Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires are individuals that intentionally or unintentionally drain positive energy from your life. They are able to achieve this in a variety of different ways. If you stop for a second and think about all of the people you deal with on a daily basis, you might realize how certain individuals drain you out during the day. Just being around these individuals flat out sucks. These are people that intrude your life, make big deals out of nothing, complain constantly, criticize you for every little thing, and even blame you, and everyone else for the problems they created for themselves.

In short, energy vampires suck the life out of you.

Most of these energy vampires don’t even realize what they are doing. They are caught in a never ending cycle of negativity, subconsciously projecting all of that negative energy on the people they encounter in their external reality. Energy vampires leave you feeling empty and sluggish. Some are loud and aggressive, pushy and overbearing, and others may be soft-spoken and shy. They come in all shapes and sizes. Energy vampires may not be deliberately, maliciously stealing your positive energy, but they are in no way contributing to your overall well-being.

energy vampire

Energy Vampires

If you looked at humanity as one giant connected super organism, you would notice we all play a certain individual role. Each individual role adds to the collective whole. The collective whole is able to grow and evolve if each of its parts is functioning correctly. Energy vampires play the role of the cancer that eats away at this system. They are responsible for clogging the stream of positive momentum, filling the channels with negative energy and clutter. Growth remains stagnant without momentum. The super organism cannot grow the same way a heart cannot function without life blood pumping through it. Energy vampires clog the arteries of the super heart.

What are some traits of a vampire?

Vampires only go where they are invited. You invited them in, and now they are prying on your weakness. Vampires tend to avoid difficult targets, as they won’t have much power over them. Stop inviting negative energy vampires into your life. If an individual who you once labeled as your friend is draining you of all your positive life force, is this individual really still a friend? Just because they were in the past, does that automatically qualify them for the future? Future foes sometimes evolve from “friends” of the past. Everyone goes through difficult times in their lives. If you have already reached out and tried to help your “friend”, you have done enough. It is now all on them. Don’t feel responsible for their actions once you have consciously taken action to try to help them. This will only bring you down the path of negativity with them.

Vampires convert living beings into their kind because they feel lonely living in solitude. Energy vampires are usually lonely, as no one wants to spend time with them and their negative energy. Like vampires, negative people are incapable of generating their life force, hence the need to feed off the energy of others. Identifying these people becomes increasingly easier as you begin to realize these facts. The reason negative people can’t access their energy is because they have block off the inner source to the unlimited energy the universe contains. Energy vampires have internal conflict, which they in turn translate into external conflict for anyone who feeds into them.

How do I protect myself from an energy vampire?

There are many effective methods for dealing with energy vampires. My favorite method is avoiding them completely, which includes cutting off all means of communication. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. These energy vampires might be a co-worker or close family member, in which case you might find yourself always surrounded by them with no means of escape. If this is the case, there are some other methods you can employ to protect yourself.

Energy vampire

I suck your positive energy!

One of my favorite protective measures is learning effective ways to end conversations with these vampires. This might be as simple as telling your vampire that you don’t have any time to talk. You can fabricate situations that call for your “immediate attention” even if they don’t exist. Taking the initiative by appearing to be extremely busy can shed off these vampires, they will go look to leech energy off of weaker souls. You never have to be in a position you don’t want to be in. You don’t have to stay and chat with them about their problems and dead end solutions. You always have the power to walk away, unless they have dug their teeth into your neck. Don’t let it get that far, have the courage to leave.

Staying and talking to these vampires will ultimately leave you feeling drained, tired, and lethargic. No matter what you say, they always seem to find a way to counter with a negative opinion. They focus on negativity, while ignoring any positive advice. When they face a problem, they soak themselves in the issue rather than deal with it constructively. They adopt a self-victimizing mindset, complaining about whatever happens.

You need to show these vampires the light!

Energy vampires are fixated on doom and gloom, everything is black and there is no white. If you have the courage, you can shed light on their current situation and expose them to their flaws. Many of you won’t do this for fear of negative rebuttal and criticism. Simply exposing energy vampires to their flaws might wake them up and force them to evaluate themselves. As every social connection slowly fades away from these vampires, they might eventually take the time to wonder why. If you are upfront, you might be able to get through. If you downplay the situation, the negativity cycle continues without resistance.

