Creating Your Own Happiness

A few weeks back I read a post one of my college comrades wrote. The essential question he raised was “What is true happiness”?  However, I feel that is a difficult question to answer when most people don’t even consciously function on a day-to-day basis. By most people I mean the stigmatized portion of the general public that are just pure consumers, and victims to media, greed, and ignorance.

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What Truly Makes You Happy?

The way these ever-increasing amount of people go through their lives and waste it is something I think about on a daily basis. It’s a cycle encoded in their genes from conception, and a hopeless cycle most cannot do anything about. The main reason is that they have NO idea that what they are doing is completely idiotic.

Seriously, how can any loving parent plop their impressionable infant in front of a TV for hours on end every single day. Again, What is going to happen when they get older? They will still just want to sit in front of the television and suck down a 42 ounce mountain dew they picked up from Quick Check.

But how can they help it?

Have you ever seen a child in front of a television watching a program with a lot of colors and weird creatures?

They are zombies. They become totally numb to everything in their reality, and instead look forward to getting their stimulation from sitting on a couch and watching the tube.

Why do you suppose reality TV shows became so popular?

It’s the same thing just grown up style.

Not only do people become numb to reality and creating their own stimulation, they succumb to the constant bombardment of advertising and sophisticated, clandestine marketing schemes on a daily basis.

When was the last time you were able to go online without being hit with multiple advertisements?

Or go onto Facebook or look something up on Google without seeing them?

Advertisers are getting so good that we go onto YouTube to look up commercials we think are great, just to watch another commercial before we get to watch the commercial!

That’s unreal!

The real point here is that from a very early age we are pressed with messages telling us what we need to buy, and what we need to be accepted and revered in other people’s eyes. No one wants to be alienated, but seriously I haven’t been to a party yet where there are supermodels dancing in sexy clothing and drinking Pepsi, and happy about it. I also haven’t seen too many moms in the kitchen cleaning up a mess while her baby is crying excited because she is using a Swiffer. Yet this is all we see, and these brilliant advertising schemes make us crave their shit. And as soon as everyone gets it, it’s not cool anymore and you need something better, sleeker, smaller, trendier, and more expensive.

This is absolutely draining!

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Focus on Positivity!

Having said that, If the group of people I am generalizing live their entire lives waiting to finally get that product that makes them look and feel like the people in the commercials, how the hell can they ever be happy? Once they get what they are told to want they need the next thing. People can’t even control or help it. They have no idea what is going on just simply drifting around, mall to mall, plaza to plaza, outlet to outlet,

Zero values, personality, intellect, creativity, or ability to go against the grain and appreciate all of the beauty most walk right on by on their way into the next sale at Macy’s. Its almost like you could witness or be a part of some of the most amazing things in the world but it wouldn’t matter at all if you weren’t wearing the right pair of designer shades, or able to post it on Facebook for others to see and hopefully envy you.

So here is what I think: besides what can be conveyed up to this point of the post. I strongly believe the only way to be truly happy is to think objectively and question everything. You need to value knowledge and look at every angle possible when presented with anything. And most of all, you need to be satisfied with yourself on your own, not satisfied only when you get kudos from your peers or have the same life sucking material possession all the other faceless bodies in the crowd possess. You need to venture out on your own in this world, there is an infinite amount of information and experience out there, and you can find stimulation in it all. I like to think of it like this; happiness isn’t the Mercedes Benz you buy, rather it’s all the hard work, uncertainty, growth in experience, knowledge, and advancement as a human being that enabled you to buy the car instead.

Since there is no way anyone could even wrap their head around the amount of possibilities and happiness that is available to us, it is so important to just try as many different things as you can and be 100% open minded to everything. Over the past few years I can’t even begin to explain the aspects of life that I have grown to appreciate. It is AMAZING. One thing for sure is that to be happy you need to enjoy the natural world around us. Studying and surrounding yourself around nature can really open your mind up and really make you ask yourself “what the FUCK am I doing here?”.

Another thing for sure is that you need to appreciate other conscious people’s thoughts. Be objective and open to them, in doing so you never know what you can stumble upon.

So what is true happiness?

I suppose I don’t have a real answer for what the true meaning of happiness is. I think happiness is a subjective word that the meaning is so watered down people think they’re happy when they try the newest burger at McDonald’s. However, I think that by taking advantage of the great things your mind can do, appreciating the natural beauty that is and will forever become cut down to put up a six story mall or to become a tourist attraction, and being happy with yourself for being yourself, you can find your own true kind of happiness, and maybe share it with someone else who has done the same.

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