Earth’s Biggest “Nemesis” Debunked

Scientists have recently discovered that there is no so-called “death star” on the edge of the solar system throwing comets at the Earth, as some have come to believe. A new study has found that the star “Nemesis” which some scientists believed existed, is probably nothing more than a myth.

nemesis death star

No clouds of comets heading towards earth

It was believed that  the Nemesis star drifts through space and disturbs comets in the Oort Cloud, a cloud of comets, sending a large number of them hurling towards Earth. This existence of this star was used to explain the mass extinctions that the Earth has seen in its past, such as the giant impact that was thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The theory has now been debunked, leading researchers to doubt that Nemesis has ever existed.

Researchers had a problem finding a periodical pattern in giant impacts on Earth stemming back through our planet’s 4.5 billion year history. During the 1980’s, experts believed that the catastrophic events that occurred every 26 million years over the last 250 million years was no coincidence. The researchers noted that there was a companion star to the sun that could be responsible for the pattern if it made regular passes near the Oort Cloud. After studying the crater record on Earth, there was no evidence for Nemesis, but what remained was the question of whether or not impacts have become more frequent over the past 250 million years.

end of the world asteroid impact

Earth has a history of giant impacts

Many scientists still say that it is possible that the sun could have an undiscovered companion lurking far away, such as a red dwarf star or an odd failed star, known as a brown dwarf. These scientists believe that it is unlikely that such a star has wreaked havoc on Earth however.

Either way you look at it, the Earth is still extremely vulnerable to impact from a groups of comets, and we might not be able to see one coming before it is too late. The entire universe operates in a state of chaos, and nothing is completely predictable. With the supposed “end of the world” not too far away in December of this year, much speculation has been made about what might happen. Will there be an “event”, or will this be another repeat of the Y2K scare? It remains to be unseen, but these researchers and scientists strongly believe, with good evidence, that Earth won’t fall victim to a death star.

I hope they are right. We will just have to wait to find out.

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One Response to Earth’s Biggest “Nemesis” Debunked

  1. Nemesis says:

    I spend a lot of free time on the internet debunking the Nibiru/Nemesis faithful so please don’t think I’m one who likes to shout how the end is near every two months…but how can something “not found” be a “discovery?” See, it’s stuff like this that make people distrustful of NASA. That doesn’t make any sense. And then later in the article they come back and say it’s still possible that we have a binary companion that’s either a red or brown dwarf…so basically this entire post was just a waste of our time? We “didn’t know” on June 15th and we didn’t know last September but know we know…because we’ve “discovered” nothing? Wait, what?

    Look, I’m of the belief that we are blessed with a relatively calm solar system, one that’s allowed several complex life forms to evolve on this planet over the span of billions of years. To make the deal even sweeter we have some massive body guards in Jupiter and Saturn…and that’s only if whatever may come this way can get past Uranus and Neptune. We’ve got it pretty good and I’m pretty positive that a binary system would’ve screwed up our good thing a long time ago. Maybe life still could have arisen here but not intelligent life. Possibly no kind of complex life forms might have arisen in the unstable environment a binary system would no doubt create. But this article sends up red flags. One thing I DO agree with the tin-hatters on is if there were something out there that might be sending nasty things our way, more than we can keep up with which is pretty much an established fact, what makes you think they’d tell us the truth? In fact, I’d expect them to flat out lie…kind of like this, in an incompetent, slithering snake like way all politicians do…giving themselves away through a completely hilarious blunder, by calling a supposedly nonexistent object a “discovery.”

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