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Entheogens: Experiencing Magic Mushrooms – Part I

Drugs again? No not really. Not at all actually!

I’ll be a Golden Teacher today and let you in on a secret. The drugs we call drugs, the drugs we correlate with negativity all have one thing in common; they’re addictive.

What is addiction?

Addiction is being enslaved to a habit or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming to such an extent where cessation can cause trauma. As of now I have never heard of anyone being addicted to psilocybe mushrooms in my life. There are no addictive properties to it.

The Truth

Psilocybe Cubensis

Although a drug is a substance that has a physiological effect when introduced into the body, mushrooms should not be stigmatized into the bad drug category because like our so called legal drugs, they have side effects with the positive outweighing the negative.

Go look up death rates caused by drugs and drug-related deaths, you’ll find mushrooms either at the bottom (if you even find them on the list) and of course Alcohol & Tobacco on the top, the two legal drugs. Check out this chart showing harm caused by drugs (towards self and others).

harm caused by drug chart

The Science

In the Kingdom of Fungi, there lives a Genus called Psilocybe and here starts our journey into Entheogens, a psychoactive substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context. These mushrooms were used by plenty of ancient tribes in ritualistic ceremonies (as depicted on cave paintings) and because of those people we can all evoke the spirituality hidden inside all of us.

Although many species of Psilocybe contain the hallucinogenic compounds it is the Cubensis that is most widely consumed for its hallucinogenic properties. Even though it is not the most potent of them, it happens to be one of the easier ones to cultivate and I’m sure from a profitable (Drug Dealing) point of view that’s a good thing.

The Trip

The feeling is like no other. At first it hits you in waves, the warmth and euphoria hits you and leaves continuously until your body and SHROoMS TRIPmind is taken over by the rush of life. Feelings of joy are intensified, your hearing changes (it can become real sensitive) and visuals can be as stunning as any dream. Colors and shapes can sometimes distort, things can appear to be moving or melting sort of like a Van Gogh painting. Peaceful thoughts and tranquility flood your mind and for the first time in your life, you begin to understand everything or at least you think you do.

Onset begins about 20-60 minutes after ingestion and depending on what you have eaten previously can slow it down. I’ve read a few different opinions or “calculations” but from personal experience I’ll tell you. The peak “high” lasts about 2-6 hours from then on the come down is more of a deep thought rather than visual high.

Dosage is a factor as well. While the average ingestion should be around 3.5 grams, I have seen results on people only taking 1 gram. Don’t be a punk take the 3.5. I myself have easily done 7 grams without a problem.

The Positive Effects

One of the best things about Psilocybe mushrooms is the affect afterwards, the next day usually.  It’s a humble feeling, a feeling of enlightenment and I hate to sound like a hippie but you really feel more peaceful and open to life. I thought I was insane and that a part of my brain was burnt but it’s very common.

happy shroomsIn a study done by John Hopkins University, it is clear that they are much more than the negativity society has stained them with. For example, a year later 94% of those who received the drug said the experiment was one of the top five most meaningful experiences of their lives; 39% said it was the single most meaningful experience. These numbers are overwhelming. People report better relationships at home and work, openness to more experiences in life not to mention that as you get older its known you become more “closed”.

Studies show that Psilocybin also helps with depression, Obsessive-Compulsive disorders and Cluster headaches.

I know it sounds like I am advocating them but I am really not. I wouldn’t want anyone who isn’t ready or open to touch them. There is a bad side to them, like I said if you are not open and paranoid about it, the mushrooms will exploit you. Like the joy that is amplified, it will amplify any other feeling, so if you go in sad or depressed it isn’t going to be enjoyable. The same thing goes for visual distortions (and I say distortions because you don’t hallucinate per say as you would a deliriant like Amanita Muscaria) If you see a color off or skewed your fear will be intense and that calls for a long and frightening trip.

So I never told you to do anything.

I’ll eat them all for you. 🙂

Entheogens: Experiencing Magic Mushrooms – Part II


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7 Responses to Entheogens: Experiencing Magic Mushrooms – Part I

  1. 😎 I like your attitude!

    • psychonaut says:

      This chart is inaccurate. Buprenorphine is nearly as addictive as heroin.

      • breakinbadd says:

        Yes, but the chart is showing which drugs do the most harm to the users and to others, not how addictive they are.

        It is very accurate.

        • Malak23 says:

          Cannabis causes more harm than methadone or ecstasy or LSD ? I dont think so.

          • breakinbadd says:

            This chart is showing drug harms in the UK.

            It is possible that cannabis is used alot more in the UK than the drugs listed below it which would increase how harmful it is just because it is being used so much more.

            Cannabis is one of the least harmful drugs out there (if you even consider it a drug).

            The main purpose of this chart is to express how mushrooms are at the bottom of basically every chart depicting the harms of drugs.

            • Malak23 says:

              Weeeeed! All day

              • CandleMaker says:

                Guys, this chart was taken from a peer reviewed scientific journal which means it can be trusted. What can’t be trusted is us as people reading it. Nowhere does it state that one drug is safer than the other, it states the amount of harm reported to oneself and to others by the user. For example, one idiot under the influence of alcohol can smash his car into a school bus and be accountable for 20 deaths. Statistics like these are then recorded and made into a chart, for many reasons good and bad mushrooms don’t account for many reported accidents or deaths.

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