It Doesn’t Take Common Sense to Know…Mitt Romney is Going to Lose This Election

When I look at this country, I see two enormous sides and almost nothing in the middle. It’s kind of like the universe in the sense that everything is just expanding away from itself leaving no resemblance of what it used to look like. It’s hard to find common ground on any issue anymore and any contrary opinion is considered a personal attack. Having said that, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Republicans would pick a candidate as “Vanilla” as Mitt Romney. He doesn’t step on anyone’s toes and everything he says seems to be written perfectly for the crowd he is addressing. Now, I know candidates since the beginning of politics have played to the crowds. It just seems to me, however, that Romney takes it to a whole new level of pandering. He changes so much from state to state, town to town that there is no way of getting a real read on where he stands on anything. Don’t get me wrong, the president isn’t any better at establishing a real stance on anything, but that is the key to the upcoming election.


Both candidates are equally slippery when it comes to talking around important issues and avoiding the big questions. But this election is going to come down to what we know and what we don’t know. President Obama has had four years and proven that he is capable of making decisions. Whether you agree with them or not is your own opinion but when we go into the voting booth in November we are all going to have to make a choice between what actually is and what might be. Now it maybe true that every election is like that. The question always is, do we stick with what we have or do we move on to something new. I say that this election is most likely the first in American history where people just simply don’t know what they are going to get. This is unfortunate because I do believe it is one of the most important elections. I truly feel that unless Mitt Romney begins taking a real stance on key issues he will not win in November. Now that the convention is over lets see if he starts talking about things that matter.


When speaking about President Obama’s performance in office, I would give him a 6/10. My criticism of the president does not relate to his handling of the economic crisis he inherited; he had no alternative but to support the Wall Street and subsequent auto industry bailouts. Without the economic stimulus package, things would have gotten a lot worse. On the international front, he has done a pretty good job. Where I fault the president the most is his handling of the ever-growing deficit and tackling the issues of job loss and unemployment. I can make an enormous list of criticisms and praise about President Obama but once the election comes around no body remembers the good, and in the age of the twenty-four hour news cycle you better believe this election is going to be a lot harder to win than the last election.


Why is Mitt going to lose? The answer is simple, Romney is forgetting that in order to win the election, he will have to win over independent and moderate voters. Romney has spent so much of his time trying to convince his own party that he is a true conservative that he has actually alienated the base needed to win the election. What made Mitt Romney an ideal candidate in the beginning was his ability to appeal to moderates. A platform that focuses on who the best man is for the job instead of how he is going to defeat Obama is probably the better strategy. Mitt is going to lose because of a fragmented party. He feels he has to walk a tight rope between the ultra conservative and the moderates. If Obama is capable (which I think he is) to be more moderate than he is going to win the extremely important moderate vote and the election.


Now, theoretically Romney is going to get the Republican vote. No matter what, Obama is “hated” by the ultra conservative republicans so they are voting for “anything but Obama”. Romney has an incredible opportunity to say how he really feels. For this election, the Republicans so desperately want Obama out, that their minds were made up about who they were going to vote for before Obama even took the oath of office.


So why does Mitt even need to pander to those voters? It’s not as if they are going to vote for Obama if all of a sudden Romney tries to go a little more moderate. There is not a chance in hell that the far right is going to not vote for him, so, again, why even fight for those votes? Romney’s stance on abortion and healthcare have been the focus of many attacks by the other GOP candidates. Accusations that he has “flip-flopped” on his stance on issues hurt him early in the race. Now that he will be facing Obama in November, he may have a tough time campaigning against Obamacare given his creation of Romneycare in Massachusetts. The same can be said of his stance on abortion, Romney was a pro-choice conservative which he freely admitted back in 2007. Like I said before, why even fight these issues or change your opinion? Furthermore why choose an ultra conservative person like Paul Ryan? Choosing Paul Ryan has only reinforced the idea that Romney is taking a hard turn to the right.


