Entheogens : Angel’s Trumpets

Hidden behind the facade of a beautiful flower; Datura, or as many call it Angel’s Trumpets lies a dangerous entheogen.

Angel’s Trumpets

How far would you go to escape reality and is it worth it? If you thought the Amanita Muscaria was sickening then you are in for a treat. This pretty flower is much more toxic or shall I say much more potent for the druggies out there. If you can get the dosage right you might just escape with a good time,but usually that is not the case. The wrong amount could actually stop your heart. Most people conclude that one experience is more than enough on this deceiving flower, either because of the side effects or because of the intense experience.

Like all entheogens, the history is long and rich. Stemming back to the ancient civilizations of Europe, Asia, Middle-East and of course South America where shamans and medicine men till this day make use of this toxic beauty.

How it is Taken

There are many routes of administration. Some like to mix the flower with cannabis and smoke it. Some like to eat the seeds or flowers themselves (the most potent part), the most common form of ingesting it is in tea more usually ingested in blends of other entheogens that is shared in groups for spiritual gatherings. The dosage is uncertain and that is the most dangerous part of this flower. It can be used as a poison to kill someone, which makes more sense because from what I know, tripping on this isn’t always pleasant. In fact most people do not enjoy Angel’s Trumpets and do not choose to experience it again.

The Trip

Choosing mild doses can be more manageable and even potentate other highs. Luckily for your reading pleasure we can assume that’s not the case with people who try it.

Like Amanita Muscaria, there is a wave of euphoria. You can hallucinate to the point of no distinction between fantasy and reality, where you can actually interact with the non-existent. You lose sense of time and may even begin to slur your speech or even become mute as you listen to all the inner turmoil going on in your head.

Amnesia can set in and you can really get lost. For example read this conversation based on true events :

Intoxicated by Datura: Dude who said you can go into my fridge and drink my root beer?

Friend: What?

Intoxicated by Datura: What?

Friend: Your root beer?????? This is my root beer, in my fridge, in my house!?!?

Intoxicated by Datura : Seriously?

The coolest and/or scariest part of it all for me is the fact that it has been reported that it can last up to three days. Man I was happy on Psilocybe Cubensis when I tripped up to 8 hours before, but this is more than what we bargained for.

The Bad Side

But like all awesome things in life there is a bad side, given the right amount some bad things can happen.

Brugmansia; once part of the Datura species

All Datura plants have alkaloids responsible for the “Trip” such as scopolamine, hyoscyamine, and atropine. Atropine for instance is responsible for sending messages to make heart beat faster and because no one knows the strength of each dose, it is very dangerous to monitor. Death from cardiac arrest is a very real possibility. It is also responsible for the regulation of organs, information concerning the state of the organs is actually blocked by Atropine which could also result in death.

Dizziness, dry mouth ,dry sinus, nose bleeds, head aches, dry eyes, weakness and loss coordination.

Hyperthermia – Fevers are common as well due the blockage of sweat glands and non dispersal of heat in the body. Top that off with nausea and extreme thirst.

Photophobia – Which is not necessarily the fear of light but rather an extreme sensitivity to it. You will be come a vampire for a few days basically, your eyes can’t withstand too much light and pain is also combined with it.

That is a serious hangover if you ask me.

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