How much of an energy vampire are you?

Are there some issues in your life? How are you dealing with them? Are you taking conscious action towards solving them, or are you simply just complaining about them all the time? Do you notice a lot of former “friends” avoiding you? Are they really that “busy” all the time all of a sudden? Are you benefiting the lives of everyone you encounter on a daily basis in a positive way?

If you have trouble answering the last question, you might be an energy vampire! Positive people are in tune with their inner energy sources, their energy flows outwards spreading goodness and warmth to people around them. This is why you feel upbeat and energetic when you are around positive people. It is a liberating experience to be around positive people, they are always having fun and constructively improving their lives and the lives of those around them in every way possible.

I don’t take life too seriously, and neither should you. We all have to work and get things done, but that is just a part of the puzzle of life. I notice too many people complaining and whining, instead of working to find solutions. I can’t stand to be around these people anymore, and neither should you. I enjoy sharing experiences with friends who intend on having a good time, and in turn, I have a good time. It is mutually beneficial to both parties involved. The same applies to negativity. If you are around negative people, they will be having a bad time, and so will you.

It simply takes awareness of your current situation to realize the implications of associating yourself with energy vampires. There is simply nothing to benefit from spending time with them. Take your stance and let them know how you truly feel. If they can’t accept it, eliminate them from your life as quickly and effectively as possible. Letting them continue to linger around and leech off your remaining positive energy will force you to succumb to their doom and gloom of relentless negativity. After reading this, I hope you can identify a few people who are sucking the life blood out of you. Start consciously taking action to pluck these vampires out of your reality.

Life will be a lot more relaxing and enjoyable! 🙂


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12 Responses to Energy Vampires

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  6. cassandra says:

    How interesting, I spoke about this on a radio show. And we got some feedback that was interesting. One person said, you must have been a vampire to know one. Well, not sure if I agree with that, but if I was one, you can bet that I know the truth and that truth is that the light is within me as in all of us. Interesting how some of us like being the victim or actually feel guilty for being aware of the light within us. Now I’m really thinking…Thanks for the article.

  7. K says:

    I really like your energy vampire image. I would like to use it in my office as a reminder that energy vampires are not allowed. (I would like to add the symbol and phrase to it). Is it yours to permit image permissions? I want to avoid any copyright infringement. Thank you for sharing this positive information.

  8. Diesel,

    I really find your posts interesting. Based on your description, I am probably an energy vampire. Can you be more specific how I can stop being a vampire and crack open my third eye? What specific methods work for you? There appear to be hundreds of different opinions on the internet. I am sincere in changing my ways, how can someone tell who is sincere and who is not based on such an unusual subject?

    • It really isn’t that hard to get started. First, recognize that you might be projecting negative energy. By recognizing it, like you already have, you can begin to work to switch into a more positive state. Meditation works well, as well as giving yourself time to relax throughout the day. If you are stressed, take a few deep breaths to clear out some of the negative emotion. Talking and communicating with other people who you deem to be positive can be good guidance. Seeing how these people act in a friendly and respective manner can be crucial to changing your attitude. Mimic the behavior of these people, and you will soon start to see that people will be more open and willing to communicate with you. We all get angry and upset with one another but for the most part, whatever energy you project is the energy you receive in return. Lend out a helping hand once in a while and you may soon start to see that people do the same. Positive energy can be shared mutually to benefit all parties at stake.

      • Just a quick follow up. When I meditate, I occasionally get a vision of swirling stars in an indigo/blue sky. It typically doesn’t last long and seems to come and go as it pleases. Is this an indication I am making some sign of progress or just anothe ego created mind game? Does a person need a spiritual mentor to make genuine progress or can this process be advanced alone?

        • Yes it is some indication, however you shouldn’t expect it to mean anything or portray it as an “indication.” Meditation is about expecting nothing, and achieving complete stillness. Only way to become still is to completely quiet the mind, and that can only happen if you go into meditation with absolutely no expectations except achieving inner peace.

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