Chinese Gymnasts Tortured Into Shape For The 2012 London Olympics

Nanning Gymnasium in China is just one of many ruthless training/torture camps across the Chinese nation that parents send their children to learn how to be champions in the Olympics.

chinese gymnasts tortured training london 2012 olympics

A young Chinese gymnast in “training” in obvious pain.

Gymnastic stars are known for starting at an incredibly early age, and the Chinese gymnasts are no different. Their training regimen is a little different however, many would even label it torturous. Photos have been released that show many of these children in extreme pain, as they go through demanding routines on bars, rings, and mats.

Boys and girls who looked very young, maybe five or six years old, were tasked with swinging on beams, hanging from pairs of rings, and bouncing across floor mats during the physically strenuous training sessions. Many of these youngsters appear to be in extreme pain, as the trainers keep pushing them further.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to gymnastics?

It should be at the part where the children begin to cry. There is no reason to have to train a young gymnast to the point where they experience more pain than benefit. These ruthless training camps are molding children to be champions, but at an extreme cost: their well-being. chinese gymnasts tortured training for the 2012 london olympics

There comes a point where athletics and competition can take a side-door to feelings of these poor children. I bet a lot of these kids don’t even have the option to say no, they just go along as they are told, all backed with their parents support of their torture. It is really sad to see things like this going on in modern society, and regulations should be put in place to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen to innocent kids.

Just because the Chinese athletes at the London 2012 Olympics are phenomenal at swimming, diving, and lifting, doesn’t mean they should put their young children through extreme training torture regimens.



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16 Responses to Chinese Gymnasts Tortured Into Shape For The 2012 London Olympics

  1. soccersista614 says:

    If you look at other pictures you can see how thin the children are. They are probably not letting them get full so that they wont be exercising on full stomachs.

  2. lin says:

    i know china r really good at gymnassics well everyithing in the bluddy o;lyimpics

  3. CAITLIN says:

    china may think ther eawsome and glorious but insted of looking like that to all the other contries other than china its self they look like a pile if sh!t to me and my nation!!!!! why do theyt have to hurt there children like this 🙁 xxx

  4. caaitlin says:

    f u china u may b good at every olyipic avent in this case gymastics wat u dont understand is ur reuining ur nations children hoestly forcing them to do things u push them way beond there limit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean honestly i love gymnasitics and do it i wod giv anything up 4 it but deffo not if i was forced to do the splits!!!!!!!!! im a child myself and wold hate to hav tht done to me sooo f u china !!!!!!!!!! my gymnasic coach would never do a thi ng like tht to me never in a illion yrs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*

  5. William Mac Threinfir says:

    Torture is sill Torture no matter what excuses you use to back it up. And if the parents of the children are sending them to (lets call in “train”), It’s not like the childern would have a say in what they want in the end.
    It’s just goes to show how primative some cultures are. And sadly it’s not like making people aware of this fact isn’t going to change anything since this culture has most likely been putting there children through this for longer than we care to think.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think these kids don’t really mind. They seems proud to serve their country. Isn’t this just healthy Nationalism? It’s not easy to win the olympics.

    • caitlin says:

      it may not be easy but they hav u wotk there little asses of too do this i agreee with u but cant u see these chilren are in such pain !!!!!!

  7. M R says:

    Who are we to judge? Every culture is unique. They instill high discipline in their people. They live healthier, longer lives than us. Discipline and self control is the key to living a healthy life, free of disease and unnecessary stress.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious? That is not discipline, it is torture of young children with no recourse or ability to stop it. Have they not proved that this does not work. None of the American children are subjected to this and we still won more medals.

      • caitlin says:

        yh thts true USA never had to go through tbhis niether did GB and they may b prond to come from china but im pround to come from GB we as a nation r tring tov encorrage young children like myself to want toi a chgive somthing in life but not making them suffer like china do “!!!!!

    • Really? I understand that every culture is unique. I get it, but that argument alone doesn’t give carte blanche to a country willing to sacrifice the emotional well being of its children in exchange for national glory. It’s not far from the rationale that attorneys for the Nazi’s used in the Nuremberg Trails after WWII. They asked the same question.

      The good things about the Chinese culture are still good. They aren’t rendered null and void. However, they shouldn’t excuse the things that are wrong either. I admire discipline. I condemn abuse.

    • h says:

      you obviously don’t know much about China or the Chinese people. China is going through a national crisis since they ejected morality decades ago. Government officials like never before are starved for models of morality that will shape their economy and politics. Free of disease? Do you know the death rates in China? Maybe you don’t know because many deaths are offset by the massive population. Their pollution is one of the worst in the world, they have some of the worst business practices which leads to illness, injury, and death (just read the news). They operate on a single-focused aim to get the job done at whatever cost. Most chinese children were raised this way in America and we (yes we) hate it. It’s too narrow-minded, linear, and task-oriented.

  8. Anonymous says:

    fuck you China. Please support Taiwan’s independence and distinction from that socialist government. We are Taiwan, not Taipei-China. Taiwanese are ethnically Chinese, but operate under a true democracy.

  9. Michael says:

    China is the only country continuing the brutal cold war tradition of using the Olympics for nationalistic glory. What they don’t realize is that it makes their country look ridiculous rather than glorious. Such practices made the Olympics cynical and boring during the cold war era when the Soviets and their satellites tortured their children and pumped women full of male hormones in pursuit of “glory”. Hopefully they’ll outgrow such national adolescence.

  10. Must they do that??… If this is the way Determination is gained then,,, that is hard

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