Romney won the nomination, so why say stupid stuff like “I’ve changed my opinion on abortion” or choose Paul Ryan? He has the incredible opportunity to take every single moderate vote away from Obama if he came out in support of abortion and other social issues such as contraception and gay marriage. He could have won a lot more moderate votes if choose a more progressive or moderate VP. Now instead of having a person to balance the ticket. It seems the Republicans are more interested at making a point about not having to compromise their values instead of actually trying to appeal to the moderate Americans who will undoubtedly help them win the election. I think I can take the liberty in saying that most moderates consider themselves “fiscal conservative” and “social liberals”. Romney could be the perfect moderate candidate if he would just stop trying to please the GOP. It’s not the GOP that he needs to please anymore. He needs to start campaigning for the country, and unless he starts to become more moderate like he really is, then Mitt Romney will undoubtedly lose in November.

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6 Responses to It Doesn’t Take Common Sense to Know…Mitt Romney is Going to Lose This Election

  1. So what are your thoughts on the Fast and furious scandal? Do you think its at all relative to anything that to what Obama has done as president? I notice you don’t even mention it.

    Also- you say nothing about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s conclusive forensic findings that the Obama birth certificate presented as authentic by the White house is a forgery. Neither do you have anything to say about his fraudulent Connecticut Social security number.

    In fact – when describing Obama as president- you lack complete detail about all of his disastrous policies that have led to a complete meltdown of American society. There has never been a more corrupt, narcissistic, racist anti-Capitalist president than Obama. And you never mention a word about any of that.

    And that is why you are wrong. Conservatives are not angry at Obama because he is a bad person- he has been a bad president. The worst in history. And like all pro’ Obama folks- the best reasons you can muster to his defense are to attack Mitt Romney as being ‘too vanilla’, that picking Paul Ryan was as VP was a bad choice, that he has been vague or evasive on the issues. Nothing is further than the truth. For example Romney has laid out an economic plan with 57 different points to bring back jobs in this country.

    If anyone has been evasive- its been ‘the empty chair’ president who has not even attended one meeting of a White house Job Council in over a year, while unemployment in the United States is continuing to rise at a rate unseen since the great depression- with no signs of decreasing at all.

    If unemployment was his only problem- Obama might stand a chance of winning. but he has failed in everything he has accomplished- and has blamed it on the previous administration- even though his own democratic party has controlled the Congress for the first two years of his presidency.

    He has declared war on Libya in defiance of the Constitution and wages a world wide drone war in defiance of international law. Obama embraces extreme Islamic political regimes- hostile to democracy through out the Middle East, and has abandoned America’s only Middle East ally- Israel- while bowing to the Saudi King.

    Obama’s energy polices embracing ‘green technologies’ have all failed and been proven to be scams for spending the Stimulus money that seemingly only stimulated his campaign supporters and the bankers on Wall street.

    Though you have given Obama the generous score of 6 out of 10 for success in his presidency; and you claim that you can make an enormous list of the GOOD things he has done; I’d love to see JUST one. One thing that wasn’t pompous, or stupid, or arrogant or apologetic from this man. The worst president ever.

    So I hope and pray you are wrong. America will not survive four more years of Barack Obama.
    Most voters know it- and I hope you will be for a rude awakening on November 3rd of this year.

    • SalPezzino says:

      Why does it seem I am always arguing with you?

      That is a well thought out and extremely articulate comment. Man it must have taken you a few hours to go through every Fox News talking point before you you decided that comment was good enough to post.

      I understand your hatred for the president, I truly do. I am not a particular fan of the president myself. I plan on voting for Mitt Romney. You can go though the entire post you will not find any hint of my support for the president. If you think my rating was too high well I am sorry you disagree. I am also sorry you didn’t like the fact that I called Romney vanilla. When it comes to Paul Ryan, well I personally kind of like Paul Ryan, he certainly is an enthusiastic speaker and good for the party, but way to conservative for a ticket that desperately needs moderate voters.

      You are so clouded by your own political opinions you are incapable of seeing a true opinion from the middle without thinking that, the writer must be a supporter of the president. I love that you decided to pull out all the stops and list all the negative and bad things the president has done but please just read the post again. I simply outlined what I think Mitt Romney needs to do to win, I didn’t say he shouldn’t win. My thesis stands true. If Romney sticks with a hard right conservative platform then he will lose the extremely important moderate voters. I don’t care about the conservatives, tea party, or any of the other types of republicans. Like I said they were going to vote anything but Obama from the inauguration 4 years ago. So why latch on to these voters when people like yourself are going to vote for him not matter what he says. Why do you think that after the RNC Romney only got a 1% bump in the polls. Its because he has already won over the right, he did almost nothing for the moderates who now consider him a truly conservative right candidate.

