Can Specific Colors Affect Your Success and Productivity?

Did you know that the color of the walls in your bedroom could have had an impact on the lack of concentration you have dealt with throughout high school and college?

Certain colors can irritate, cause headaches, or make you feel sick. Other colors and color combinations can be healing and soothing. Color is everywhere, and we shouldn’t underestimate its impact on us.


Color Physical background Feelings Effect on productivity
Thermal / warm colors (stimulate and raise blood pressure) Red Red raises blood pressure, increases breathing, heart rate and central nervous system functioning Makes people feel hungry; subconsciously symbolizes dominance Makes people more cautious and detail-oriented; => Make people’s work more accurate
Cool colors (calm, ease inflammation, and lower blood pressure) Blue Blue lowers blood pressure, the pulse rate and body temperature Least appetizing; calming Boosts creativity
Green Green in the center of the spectrum has a stabilizing effect on the human system as a whole. Relieves stress, makes you calmer Researchers have also found that green can improve reading ability


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2 Responses to Can Specific Colors Affect Your Success and Productivity?

  1. I did have an awareness that colours effect our moods but really had no idea the extent to which they may effect our health and productivity. Thank you for the post.


  2. judithatwood says:

    Isn’t color fascinating? I am trying to explain to a friend of mine why color is important to me — the clothes I wear, the shade of my skin, my haircolor — so far he does not understand.

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