreams?

It seems to me that both sides of the field are being played here. You tell me to follow what I love, but you control the price of me getting to that point. Apparently at least 60-80,000$ per individual is not enough. People graduate with degrees in their desired field but once they graduate they need to start paying off loans, completely understandable. What the shame is that for the average American graduate, it is very difficult to find a job in your field within 6 months of graduating, and as you know college aged students don’t have large savings accounts. This is the neutral zone a lot of people end up getting trapped in. You pick up a shit job you hate just to get by for a little while and before you know it, your planning your retirement asking your self “what the fuck just happen and where the fuck did time go?”That is a piece of this jigsaw puzzle that was at once together, but is now in a million pieces all over the floor.

This lifestyle is what many of the unawakened college graduates will experience if they don’t develop their conscious awareness of the larger situation at hand. Once you understand this, you can consciously affect the direction and outcome of your life, it just takes time and commitment.

Music: The Universal Language

Another side of culture that I have witnessed gone to hell is mainstream music. Something you and I value very highly, or at least you should because music is the universal language. Anyone can enjoy music, no matter your material possessions. You can speak English, Japanese, Spanish, German, hell you can speak whatever you please. But one thing you can all agree on is if you hear a good rhythm followed with a steady beat, that will crack a smile on anyone. But once again we managed to screw that up too. I know that in order for music to constantly progress, it needs to change and adapt to usually what is going on in the world.

jeff deluca art gallery

“A generation that lost something that can not be found”

Now for my generation we’ve got this crap that sounds like Optimus Prime having sex with another transformer. Maybe this is how music is supposed to adapt to what’s happening in our world today. The bass is real low along with everyone’s self-esteem, followed by the same repeating few lines with a catchy little high-pitched electronic sound. This concept could relate to us as people making the same mistakes and often because of the same excuse we can’t get our mind off of.

The days of rock and roll are dead and long gone, replaced with lights and sounds you can’t possibly understand because you threw back a few bombs or because maybe it snowed just a little too much. This era in music is not a lifestyle, it is a fad. Answer me this question, 19-24 year olds… you still collect Pokemon cards? Exactly, just like you got over Pokemon cards you soon will get over yourself dressing like you’re on the red carpet and your days of spinning glow sticks will be over. People change all the time.

This generation is doomed for the un-enlightened, with no one to blame but the existing mainstream media mess. We didn’t come up with this mess on our own. We are harassed every day to have the perfect body and all the material possessions, otherwise we are made to believe society will look down upon us. Will this quicksand of low self-esteem ever end? Will we ever stop focusing our attraction on the soul principle of only physical attraction and material possessions? Please comment and leave your response as to what you believe. But as for me that is the sound, a generation that lost something that can not be found.



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