School District Bans Peyton Manning Jerseys to Avoid Crime?

peyton manning jersey banned

Konnor Vannata was sent home for wearing a Peyton Manning jersey.

Yea I know, I reacted the same way. Seriously.. what the fuck?

According to, Students are not allowed to wear Peyton Manning jerseys in the Greeley-Evans School District. For several years, this school district has imposed a strict dress code on students forbidding certain clothing that could be associated with gangs, including jerseys with the number 18 that could represent the city’s notorious 18th Street gang.

Obviously this hasn’t been a problem in the past because the Broncos haven’t had such a stud like Peyton Manning wear the number 18. But seriously, how ridiculous is this? Why don’t we just start banning every color other than white and black to be worn to school. Or better yet, why doesn’t every single school in America just have a dress code? Whether you like it or not, our rights are slowly being taken away from us. Does a Peyton Manning jersey really look gang oriented? I wouldn’t be intimidated by someone wearing a Peyton Manning jersey even if he was in a gang. I’d love to ask the school district if these kids are allowed to wear OJ Simpson jerseys. I bet there are no restrictions on wearing a murderers jersey, but hey! you cannot wear a Peyton Manning jersey! Hey kid you can’t wear that  Manning jersey, but tomorrow you should put on your Antonio Cromartie or Michael Vick jersey! Pathetic.

A third-grader was actually sent home from a Greeley school to change out of his Peyton Manning jersey. CBS reported that :


peyton manning

“Hey! Come wear my jersey and join a gang!”

“Konnor Vanatta was forced to take off his jersey because of a Greeley school district policy that bans clothing with “18” on it. The rule was put in place three years ago because 18th Street Gang members have been convicted of intimidation, burglary, organized crime and other violations.”

I just believe that Peyton Manning should be an exception to this rule.  Even if his jersey had the number 666 on it, kids should still be able to wear it.

Peyton Manning has the ability to make even the smallest impact on the society as a whole because of his reputation and class. Why wouldn’t you want these kids wearing such a great role models jersey? He is easily the most studious NFL player ever and has great work ethic. If Gangs are such a problem in Denver then let these kids follow Peyton because he is the complete opposite of this. 18 is just a number.

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