This is Your Brain On Breakfast (Infographic)

There are multiple benefits of having a morning meal: a faster brain and better eating habits throughout the day.

Yes, eating a good breakfast will make you a better, more efficient thinker during the day. And it’s not just about increasing your brainpower. Eating breakfast makes you healthier. Studies prove that people who eat breakfast are skinnier and healthier then those who skip breakfast.

importance of breakfast

Most Americans know that they should eat breakfast,but most of us don’t care. In fact, fewer than half of us consume the day’s most important meal. Hopefully this infographic will be the beginning to healthier life for you starting tomorrow morning.

breakfast is the most important meal infographic

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  1. judithatwood says:

    Breakfast is especially important for diabetics. Eating a good meal in the morning, with protein included, (not just cereal or toast,) aids your body in maintaining a balanced blood sugar; if you’ve had breakfast, and you do want a snack midmorning, you are far less likely to grab a Coke and a candy bar, and more likely to eat those carrots you brought from home. And both of those factors are vital to keeping blood glucose steady, and avoiding some fairly ferocious side effects.

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