Meet The Satanic “Devil Beetle”

It has been named as public enemy number one in the insect world. The satanic looking “Devil Beetle” is in fact a long-horned beetle from the Dominican Republic. featuring four centimeter long antennae that are almost as long as the bug’s body. The frightful looking beetle stands fearless as it peers into your soul with its devil like red eyes.

These devilish looking beetles are native to the Caribbean and South America. These amazing pictures were taken by a 19-year-old Czech photographer who was on holiday vacation on the Caribbean:

the longhorned devil beetle from the dominican republic

This satanic insect looks really scary with its evil red eyes and it mouth open ready to pounce on its next victim

satanic devil beetle longhorned beetle in caribbean

A side-view of the devilish beetle

The American government recently issued a major warning about the Longhorn beetle invading the United States. There are over 20,000 different subspecies of the insect, experts say. August is a time of peak emergence for what many describe as a “devastating invasive pest.”

asian long horned devil beetle

The Asian Longhorn Beetle

These devil beetles were first discovered in the United States in 1996, after arriving in wood packing material from Asia. They are an invasive insect that feeds on 13 different types of hardwood trees, eventually killing them. Since 1996, these nasty little pests have infested trees in Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio, resulting in the removal of more than 80,000 host trees. The longhorn devil beetles threaten recreation areas including forests and urban shade trees.

The adult beetles are said to be most active during the summer and early fall. They can be seen on trees, branches, walls, outdoor furniture, cars, sidewalks, and sometimes they get caught in pool filters. The Animal Plant Health Inspection Service warns the public to be on the lookout for the Asian long-horned devil beetles and signs of their damage. They say to “inspect your trees at home regularly and be aware of the risks of transporting forest pests when moving firewood.”


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  1. MDV says:

    I believe what you’re referring to as it’s ‘evil red eyes’ are the ball joints around which the antennae pivot, and the eyes are the black tear-drop shaped features on the side of the head. The recessed channels in front of either eye, allowing froward vision, would support this.

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