      Why didn’t I address any of the things you mentioned in the original post? Because the post was about why I think Romney is going to lose. Not why the president sucks so much. I don’t disagree with alot of the stuff you said. His handling of the economy, debt, and unemployment is downright neglectful. I am not going to go into the bullshit about the birth certificate, dont even mention it because you will not get a comment from me. Why his birth certificate is even a question is beyond me and people need to just STFU about it. Listen I don’t care how conservative you are or how much bullshit you want to believe. Those are your opinions. But any contrary opinion to your own is not necessarily wrong or completely against you. All I did was offer an opinion as to why I think Romney will lose.

      Before you fire all the guns make sure you aren’t firing at a neutral or ally ship.

      Oh I know its kind of obvious but asked for one thing, how about ordering the death of Osama Bin Laden? I know you will hate that comment but I can’t think of anymore.

      • Your claim that Romney will lose the moderate voters is an interesting one- but i submit that in this election there simply are practically no moderate voters left. Obama has polarized the whole country into a poisonous combination of left vs right.

        How can you conclude a moderate would not vote for Romney and his supposed ‘hard right’ platform ( jobs, a better economy, religious choice, support the second amendment, an end to Obamacare, a strong US military )and would support Obama and his extreme left platform- (gay marriage, no God in the DNC platform, gun control, no job programs, cuts to the military and Social security, increased government spending)?

        I think what you really mean by moderates are people who don’t know what the hell is going on and are being misinformed on a daily basis by the liberal mainstream media. In that case nothing Romney says or does will win them over since the MSM declared war on conservatives and republicans of any stripe back in 2008.

        Make no mistake Obama is THEIR candidate. They never vetted him properly, took everything he has ever said he has done at face value, given him nothing but soft ball questions on any interview and refused to hold Obama accountable for any of the questionable legislative sleight of hand practices he has done to shred the US Constitution. It doesn’t matter to them- and I have to conclude you in this observation- because the modern journalist has his own judgement so clouded by liberal bias- that he can’t see straight.

        A good case in point is the Obama birth certificate controversy that you refuse to talk about. You don’t know, for example, that Sheriff Joe Arpaio- an accredited and respected law enforcement official from the state of Arizona – assembled a crack team of forensic scientists and studied the Obama birth certificate that is provided on the White house website, as proof of his supposed birth in Hawaii. In every way imaginable- and with no bias beforehand- simply using forensic science- they proved it was an internet forgery. Now he gave a national press conference about it- and NOBODY in the MSN covered it.

        Arpaio concluded that Obama is a security risk to this nation base based on on his fraudulent documentation- that’s all. We are still waiting to hear from Obama about that and see a real birth certificate. But the media response has been dead silence, refusal to listen to the facts and mocking those who seek the truth as ‘birthers’. Romney hasn’t even mentioned in his campaign platform- made a joke once about how everyone KNEW where he was from… but Obama – well we just don’t know his real origin- and he’s NOT telling.
        And liberal media pundits like yourself are not asking.

        Can you imagine such a thing if it was a conservative republican candidate for president?

        Also i don’t know where you get the idea that Romney only got a 1% bump in the polls after the RNC. I read elsewhere on conservative sites the figure is closer to 6%. Again that’s another MSM liberal lie that you are disseminating – knowingly or not.

        As far as the one good thing you came up with- Obama killing Osama Bin Ladin- in his own words- “he didn’t build that.” Navy seals and US Admirals took all the risks and had all the men in place. Obama vacillated for over 24 hours -putting the whole operation at risk- before he gave an okay to go ahead. Then his shameless politicing of the issue, contempt for the US military and leaking of sensitive military information is still putting soldiers at risk all around the world. Finally most telling has been the Talibann’s reaction to the killing. They know Obama had little or nothing to do with it. They are calling for the heads of the surviving seal team members and the admirals who commanded the operation. Not Obama.

        I am sorry you feel that I am attacking you- but I have to say to you what was said to me by a close friend. He said “this election is too important to make a mistake and vote for Obama. It’s is too important and too close to call- like an air traffic controller’s near miss. There will be no second chances if we get it wrong.” Your article has a chance- small one – of turning people off to Romney- and I think its important to address that.

  2. judithatwood says:

    Great thesis, good reasoning — excellent post!

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