Believe in The Unbelievable

What I find confusing is our ability to simply accept mediocrity instead of striving for improvement.

The fact that reality television like the “Jersey Shore” and “The Real House Wives” of who ever the fuck cares has become a major thing in our lives is disgusting. This surface bullshit destroys people and makes them feel terrible about themselves because they don’t look like so and so, or they don’t have the same life as this person, or that they don’t possess the same skills as someone else.

The frightening thing about our society is that there are so many people who want to be like so few people. To me, that is depressing because the amount of wonderful things that are out there are blocked and over shadowed by false ideas of reality is just wrong. My beliefs are not in standard and normal realistic thinking.

believe in the unbelievable jersey shore cast

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I believe in the unbelievable.

I believe in pushing our limits as far as possible. It is human nature to explore, to dream, to discover and most of all, to create.

WE are a work of nature.

We weren’t just dropped here on a whim. We have developed, we have grown, and we have become an amazing majestic species that is still pushing the limits to the point where almost ANYTHING at this point is not too absurd to become a reality.

But we haven’t done a THING yet.

We haven’t scratched the surface.

Our brain and our mind are so advanced that we don’t know how to control the whole thing. This is a scary thing for most people! Albert Einstein barely tapped the full potential of his brain, and we hold him as the highest and most intelligent human being to ever live. Imagine what the FULL capability of the human mind is. Imagine what the next discovery or invention might be that makes everything else just seem silly and trivial.

Tell yourself you can believe you can, and these things will ultimately happen and manifest into your existence. The only one holding you back is you.

believe in the unbelievable

Albert Einstein has barely scratched the surface of human potential.

There are few truths you can hold on to in this world that society won’t strip you of. You need to hold onto those things you don’t tell other people, and you need to stick to them. It’s very VERY easy to mock someone and their beliefs and what they think is “cool” because it’s what most people are used to doing. The “normal” thing in today’s society would to tell someone they CAN’T do it, because it just simply hasn’t been done yet. I find that type of thinking to be completely foolish.

Ask yourself honestly, what comes easier? Accepting something that someone does that you find strange?

How about judging and poking fun at it? My guess says you will poke fun before you accept. This should not be, but it is the way it is for most people.

We need to steer away from what is “socially acceptable” and stick to what we like as individuals.

That’s how we learn, that’s how we grow and that’s what makes us human. 🙂

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