Art Gallery: “Lady in Blue” & “Lady in Pink”

This is a submission from our loyal reader Pat Moen. If you would like to submit your artwork to our Art Gallery, please Contact Us, and a team member will help you with your submission as soon as possible.

“This is on older painting of mine, given as a gift to one of my brothers, this piece (latex house paint on found wooden wallboard, approx. 48″x18″) was essentially thinly veiled erotica.  Offensive and embarrassing to some, simple and beautiful to others, I enjoyed experimenting with technique on this one and I am still happy with how it turned out.

lady in blue

“Lady in Blue”

“This is another older painting given as a gift, this piece (spray paint and latex house paint on found Masonite board, approx. 48″x48″) was also an experiment in technique.  Presented as a view of exploitation, it could also be considered thinly veiled erotica.  Potentially offensive and overtly exaggerated, it’s visually calculated to trigger psychological desire with color choices used by fast food chains and perspective borrowed from cheap porn sites.”

lady in pink

“Lady in Pink”

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