Quick & Practical Ways to Test Your Chakras

Chakras are energy centers or focal points in the body where energy moves in, out, and through the body. There are seven main chakras, all located along the mid line of human body, and each of which governs certain mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of the individual existence.

Generally speaking, the chakras that are located in the upper part of the body are associated with the mental and psychological side of existence. Those in the lower part of the body are connected to the instinctual side of being.

Each of these centers is inherently associated with both spiritual energy and physical health. They are tied to the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing of an individuals and any imbalance in a chakra points to an imbalance in the energy of the person.

seven human energy chakras

The Seven Human Energy Chakras

Determining Chakra Condition

Imbalance can lead to physical or psychological ailments, spiritual dilemmas or emotional challenges. When considering the state of chakras, many individuals employ the services of a spiritual healer or energy worker. Others find that self assessment of Chakra condition is quite effective. Ultimately the method you choose is up to you, but rebalancing the chakras is of prime importance to improving your health, wellness, and overall wellbeing.

Chakras have different levels of activity, dependent upon how they are functioning. Open chakras are healthy and operating at their optimum. Healthy chakras that are all open and functioning are the key to a well-balanced spiritual and physical existence.

Ideally, every chakra contributes to the individual existence, and when all chakras are functioning properly a person’s instincts, mental processes and energies all work together to create the connectedness to the physical and the spiritual world that is critical to wellness.

Perfectly balanced chakras is rarely the case in most individuals; however, and the rebalancing of these energy centers is required to achieve a more healthy overall state of being. Chakras that are all operating at their prime are able to work together to allow emotions and mental function to blend in the right balance to create as near to perfect a state as possible.

Most often, there are some chakras that are under-active.  Others are hyperactive, picking up the slack or compensating for those that are not functioning at prime. Until these energy centers are brought back into balance, the individual will disconnected or discombobulated. This spiritual and mental disconnect can translate into physical ailments and psychological problems as well.

In order to determine the condition of chakras, a test must be performed. There are several methods of determining the condition of your chakras, among the most popular of which is to use sound frequencies to find imbalances.

Self Assessment of Chakras

If you decide to use self assessment tools in determining the condition of your chakras, you’ll utilize some of the same techniques employed by skilled energy workers. Chakras cannot be seen with the naked eye, which means that you’ll need to utilize energy to determine the state of your chakras.

In order for your mind, emotions, spirit and body to work together in harmony, your chakras must be spinning at the appropriate frequencies. Utilizing frequency chakra tests to determine chakra condition and re-balance or heal your chakras is necessary from time to time, even for those who meditate on a regular basis to promote prime chakra health and overall wellness.

Each chakra has a different frequency associated with it. These frequencies have been synthesized by scientists and are available on recordings. If you wish to test your chakras, you can simply listen to these frequencies through headphones.

By meditating while listening to these frequencies, you’ll be able to determine the condition of each chakra. Focusing on the frequencies allows you to feel which of your chakras are out of balance and work to bring those imbalances back into harmony with the systemic whole.

Healing Chakras Through Meditation

By balancing your chakras, you’ll immediately notice the positive effects. You’ll feel more connected to your spiritual side and experience clarity of thought that you may not have had in years. Recognizing the frequencies associated with each chakra through a chakra test is the first step to healing. Meditation is the process through which you’ll bring your chakras back into alignment and balance.

By listening to the healthy frequencies of each chakra and meditating, focusing your mental and spiritual energies on the appropriate chakra during the resonation of its recorded frequency, you’ll be able to not only test chakras but bring them back to their most healthy and natural state as well.

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