2012 Presidential Debate: What to Expect

As I stated yesterday, it really doesn’t get more exciting than this.

In politics with the exception of election day the debates are the most anticipated part of election season. The best thing I can compare the debates to, would have to be the World Series, except with five games instead of seven. There are four debates with the election being “Game Seven”. The first game being the most important because it sets the tone and rhythm for the rest of the series. That is what Wednesday is all about. Each candidate is coming off a very long season and have these last few hurdles to get over before they can claim victory.

What is the American League strategy going to be, to win Game 1? (Romney)

First of all as I explained yesterday, Romney is clearly the statistical underdog going into this debate. Romney throughout this entire election season has never been the underdog before. He was the American league’s (GOP’s) choice from the beginning. In nearly all of the debates during the Republican presidential primaries, Romney was in the lead. Meaning he knew most of the questions were going to be directed at him, and by and large, Romney handled that role well. He ignored any attacks at him for being a flip flopper, as well as letting all of the hype about the other candidates burn out on their own. Instead of attacking Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain etc. when it looked like they could edge out a lead, he just sat back and let them fizzle out and make their own mistakes. It was an extremely effective strategy  but it has left him going into the debates tomorrow not as experienced and prepared as other candidates have been in the past. Romney basically slid into the nomination and because of that he has never really had to experience a debate in which he was not the favorite. We have never really seen Romney as an aggressor in a debate before, a flaw in his debate style that I think Obama might take full advantage of. If Romney can adopt a more aggressive debate style for tomorrow and hit the president with curve ball’s about the economy, unemployment, and healthcare then it will be a very interesting debate and you will definitely see Romney emerging victorious tomorrow.

Things that you will hear Romney talking about tomorrow will certainly include, attacking the president about the national debt and unemployment. The President really has no true answer for his lack of action in those areas. Debt has sky rocketed, unemployment has remained perpetually stuck at 8.5 percent and no matter what the President has tried to do, throwing money at the problem hasn’t worked and again blaming Bush is no longer a viable strategy. It has been four years, certainly long enough to have effectively changed something.

What is the National League strategy going to be, to win Game 1? (Obama)

I expect that Obama is going to implement the same strategy he implemented during the 2008 election. Obama has never been behind and has always had and overwhelming lead over his opponent. I expect that the President will come across as serious and sober about the nation’s problems, and leave no ball over the plate for Romney to hit over the right field fence. While the presidents lead is more shaky at this point in 2012 than it was in 2008, the president and his team know they’re ahead and that Romney is the one that is going to have to show up tomorrow. The president has some vulnerabilities though. In 2008 he had idealism on his side. He could talk and talk about hope and change and how is plans would be best for America, but now he has to answer for them. He has been president for four years, he doesn’t have the benefit of being an idealist anymore. He can only answer for what has happened and what he is already planning to do. Basically Obama’s strategy for tomorrow is playing tight defense and not giving up anything for Romney to take advantage of.

Things that you will hear President Obama talking about tomorrow, will be citing that his actions have been preventive over the past four years and that without his actions things would have certainly gotten worse. He will flip the stagnant economy into a positive by saying that his actions have “stopped the bleeding” and that with four more years he will be able to restore the country to prosperity. This strategy although transparent, allows him to possibly be an idealist again. It allows him to slightly still blame Bush, but as I have stated a few times already that period is over. The main point is that he is going to portray himself, as the person who has laid the foundation for recovery and all he needs is four more years see it through. Like any contractor, Obama has exceed his promised time and has come in over budget.

Its gonna be a really tight match up tomorrow. Meaning that unless one team, hits every pitch out of the park, it’s hard to see either, taking a huge victory tomorrow. I would say most of the people who are politically active tomorrow to watch the whole debate, have had their minds made up about who will win (and who they are going to vote for) before a word is spoken or vote cast. For the small portion of “undecided” voters, it’s hard to think that they will base their decision on the outcome of this debate.

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