The Magical Power of Positive Energy

I try to view my life as a cocoon, focusing on one task at a time towards positive progression.

The caterpillar is not the most attractive thing Mother Nature has given us. It starts out as this little thing that is kind of just slumming around, and doesn’t take anything too seriously. But one day it gets an urge to focus on itself and pursue its undying urge to do what it is meant to do. The caterpillar will wrap itself up and start to control everything it does by focusing on its main goal, to flourish.

caterpillar cocoon butterfly

Are you making the conscious effort to flourish and live in abundance?

In only a few days time, it is finished, and emerges as something completely different and beautiful. Just by focusing all of its energy into its inner drive, the caterpillar gives itself the ability to flourish. This example not only applies to the caterpillar, but to us human beings as well.

If we focus on a positive mind-set of thoughts, we too have the ability to emerge as something different and beautiful. If you can not commit to yourself and what you truly love and feel, you will never find that utopia of happiness. Removing negative thoughts and emotions is a way it can begin.

Yes, it does sound difficult and that’s because it is. But notice what you’re saying, “difficult” not the word “impossible”. It is very difficult to remove these things from your life but it is entirely possible. All it takes is focus and belief in your inner drive.

We can control our environment and the world around us with our emotions and mind, but most people don’t take that too seriously. I’m not saying you have the force and can get the remote from across the room just by simply holding your hand out like Luke Skywalker. What I’m saying is if you have positive intentions and energy in your heart towards good things and creating happiness around you, then you will find your self living in an entirely different world.

Progression stems from emotion, if your heart is not into it, then it will happen. The only reason people truly succeed is because they have a will and emotional strength that refuses to accept failure. Yes failure does happen, but it does not last for successful people because they push past the negative emotion and relentlessly pursue their goals.

Shaping your surroundings and mind can be extremely beneficial as long as it is accepted and taken seriously. This won’t happen over night or in
a week. When the little things that bother you discretely leave your mind, it makes an incredible difference. Because you’re so focused on what you want, and making the things around you better, your body will actually radiate a positive energy that other humans can pick up on and feel.

the magical power of positive energy

Radiate Positivity

I know this because I have met people that radiate this positive energy, and I also have been told from other people that they have
felt it from me. There are things about the human body and mind that people refuse to understand because it sounds crazy and outlandish. Movies have portrayed “powers” as a ridiculous thing like shooting fire out of your hands. Humans do have powers, but they are not to that extent, so people blow them off instead of harnessing them.

When someone can feel positive and good energy from another person, that IS a power. If you can push and radiate good feelings to another person, that in its self is an EXTREME power. It can be as simple as someone walking into a room and bringing a smile to your face, that is a positive emotion that person just gave you by being present in your life.

Having a positive outlook on everything, and having good intentions in your heart does transcend into other people because we all have the same feelings and emotions at the core level. The “X-Factor” is just who chooses to use their mind to control them into shaping a positive lifestyle to focus on their good intentions for themselves and their surroundings. Every time they’re seen it brings a smile, warmth, and manifests positive vibes and energy into every thing around you.

It’s not the cut six-pack you have, or the mascara you apply to your face, but the ability to radiate that good and positive energy. This is the true beauty we as humans fall in love with. You can control it and show it to others, just believe. We are all just like caterpillars, we just choose different times to commit to that positive energy to become beautiful butterflies.

When will you begin? 🙂


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