The Dark Knight Rises Review – Who is John Blake?

So our team at decided to see the Midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises with no regards to work in the morning. Before commenting on the movie, I would like to add that I made my first visit to the Atlas movie theater in Glendale,NY, and it  is easily one of my favorite theaters with quite possibly  the most comfortable seats in any NYC movie theater. But who gives a shit, right? This is about Batman.

To briefly explain the plot, after years of peace, Gotham is threatened by a masked madman named Bane (Tom Hardy) and The League of Shadows. With Bane intent on fulfilling Ra’s Al Ghul’s plan to destroy Gotham City, Batman comes out of “retirement” to save Gotham. Of course the Caped Crusader is not alone; he gets help from Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), and Gotham Police Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

the dark knight rises review

Batman fanatics have been anticipating the answers to multiple questions:

  • Does Batman die?
  • Who kills Batman?
  • Who is John Blake?
  • Does John Blake become Batman?
  • Is John Blake Robin?
  • Does Batman end here?
I will answer some of these questions while reviewing the movie, but I promise not to spoil anything for you without a warning (The warning will look like this “WARNING : Spoiler Alert!”)

What Did We think?

dark knight rises

I’ll get straight to the point and say that it was an amazing movie, but not my favorite of the three. When it comes to superhero movies, the villain is an important variable that helps decide the quality of the movie. I am more of a fan of the villain than I am the superhero, and this is why The Dark Knight is my favorite. The Joker played by Heath Ledger is hands down the best villain in any superhero movie, ever. I am not taking anything away from Tom Hardy and his role as the psychopathic beast called Bane (because he did an incredible job), but Heath Ledgers Joker role was way more entertaining.

Anne Hathaway was a perfect fit for Cat Woman. She was nothing less than spectacular with her seductive style of thieving and her two-faced personality that struck me as sexy. I felt as if I was reading straight out of the comic book when it came to scenes involving Cat Woman. She would randomly grab Batman and kiss him, but then turn on him in the next scene. That is vintage Cat Woman. Two thumbs up for Anne Hathaway, especially after all of the criticism she took when Christopher Nolan selected her.


Anne Hathaway is bad-ass

Christian Bale did a great job portraying a worn down and retired Batman that is called upon to protect Gotham City from Bane. I was never a huge fan of his style of Batman mainly because of the corny(deep) voice he puts on when he is angry, but he did a good job playing what seemed to be a depressed Bruce Wayne.

The movie as a whole was a bit long and at times dragged on, but the awesomeness weighed out the boring scenes. The mix of Bane and Cat Woman kept you at the edge of your chair because of their brilliant combination of combat and brains.

ZazenLife gives The Dark Knight Rises a 4 out 5 stars.

The Villain – Bane

Tom Hardy put in a lot of hard work to become the character Bane. He had to workout like a maniac to get big like Bane, and he had to study the monstrous character in order to take on



the aggressive role of a psychopathic mass murderer. His physical appearance and his attire both were perfect for the role, but his voice was annoying. Was it just me or was it difficult to understand him at times?

The epic “back-breaking” scene sent chills down my spine because I remember reading the exact comic of this when I was a kid. When Bane picked Batman up like a rag doll and smashed his back on his knee, I saw a perfect picture in my head of that exact page in the comic book. This was why I enjoyed the movie so much – at times it made me feel that I was reading it straight out of the Batman comics.

His scenes of destruction were incredible, and all of his fight scenes with Batman were highly entertaining. Bane shows some of his raw strength when he battles with Batman outside of the courthouse.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

The Shocking mastermind villain: Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul shocks the Batman nation at the conclusion of the movie. She reveals that she is Ra’s al Ghuls daughter and seconds later stabs batman while flaunting the detonator for the nuclear bomb that Bane planned to detonate in Gotham City.

The Bat and the Bat Cave

the batplane

The Bat

The Bat was a nice upgrade from the Bat-mobile. With the ability of flying the Bat, Batman was able to keep up with Bane and his army. The design and artwork of this Bat plane was stunning. The way that it functioned and maneuvered was so smooth and realistic.

The new and improved Bat Cave was the most accurate in my opinion. It actually looked like an underground cave – which it is supposed to look like. It reminded me of the bat cave from the video games and the action figures. Just admit that you once owned a Batman action figure with a fully functioning bat cave. I honestly wish I still owned them because they made bath time so much fun (I am kinda joking).

So who is this John Blake?

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Coming into this movie, I was unaware of the possible rumors of a Robin appearance. I had no idea of these online forums discussing the relationship of John Blake and Robin, but I was still able to guess that Blake was in fact Robin. He was introduced early in the movie as  Detective John Blake. I got this vibe from his physical appearance and his personality that he might be Robin. I looked over to my friend and whispered ” This dude is Robin.”

John Blake is Robin

John Blake is Robin

We quickly forgot about my prediction because of all the action, but as the movie continued, my prediction was becoming more and more believable. John Blake was getting a lot of attention throughout the movie, as he appeared in a great amount of the scenes. I asked myself “Why is this random guy becoming such a big part of the movie?”

Well it all made sense when at the end of the movie his Christian name “Robin” was revealed. Yes, John Blake is Robin.

I know that this is supposed to be the last Batman movie of the series, but if there was to be another movie, they sure did a great job at leaving the option open.

The Dark Knight Rises is a must see!




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  1. I hope that Robin&Batman are ok.

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