You Create Your Own Universe Pt. I: Becoming Consciously Aware

This will be a multiple part series posted over the course of the next few weeks! 🙂

I observe today’s society and I notice a predominant theme, a game of follow the leader. When you look at the bigger picture of reality, it becomes crystal clear that there is no leader, you lead your own life. You make all the final decisions, good or bad. You create your own universe.

An Abundant Universe

An Abundant Universe

How do I create my own universe?

This might seem like a farfetched concept, especially for people who feel that they are at effect to their environment and circumstances, instead of the more empowering ability to actually affect their environment and circumstances. Your environment is simply your perception of reality from a subjective point of view. By subjective point of view, I mean that your entire physical world is simply a projection of your consciousness and perceptions of your observations. While one individual might notice abundance everywhere, others choose to focus on fear, scarcity, and lack. These two flesh vehicles exist in the same physical realm, their internal perceptions represent what they see, feel and react to in the physical world.

You are already in your own universe, you might have just not noticed that concept yet, and that’s fine. It takes a lot of courageous effort on your part to raise your conscious awareness while the rest of your friends remain in a lower awareness state. Some will journey with you, others will fade away, but ultimately, you build empowering relationships with people who have the same desires and goals as you. Once you become aware of your circumstances, you begin to realize you are in control of your circumstances.

Look at everything around you.

Everything around you is the product of your thoughts, and intentions. You decided to buy that desk, that color, that model, you decided which car you are going to drive. Thoughts become things, they just take time to manifest in the physical world. Your predominant thoughts are what will manifest in your life. If your predominant thoughts come from a default abundance vibration, you will manifest abundance by default. If your predominant thoughts are all negative by default, you will manifest negative situations such as conflict, stress, and disease. All disease is the result of a body not at ease. Dis-ease.

The human mind is an incredibly powerful tool.

The mind has the ability to guide you in any direction, good or bad. It is what gives you the conscious choice to leave your current lower awareness universe and lower awareness relationships, and empower your mind with higher awareness thoughts and highly conscious friends and relationships. Highly conscious people understand that we are all one super organism, and the individual social status of each individual is effectively meaningless. I am you, and you are me. We just experience things through different biological filters, we all share the same consciousness however.

Being a conscious individual, you have the choice to determine your thoughts, actions, and ultimately, reality. You are the creator of your own universe, you are at the controls. No one can think for you unless you allow them to. When you take the path of raising your consciousness, you will be faced with massive resistance from the lower conscious individuals. They will tell you that you can’t achieve your goals and dreams, and they tell you that you should just stay safe and secure and never take any risks. Without risks, there is no returns. You have to make sacrifices, cut old ties from negative influences, and take conscious action to create your new universe and reality.

abundance frequency

Open your eyes and notice the abundance all around you!

What do you want in return for taking the risk to raise your awareness?

For me it is a constant struggle to improve every aspect of my life. Physical, mental, and spiritual health balance is required for reaching states of higher consciousness and vibration. When one of these traits is lacking abundance, you must make it your duty to address the issue. It will be pretty obvious, if you are gaining weight, experiencing more stress, and not concerning yourself with the bigger picture of reality, you need to make some adjustments. Nothing happens overnight, but you have to build momentum each day and keep going. I believe the planet, and perhaps even the universe runs on the momentum of ideas and intention.

If you intend for something to happen, it most likely will. It will not manifest in your reality if your predominant thoughts are not aligned with your intention. If you tell yourself you want $1,000,000, but still feel that you don’t deserve it, than guess what? You will never get it, and continue to think you don’t deserve it.

Everyone deserves abundance actually, there is plenty to go around on this earth to share. Unfortunately, the power-hungry leaders of the free world aren’t the sharing type. They are actually the type that will invade your country (Afghanistan), take your minerals and opium(90% of worlds poppy fields are being guarded by armed troops in Afghanistan to “protect our freedom”), and pretend that there are weapons of mass destruction hidden in caves so their actions seemed justified. While these people are certainly consciously aware, they are taking advantage of that awareness to take advantage of their fellow members of team human.

If you want abundance in your life, DEMAND IT. Don’t just simply hope it will show up, place your order with your universe and tell it what you want, what you want to experience, and how you want to feel. Visualization is key for this, you must visualize yourself ALREADY HAVING IT. It’s a done deal, you are already there in your mind. Soon physical reality follows if you take conscious creative action and don’t sit on the sidelines. Act and assume as if it is already done. How would you feel right now if you had everything you wanted? What emotions come to mind? Lock into those vibes and reload them when necessary each and every day. The more positive energy and emotion you project into the universe, the more you get in return.

When you make the conscious choice to live a more abundant, healthy, and vibrant lifestyle, the universe is going to get out of your way and let you create. If your thoughts and actions are in line with benefiting the greater good of humanity, you will be surprised at how easy it is to feel happy and abundant all the time. Sharing the wealth is critical, it is no fun alone at the top. By sharing the wealth, I don’t necessarily mean money, I mean more along the lines of teaching others who are interested in manifesting abundance in their lives, and by spreading positive energy wherever you end up exploring on this floating rock in space.

Positive energy is infectious. Spread the abundance.

Stay tuned for Part II! 🙂



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  1. Ziran says:

    Is there a Pt. II to this?


  2. judithatwood says:

    What a great start to this series! I can’t read the next chapter. And thanks so much for the clip from Will Smith — I’ve always thought he was smart, and in touch.

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