Become The Hero of Your Own Story

Consider if your life was like a movie. You are the director, the producer, and even the main character. You decide how the plot plays out, how the character develops, and how the movie ends. Doesn’t this compare to the reality you now experience? You are currently the director, the producer, and the main character in your own life, whether you realize it or not. What kind of “movie” do you want to create?

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Your Life is Your Movie.

Subjective Reality

Once you have grasped the fact that life is simply just a movie playing out constantly in your external subjective reality, a lot of possibilities become increasingly clear. For one, you decide how your life is going to play out. You decide how the main character (you) is going to develop. You decide what that main character is going to experience and learn along the way as the plot thickens. You decide what the ultimate outcome is at the end of the movie (death).

The problem for many people who haven’t yet discovered this yet is the fact that many people feel they are at effect to their external circumstances rather than being able to AFFECT their external circumstances and reality. Many feel that they are the victims of the reality, rather than the conscious creators. In a sense, this is much like a movie where you only get to play the role that was assigned to you by the director. But who is the director in your life? You. You decide the role to assign to the main character. You consciously get to be the producer, the one who produces the results you desire.

What Do You Truly Desire?

Are you consciously making the effort to achieve it? Are you being set back by your external circumstances and internal belief system that has been programmed into you since birth? Is society having an effect on the way you think? Do you friends and family support what you are doing? Would they think differently of you if you decided to pursue another path? Does it even matter what they think? As the director of your own movie, you can decide that if they are not helping you and supporting you along the path of achieving you deepest desires, you can choose to not cast them in the film anymore. They may have played a role in your life up to this point now, but they can easily be killed off much like many of the bad guyes do in your favorite movies.

Don’t Fall Victim to Cultural Programming

Cultural programming has conditioned us to believe that we have to “follow the leader” (government, our parents, our older peers), but there really is no leader. There is no true leader, except yourself, and your mind to guide you on your own path. The life that your father or mother has lived, does not have to be the life that you live. They are not the directors of your film, they may have been during your childhood when you didn’t have a choice, but you can learn from that experience to embrace this new reality. If your parents, friends, and governing officials want to play a role in your movie, you have to allow them to do so. Too many people today have characters in their movie that are hurting their main character’s development.

The Past is an Illusion

Just because something has happened a certain way for thousands of years, doesn’t mean it has to continue for another thousand. We are evolving, and becoming more smarter, and more aware of the reality we live in. It is becoming increasingly clear that if you choose to do so, you can create whatever you want. When you have a good idea, or concept you want to work on, there is no reason to think about how other external characters/people in your life will react. Many times, you will be considered crazy and irrational for taking a path that no one has taken before. “Because it hasn’t been done already, it can’t be done” say most people. But these people lack courage. They lack the ability to courageously create new and innovative designs and ideas, because they feel as if their life is being directed and guided by the past. The past is simply an illusion, it only exists if you want it to, and if you do, you can use the past to learn from your mistakes, and work towards using that knowledge to develop your character further.

How Does Your Movie End?

When all of the film runs out, and you have reached the end of your life, how will you look back on your movie? Did you enjoy it? Was it fulfilling enough for you? Do you have anything you regret you didn’t accomplish because you lacked the courage to consciously create it? Does the hero defeat the villan? Ultimately, if you can grasp the concept of subjective reality and understand that the life you are living is simply your own feature film, you can end the story in whichever way you wish. You can create a lasting impact in the world far beyond your waking years if you intend to do so. You can inspire others to do the same, and they will carry on your legacy in their own films while they are still running their own film reel. Your hero can change the world. You can change the world.

Become the hero of your own story.  


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