Anonymous Hacks IRS Database, Publishes 25 Years of Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

The mysterious group of hackers known as “Anonymous” was able to successfully hack the main database for the Internal Revenue Service, and retrieve 25 years worth of past tax returns for Mitt Romney. Romney has been criticized in the past for his failure to produce more than one past tax return. Anonymous wanted to let the people of America know a little bit more about the man who seeks to win the 2012 Presidential Election.

mitt romney tax returns hacked by anonymousAnonymous published the tax returns on a few major websites throughout the internet, but they were soon taken down. It was too late to protect Romney’s image however, as many sources were able to get their hands on them. Notably, Mitt Romney’s 2008 tax return.

Here are a few highlights from Mitt Romney’s 2008 tax return:

  • Mitt Romney earned $23,425,316 in 2008..
  • Romney only paid $412.18 in federal income taxes in 2008.
  • This calculates to a federal tax rate of 0.0018%
  • How such a low tax rate? Mitt Romney has $23,407,000 in itemized deductions in 2008.
  • $78,923 deduction for “Toupee Creators Unlimited”
  • $41,826 deduction for “Spray-on tan Services”
  • $3.8 million dollar write-off for a trip to Las Vegas with potential campaign donors
  • Paid salaries to numerous employees including two yacht captains, three pilots for private jets, two professional dog walkers, one toupee stylist, and one “live-in contortionist”
  • Spent $891,064 on a “EWS Donor Party at the Pennsylvania Mansion”
  • Supplies deducted for this party included: “Venitian masks, alcohol, lubricant, and various Egyptian leather accessories.”
  • $127,000 health related expense for “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”, Mitt Romney has a condition called “Pseudologia fantastica” also known as “Compulsive Liar Syndrome”.


mitt romney tax shelters and tax returnsA lot of these tax return items raise a lot of red flags, notably the last item on the list, the cognitive behavioral therapy that Mitt Romney underwent. THis might explain the reason why the Republican nominee’s views seem to change dramatically depending on his audience.

According to Politifact, a news organization that researches the veracity of politican’s statements, only 16% of Romney’s examined statements were found to be completely true.

The 2008 tax return only gives us a glimpse of the financial position of Mitt Romney in 2012. Romney is known for having several secret tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and also Switzerland. We will likely never know the extent of his holdings, or other unorthodox appetites he decides to quench his thirst with. Anonymous was however successful in revealing some of the things Americans should be aware of when they hit the polls this November.

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7 Responses to Anonymous Hacks IRS Database, Publishes 25 Years of Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

  1. Ruthie says:

    Anonymous..nobody is pushing it because they are all crooks.

  2. Boots says:

    I am sure that hacking into the IRS is a felony. Your so full of it because you have no future plans beyond your present plan that is not working. You are anti-American socialists. Take your crap back to Europe where it came from. Romney and men like him have paid more taxes than all of you combined and he pays on them twice, once when he makes the money and the second time when he invests it and creates jobs. You are all a bunch of lousey, lazy, dumbells, discontents who want government to support you. Flip off.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My tax bill all eneded in dollar without cents

  4. SorataYuy says:

    Newsflash! Freewoodpost is a SATIRE website. Their article was a joke, not fact. They even added a satire disclaimer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully “anonymous” will use the same scrunity to unveil the tax returns of ALL members of Congress and the Senate…I’m sure it will reveal a few who attended the EWS Donor party….

  6. daveburton says:

    The compulsive liars are people who write “jokes” like this tongue-in-cheek article.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If Romney legally paid such a low tax rate, it would seem to me that the issue is with our tax code. Our politicians should be addressing this issue. If there is tax evasion or fraud, let’s address it, but the same standard of review should be used for all – Democrat of Republican.

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