How to Maximize The Value of Creative Inspiration and Ideas

This blog will be around 1,500 words long (1,689 to be exact.)

If you have a few minutes to digest what I am sharing here, I think you might find it beneficial for your life. If you can’t spare the time now, come back later, the content will always be here, free of charge. I have linked the blog to a ton of resources from third-party sources to further solidify my stance on how I feel about this life, and what I have learned and experienced up to this point. I only have ~23 years of experience on this floating rock, don’t criticize me too much, I know I have a lot to learn, I value your feedback! 🙂

With that in mind, let me channel my true feelings and thoughts through this cool little fleshy, temporary, abundance vehicle I am experiencing and riding the conscious wave through. (Huh?) Through this plastic elevated key stroking surface I will share with you my ways and methods of maximizing the value of my creative ideas and waves of inspiration.

abundance awakening

Default The Abundance Vibration!

I am the type of person that hates set schedules, pre-determined patterns of behavior, and closed-minded thinking belief systems. I like to view myself as a burster instead of a plodder. When I get hit with an idea for inspiration, like this blog for example, I MUST ACT ON IT. If I choose to not act immediately and save it for “tomorrow”, I will never be able to reload the same vibe I get when I get hit with the initial wave.

I am writing this blog at 3:40am EST. I enjoy writing late at night when I know everyone else is asleep and I can’t possibly be bothered.

I tune into my inner self, and channel my thoughts through this keyboard and deliver them to the entire world through this wonderful thing we call the internet. I used to hate writing, in fact, if you told me 5 years ago that I would own a website with my friends and publish over 1,000 posts in under a years time, I would have laughed in your face and called you crazy.

I guess I am the crazy one! 🙂

It has been a fun ride and it is only getting better.

Ok, I am done rambling, here is what you came for:

Most (not all) of us hate to write and creatively express ourselves because modern day education systems de-value creativity, and value rigid strucutre and format.

In school, where we all learned how to write, we were often forced into writing about things that we weren’t totally interested in. It would be a struggle to get words on paper sometimes because it almost felt forced at times. When I write these blogs, there is absolutely no resistance. My ego checks out for a little bit, time disappears, and I explore my imagination, and share what I visualize!

Sometimes I don’t share everything I write, I like to write as a release of emotion, and if I feel what I produce is beneficial to everyone else, I will share it. I like to spill my thoughts with no set goal, when “I” am tired of writing, I look back and read what I wrote and sometimes I get scared because it doesn’t seem like “I” wrote it. It makes “me” want to keep going, keep exploring my mind, and see where I eventually end up with no specific end goal except developing my conscious awareness.

I feel an overwhelming majority of this planet has been “asleep” for their whole lives, but MANY are starting to wake up and analyze the situation “we” are presented with. I am not sure what the fuck we are doing here, and neither do you. You can pretend that you do, but at the end of the day no one has an answer for what “reality” and “consciousness” really are. Having realized this, I decided to stop wasting my time and focus my time 24/7 on manifesting abundance for not just myself, but everyone I come into contact with and reach through this blog.

If all of this sounds crazy already, I understand your confusion, I used to be there myself, but I have decided to become open to any idea no matter how bizarre it may initially seem. Doing this enables me to look at every single objective and subjective perspective of my consciousness to come up with what I believe is a reasonable enough conclusion to take a stance on. I am not married to the stance, in fact I like to tell myself I know absolutely nothing so it forces me to dive in further and explore more.

I love exploring. I still feel like a child sometimes because I am still super curious of my surroundings. When I was a child I remember looking out the window in my apartment and asking myself, “what if there was no world?” I would just stare into the sky and think about who “I” would be if I didn’t exist, and there was no world to frolic around in. Scary thinking when you are only 7-8 years old and beginning to think for yourself, so I just discounted myself as a little crazy.

Of course no one would understand me! 🙂

you hold the key to abundance

You hold the key to abundance! Unlock and release your limiting belief system!

Why risk being rejected and laughed at?

I felt the same way up until the age of about 21. I met a lot of people in college that had a similar pattern of thinking to mine, and we helped each other grow more consciously aware while we had few mind numbing classes mixed in that have now left us with piles of debt and practically no jobs to take without 3-5 years experience. The job market is almost strictly based on connections, and who you know that can hook you up.

Knowing this I know I must create abundance all by myself, and with a help of a few good trustworthy friends and family members. Trading my time for money might pay the bills, but debt interest keeps building. If I can manifest as much abundance as possible each day with a great team of educated individuals, we won’t have to worry about money anymore. We can instead focus on raising the vibration of the planet and the collective consciousness knowing money is being taken care of as we spread positive energy and truth that will enable others to the do the same. We are creating a ton of value, and distributing most of it for completely free to everyone who is interested. We have a select few amazing sponsors, with plenty more interested, about to get on board who will keep us financially abundant and able to operate this website/ self-development business into the foreseeable future. We are using the abundance to create an abundance of free resources you can use to improve our lives. Don’t hate us cause we are making some money, you can too, we can help you manifest money in your own unique, creative, relaxed way.

We have a great time with our lives, and we want to share it.

We are the least selfish people you will meet. In fact, we preach and practice selflessness, and the concept that we are all in this together. There is no “you” I am “you” and “you” are “me.” We all in this simulation together, lets intend to build positive momentum as we experience a disconnect from our fear dominated mindsets.

Life doesn’t have to be stressful and full of worry, instead it can be full of positive experiences, love, and an abundance of great relationships with amazing people. You can’t possibly achieve this level of thinking if you are wasting your time living someone Else’s life and constantly doing things you don’t really want to do. There is no time to look up into the stars for a few hours when you have to wake up in a few hours for work. You wouldn’t even consider it. Go take a peek. Look to the left, look to the right, and just go…WHOA! 🙂

Write down how you feel about it after, with no goal in mind, just creative expression and thought. If you feel up to it, start your own free blog, and share what you have to offer with the world!

You may be surprised how many people think along the same lines as you. I was scared at first to share my points of view, because to the normal everyday drone, I seem extremely radical in my beliefs. There are people out there just like you and me. You are never truly alone in your ideals, beliefs, and values.

For me, Joe Rogan’s blog inspired me to start creatively expressing myself through writing, and it has been a rewarding experience for sure. I resonate with a lot of what he writes, get an overwhelming amount of chills (frissions), and realize that a majority of what he is sharing is truthful and should at least be acknowledged.

What does the future hold for humanity?

As we rapidly approach December 21, 2012 and the supposed “timewave zero” of novelty, we feel the need to share our thoughts and positive intentions with as many people as possible. We are in the works of manifesting equipment to start a podcast which will feature the owners and bloggers of this site, along with guest appearances on every episode. The ideas are in motion, the blogs are flowing, and soon you will get to meet the ZazenLife team in person if you aren’t already part of the abundance crew.

If you are interested in joining the team or guest appearing on a podcast to share your own creative ideas with the world, use our contact page to send us an e-mail. A team member will respond shortly, we are working around the clock to deliver as much content as possible to our readers, and most importantly, TEAM HUMAN.

Have an abundant day! 🙂



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