dream and discover.

Fear and Wonder, or Dream and Discover?

I don’t live in fear and wonder. I would rather dream and discover.

fear and wonder, dream and discover

Dream & Discover

I want to discover the true potential of our brain, our body, and our skills.

We all as humans have them it’s just we haven’t found the right source to tap into what we are all genetically good at. If f we try we can do some cool shit, but it is human instinct to believe that you will FAIL in whatever you believe in. You might think you will also fail in whatever you actually REALLY want to do.

That’s incredibly depressing.

I hate that mindset.

I know I always ramble on about positive thinking, but if you think positive,ย  positive things will happen.

I’m sure people find this concept old, and not as inviting as it first was. The human brain gets bored with repetitive thinking and repetitive actions. That is simply the majority of the human psyche. This is why “successful” people sometimes fall off and become “not as good as they used to be.” Some people get bored very easy, it’s just simple human nature.

Not for me.

I found what I love, and I found the yellow brick road. At the end of my yellow brick road isn’t a fake wizard or people looking for answers to fill the gaps missing in their life. At the end of my yellow brick road is happiness. Self happiness. Not for anyone else.

Selfishness can be very bad and gets so discouraged in our current time that we haven’t been able to make SERIOUS movements as a species since the dawn of the light bulb. This little black cell phone thing is cool, and shiny, and amusing, but if anything, it’s closing us off.

When was the last time you made a phone call, or mailed a physical letter?

An overwhelming majority of people don’t “communicate” anymore. Everything you see in our super advanced technological culture mostly consists of texting or emailing. I often joke with the girls I’m friends with because they LITERALLY text each other when they are in THE SAME ROOM. I tell them “Hey! Check out this sick new app, it assigns everyone seven digits and when you put in someone else’s digits you can actually hear the voice and talk to them on their little black device!”

You would be insulted at how many girls have fallen for that.

I used to fall for it too! ๐Ÿ™‚

If there were as many people who believed in positive progression as there were people who believe in the ILLUSION of negative thoughts, who the fuck knows where we could be right now as a PLANET.

There are so many people who doubt you IMMEDIATELY when you approach them with a farfetched idea to the point where it has become disgusting.


Why is the unrealistic not possible?

We simply do not have enough people questioning the laws of humanity due to the fact that almost everyone is suppressed by the current state of the financial situation and American economy. God forbid I lose 6.5 million dollars when I am worth 100 million.

dream and discover

The vast universe.


I don’t understand.

Donald trump is rich as fuck right?

If I were him I’d invest whatever “pocket change” into the impossible. Pocket change to him IS 6.5 million.

I wish I could just show the light onto one person to push the positive energy. I think that process may already beginning to start for a lot of us.

I want to push for greatness and not self wealth. The things we could achieve if we just stopped thinking about our own self wealth would be unbeatable. Human beings are the mentally strongest, advanced, yet overall weakest thing on this planet.

We have built steel wonders that can touch the sky, and fly you from one end of the floating rock to the other. Metal birds hurling through the skies folks.

I think most of all we have built a RACE. There is no black, white, or whatever the fuck “color” you see someone else as. That person has a pulse, a mind, and a dream. We are all beautiful, yet we all choose different paths and sometimes they are not all the best choice. We cannot keep chasing the body we see on TV or in magazines. We need to stay true to what makes us INDIVIDUALS.

This shouldn’t be a scary concept to you, because its natural. It is natural for the world we live in…..for now.

Being scared is what makes us human. We make mistakes, and we make incredible strides towards progressing ourselves as a species. We are the most biologically advanced thing on this planet. We have built an electronic world full of lights and beauty, off of one single dream. One dream, of one single human being can change the entire planet earth as we know it.

I do not care how small or large or extreme your dreams are. Your dreams and mind are the most powerful thing you have. Stronger than any muscle you can possibly build, or weight you could ever lift.

Believe in your mind, your body and your dreams.

Dreams become reality…if you want them to be. Dreams fail when they don’t get taken seriously.

Believe! and you will never fail. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 Responses to Fear and Wonder, or Dream and Discover?

  1. FRINGECLASS says:

    also, for myself atleast, meditation is a main ingredient to cultivating a positive mindset. when I first tried out these concepts they often felt forced and nothing came to fruition. i think thats why the majority of people may get frustrated and give up (the minds a wild thing). when I meditate daily I find im able to replace my thoughts and moods with ease. theres even a great article on here about it, regarding zen meditation, which is what ive been working with. also, being in the moment is huge for me to in regards to positive mind.. thanks again, peace..

  2. FRINGECLASS says:

    your posts are slowly becoming my favorite on this site, since I first found this site, last night. this type of inspiration is (always) needed right now. check it: old concept which isn’t as invite as it first was is right! that’s why I think its important as ever to bring it back/continue on. I know for fact from first hand experience that this is the only way to be if you want to break the chains of *insert whatever it is that you think holds you down*. sadly, I was imprisoned again by worldy things, and especially the voices of others- naysayers, society. but only so much madness (yes, the way most of us live is madness!) I could take before I was willing to get free again. keep on inspiring. peace!

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