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Slowing down can sometimes yield a resistant response in this go-go society that we live. It is our duty to truly become aware of when we are moving faster than what might be required in the moment. In martial arts we learn that movement is a gift. We learn that through movement we can take action, action that is suitable and mutually beneficial.

We want to make sure that we move in such a way that creates a generous and smooth path for those behind us, striving to set new standards. If we are moving to fast through the world, we may not be aware enough to recognize when we might be moving to fast or not fast enough. This takes us slowing down and remembering ourselves in the present. We should take time out of each crazy day to notice how we are moving. Are we swimming through life as a fish would natural glide through open waters? Or, are we forcing our way though a thicket of over grown brush?

Life should never feel forced, rushed, or overwhelming. Recognizing this is paramount in our development as empowered self-aware human beings. Below I have enlisted a track that I would like to use as a tool to find your pace. Whether its day-to-day, or week-to-week. We must find our rhythm, and how we move through this vast world.

Just as in life, this track seemingly gets crazy at times. During these points in the music we find our mind jumping from note to note, trying to concentrate on each note that arises. Interestingly enough, every time that we catch a note with our mind it disappears. When we are moving to fast in our lives moments act as the notes do. We try very hard to concentrate on a movement to movement basis, failing to grasp the real intrinsic value due to our fast movement.

We must take the time to become aware of what we are doing in the present moment. Asking; are we going to fast? Do we have too much going on? How can I retain more depth out of each moment. For if we strive to acquire the vast depths of each moment, we will have more than enough interesting things to keep us busy for many lifetimes. Slow down for a second my friends. Find that flow that the first know.

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