Mario Balotelli: Beyond The Madness

Mario Balotelli, also known as “Super Mario” has been everything as advertised coming into this Euro 2012 tournament. He is unpredictable, yet is an extremely gifted soccer player and has shown that throughout this Euro 2012 tournament.

Balotelli has earned the reputation of being a media lighting rod for attention before the Euro tournament, but he has taken his team and this tournament by storm, but not without controversy.

In June 2012, Balotelli was interviewed by a local newspaper about the state of racism in host countries in preparation for the Euro Cup. Balotelli responded by threatening to leave the “pitch” if he was subject to racism by the opposing players and that he would “kill” someone if they threw a banana at him.


I find it hilarious how people criticized him for that.

Imagine you are 21 years old and you were being verbally abused about your race not only by the fans, but by your own peers that you play against?

When I watch Balotelli play, you can see why he is either HATED or LOVED by soccer fans. He is the player you HATE to play against but LOVE to play with. I love those type of players, it builds team chemistry and gives the team an “us against the world” mentality, especially if the players on the team respect Balotelli.

This video footage of an Italian practice shows how Balotelli’s teammates love him.

After watching the video, it is clear that his teammates respect him and love to joke with him. However, the narrator in this short clip is clearly criticizing Balotelli’s lack of form. Too bad the English narrator who is still most likely upset that England lost to Italy in Penalty Kicks does not realize that the players are wearing sneakers and that it is a playful game.

Balotelli also scored all of Italy’s goals against Germany to move on to the Finals.. Yeah so he definitely has “poor touch and lack of ability”.

Balotelli Hugs Adopted Mom

Priceless Moment Between Mother and Son.

Speaking of the Germany game, amidst the celebrations after Italy won, Balotelli went to his adopted mother and dedicated his two-goal performance to her.

As he stated ” I waited for this moment for so long and wanted to make my mom happy — Tonight was the most beautiful night of my life, but I hope Sunday is even better”.

Despite his antics, you can see that Balotelli’s heart is where it needs to be. He plays the game with so much passion and love that it can be taken the wrong way. This picture tells me everything I need to about the heart of Mario Balotelli.

He can be immature at times, but with so much hate thrown at him combined with his style of play, can you blame him playing with a chip on his shoulder?

Also as I stated earlier, he is ONLY 21 YEARS OLD. If you have never done anything immature at the age of 21, than you clearly are a low-life that has never done anything worth doing and your life can be seen as a complete waste.

Another note about Balotelli, even in breaks of the game he is entertaining as the video below shows.

Balotelli is talking to teammate Antonio Cassano who does not seem interested in what Balotelli has to say. Once Balotelli takes a sip of his drink he IMMEDIATELY spits it out in disgust.

Could have this been a prank played on Balotelli?

After watching this clip, I think it was a prank as Cassano seems to be holding back laughter as Balotelli is about to have a drink. Cassano plays it off well by talking to Pirlo as Balotelli is disgusted by what he just drank.

Rumors circulate that the drink could have been non-alcoholic beer, water with lard in it, and of course urine. I know us Italians can be big time ball busters but I highly doubt an Italian player would pee in Balotelli’s bottle, especially since Balotelli is one of the  best players on the team.

I don’t know what the substance was, but as it usually is with pranks, it is hilarious to watch but horrible to be on the receiving end of it.

In the end, there is more to Balotelli than his antics, he is an impressive soccer player with great ability and the ceiling on his potential is unlimited. In time he will mature as we all do, but for now try to enjoy his antics because players like this do not come around often.


Italy Euro 2012


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4 Responses to Mario Balotelli: Beyond The Madness

  1. toufigui says:

    ciao tutti squadra di italia
    sono abdelmalik
    sono algerino
    italia forte sempre
    italia sempre forte
    4 coupa dell moundo
    grazie tutti . buffon …Chellini ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Sirugo

    • peteydeez says:

      Grazie per commentare e lettura toufigul. Buffon e Chellini sono ottimi difensori per la squadra nazionale, ma Balotelli è chiaramente il futuro di questa squadra nazionale. Egli è un esplosivo attaccante che può assumere i giochi se interessati.

  2. CandleMaker says:

    All young players make mistakes, his problem is sportsmanship. He doesn’t have much of it. He is very disrespectful and did a few moronic things while playing for Inter. Not many people realize how important sportsmanship is in soccer. Nonetheless he’s a great player and the good things outweigh his bad, thank you for making light of this player full of color. Pun intended.

    • peteydeez says:

      thanks for your comment and for reading! I Agree with you on the sportsmanship point you made, however when your own peers are discriminating against you it can be hard to “play nice”. That is no excuse for Balotelli though, and with time and age he will learn how to better control his emotions. He is a passionate player and is a cornerstone for this italian national team.

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