Top 5 MLB MVP’s You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Baseball has such a large illustrious history. There are many players that have been forgotten as the years have gone by. These are some of those guys. A lot of today’s baseball fans probably haven’t heard of these guys. Some are hall of famers some aren’t but each guy on this list has put together at least one amazing season that should never be forgotten. Here are five of baseballs MVP’s you probably never heard of:

5. Marty Marion (1944 NL MVP) (6 HR 63 RBI .267 AVG FP .972)

marty marion

Now I know what you’re thinking, how are these MVP numbers? Marty Marion was not given the MVP for his offense; he was given the MVP for his defense. His teammate Stan Musial had a .347 batting average that year but Marion was just too good at shortstop. His teammates nicknamed him “The Octopus” for his incredible reach at shortstop. Marion finished his career as an 8 time all-star and a 3 time World Series champion. He also led National League shortstops in fielding percentage from 1940-1950. Gold Glove awards were not awarded during this time, safe to say he would have won more than a few.
He also managed the Chicago White Sox after his days as a player ended. Marty Marion was not your prototypical MVP, his defense stood out so much that he stole the MVP award. Winning the MVP based off of your defense means your defense was just too good to ignore. If you haven’t heard of Marty “The Octopus” Marion then you have now.

4.  Maury Wills (1962 NL MVP) (6 HR 48 RBI .299 AVG 104 SB)

maury wills
Maury Wills was on a truly great team in 1962. The Dodgers had some of the best pitchers to ever play. Their rotation included Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale. However this Dodgers team simply could not hit the ball out of the ballpark. However Wills would go on to steal 104 bases which at the time was a record. The Dodgers went on to win 102 games that year. Maury Wills proved that teams did not have to wait on the long ball. Speed and pitching was the reason why the Dodgers won 102 games. Wills finished his career as a 7 time all-star, a three-time World Series champion and a 2 time Gold Glove winner. He not only won the MVP in 1962 but he was also the MVP of the all-star game that year. In 2009 Wills began to work for the Dodgers organization and still works for them today. When people think of stolen bases they automatically think of Ricky Henderson. However let’s take a moment to remember Maury Wills and remember that Ricky Henderson broke his record. When you think of stolen bases don’t just think of Ricky Henderson, remember what Maury Wills accomplished as well.

3. Vida Blue (1971 AL MVP) (24 Wins, 8 Loses, 1.82 ERA, 301 Strikeouts, 312.0 Innings Pitched)

vida blue
Vida Blue was such a dominate pitcher from 1971-1978. He is one of only 4 pitchers in major league history to start the all-star game for both the American and National league. When you think of dominate pitchers Vida Blue has to go into that category, from 1971-1978 he was one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball. During that span he won three World Series titles. In Blue’s 1971 breakout season he won CY young and MVP. His 301 strikeouts was a career high and a number he would never reach again, but it was still one the best seasons by a pitcher. He finished his career with 209 career wins and he threw a no-hitter in 1970. Vida Blue had a season for the ages in 1971 and as baseball fans we should give seasons like that an honorable mention when we talk about dominance on the mound.

2. Carl Hubbell (1936 NL MVP) (26 Wins, 6 loses, 2.31 ERA, 304 Innings Pitched)

carl hubbell
Carl Hubbell may fall into the multiple time MVP you probably never heard of. He won the MVP award in 1933 as well. On July 17th 1936 Hubbell shutout the Pittsburgh Pirates and won his next 15 straight decisions. Carl Hubbell was famous for his use of the screwball. He began to use the pitch because hitters used to kill his off-speed pitches. He began using the screwball in his repertoire to make up for his off-speed pitches. He had 24 consecutive regular season victories from 1936-1937. He won his first 8 starts in 1937 to run his streak to 24 straight games. Hubbell was a 9 time all-star and won the World Series in 1933. He was voted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1947 on his 3rd year eligible. Hubbell is a great that pitcher that some people may not know about. What made him so great was his ability to change things up. He saw his off-speed stuff was not working.  He decided to add a new pitch and this pitch helped him put together some of the more dominant seasons in baseball. Today’s baseball fans should remember some of the great pitchers that have come before the great pitchers we see today. Carl Hubbell is one of those pitchers that should not be forgotten.

1.Hank Greenberg (1935 AL MVP) (36 HR 170 RBI .328 AVG .628 SLG)

hank greenberg
Hank Greenberg is number one of my list because if you want to talk about a player overcoming adversity this guy should be mentioned more often than he is. Greenberg was one of baseball’s first Jewish stars. He constantly dealt with anti-Semitic remarks at the ballpark on a daily basis. Greenberg won the MVP in 1940 as well. He lost many of his prime years due to the fact that he served in World War 2 so his numbers are not what they could have been. None the less he was voted into the Hall Of Fame in 1956 on his 8th year eligible. Greenberg was a 5 time all-star and won 2 World Series titles. When people think of players overcoming adversity people think of Jackie Robinson, which is fine by me. However take the time to remember that although it wasn’t as bad Hank Greenberg overcame adversity and put up some numbers while doing it.

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