Art Gallery: “A Portrait of Harvey Milk”

“Milk”, approx. 18″x12″, paintmarker and acrylic on cheap prefab stretched canvas

In honor of KASEY’s excellent recent series on art and queer culture, I decided to share another painting of mine loosely related to a similar subject.  This portrait of Harvey Milk was done from a photograph taken of him while he was campaigning for election in San Francisco.  It was done as another surprise birthday gift  in dimensions allowable to be stored in carry-on luggage when I flew home recently.  It seems like most of my art ends up given as gifts, does that mean I’m a cheapskate when it comes to gift-giving? 

In any case, it’s hard for me to capture faces on this smaller scale, so I don’t feel I did the subject justice in the translation from photo to paint.  The main impetus was to represent an extremely brave and admirable public figure of queer culture as a gift to an openly homosexual family member who I greatly admire and is similarly extremely brave.

a portrait of harvey milk

Harvey Milk

The text repeated in the background and mostly obscured by Harvey’s smiling face reads: “none so brave as those unafraid to love”

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One Response to Art Gallery: “A Portrait of Harvey Milk”

  1. I’m not usually an art critic, but this image of Harvey Milk captures nothing like the real Harvey Milk. It mentions it was based on a campaign photograph… if so he should give credit to the photographer, however in this case… he should apologize! There are great Harvey Milk photographs available, by friends and photographers like myself,Danny Nicoletta, Rink and Efrem Ramirez that would of been a truer and more lasting impression.

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